9/3/2005 3:11:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Here's more on the FEMA story.  You may already have this, but I am trying
to pull those links also.  Roger Moore is starting a project about the
government response.
You probably noticed, Bush on vacation, catastrophic event, he takes days to
respond when a phone call taking a minute was all he had to do.
Then you got you FEMA thing, which a little strange, even if it is hurricane
And add to that, our military is completing drills, supposedly centering on
a catastrophic event, requiring martial law.
So, FEMA delays , on orders, reacting to Katrina, creating chaos and
violence, desperation , hunger, thirst.  "Ah" the government says, we must
send in troops, martial law, and all that.

So, Bush is conveniently on vacation, delays reacting, and then FEMA plays
stupid on national television.  "Oh my, no the FEMA director didn't know how
bad it was, until the president told him."
Oh yeh, right.

Enen the Prime time correspondent questioned him on being that ill-informed.

I'm doing a search on more of Victor's links.


And, the eye of that storm had  star spokes in it.  At the same time, in the
Atlantic there were v-shaped chemtrails, and what looked like a bowling ball
of a cloud hurled itself through the point, pointing tward the US east

I saw the same in the Gulf of Mexico, with straight line clouds before 2
storms, at an angle from about the western edge of Florida to Mexico.  The
fist storms went south of this , and one or two went in east of the northern
I also saw the bowling ball thing happen with a couple of the chemtrails
that were laid.  One came from the direction of Texas, NASA maybe, east
Texas, near coast.

This storm looked like a naturally occurring storm for the most part, even
in its movement, other than it curling around Florida.   usually they do
their cork screw dance in the middle Gulf, or near the Texas coast, like
Carla.  To form that near the coast is also a common thing.  Remember
Allison, and it's devastating effect on Houston a few years ago.

But there were screwy thing going on at the same time as Katrina.   Steering

Maybe this was the tipping point in impeaching Bush.

Good luck with this,

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