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Date: 6/17/99 10:42:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I saw the Villa on your website mentioned in the MTRAC list...did you look at the other pictures in that series? Here's the link to one of the sections... 46502i - full res (not raw) The attached picture is a cropped section of the mountain range. I've circled two sections with interesting features. I don't have the technical know how to process them further. The lower right circle encircle a triangular depression in the side of the crest. Within the 'opening' of the triangle is a squareish formation.

Let me know if you think these are worth further processing. I'm very intrigued by the "villa".

If we can locate the waterways, we should be able to find areas where artificial debris is piled up, assuming the flooding happened after the civilization.


6/15/99 11:53:35 PM: This is an image processed from the raw MGS image using FFT to remove 'microphonic noise', destriping, and thanks to Holger Isenberg, the Adaptive Contrast Filter GIMP for Windows plugin, originally discovered by  Kent Steadman and called "The Villa". From Orbit 465, #2: From: Anomalous Images

Here is another, 3d transformed view of the Goldmine / Villa area, with elevation data derived from a shape-from-shading program I wrote to extract a digital elevation model (DEM) from the raw high resolution MGS images. The dam, and steps leading down into the rightmost pool are very  interesting.


Steve Wingate


Viking Context Image


Date: 9/2/03 6:13:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, Today, I came across the ORBIT-page concerning the Mars Villa located in what others dubbed the Goldmine on Mars. I must say I was very surprised to see others noticed this area too.

For the last six months I did extensive research on the SP246502.img data from Malin and discovered among others also this structure (the Villa) which I dubbed the Hangar for his large door-opening (actually the shape is consistent with the shape of Mosque-door decoration). Other structures to be found are a Pyramid which is of the same size or even smaller then the Gizeh-pyramid next to a large Temple structure, a structure I call the Pumping-station and many more. I made a homepage dedicated to this area which officially is named Ismenius Lacus but I call it Ismenia. It’s a work in progress but has already some very interesting images.

You might wanna take a look at it. http://home.conceptsfa.nl/~harimau/mars/index.html

Tell me what you think of it.