Date: 4/26/01 8:51:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Recently there have been several media reports about an anomaly discovered in the Antarctic region near Lake Vostok. Apparently, the site has been sealed off to the media and other scientists due to environmental concerns. Why the NSA has worldwide jurisdiction over an environmentally hazardous site is probably a cover for what really is happening there.
 Barbara Marciniak and her Pleiadians wrote about a very ancient and evolved civilization whose remains are buried under the polar ice cap in the Antarctic. [See page 4 of her book entitled EARTH. THE PLEIADIAN KEYS TO THE LIVING UNIVERSE. This civilization existed more than 500,000 years ago.

So what is really happening there today.  It would appear that this ancient civilization had advanced nuclear technology for their base, probably for their communications beacons and this equipment is now leaking and threatening to endanger the entire region. This ancient civilization was from another galaxy and was non-human but similar to us .The civilization existed half a million years ago and left about 300,000 years ago when new cosmic wars broke out over the control of this planet. The base was abandoned and has been under the ice all these years. The technology and the general information about this base is again being kept secret from the people to perpetuate the denial about what we know about our ancient history and our past and present connection with other cosmic races. This time the truth will be known by all, as it will not be possible to cover this up. This site belongs to all the people of earth and not just the secret organizations of one country.