Subj: Gaston's Oregon warning from; WTC passenger lists
Date: 11/25/01 10:01:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Gaston from issues a warning about OREGON!

Links for Oregon news:

From the never-ending Gaston saga, it seems a whole lot of sneaky
underhanded things are going on in Oregon, but the other 49 states never
seem to talk about it.  Ashcroft sure is insistent on doing something
with Oregon, but what?  Won't anyone spill the beans about what they
know right away, so we can learn too?

*** 9-11 TERRORISM ***
Yes it's hard to get a complete passenger list of 9-11 plane crashes.
The sites listed below have similar people lists, but they seem to stick
out from the thousands of others.  If a passenger list isn't complete,
at least there are some sites where you can add your own person.  Keep
in mind some people that died in the World Trade Center aren't reported
because they INSIST that the victim should not be reported.  I know of
one like that.

PLEASE SEE: Daniel Hopsicker has a lengthy site about the 9-11

Here's where people seem to be getting their 9-11 victim photos:
  (warning: this an extremely odd web page design.  A huge flag photo is
broken up into a gazillion little photos, so it takes a long time to
load.  A smaller flag would've sufficed.)

Here's an extremely wide HTML page of 9-11 victims, some with photos:
   (...but at least it's all on one page, right?)

Sorted 9-11 plane crash victim list: add your own victim!

BEFORE I found, I found these links first:

Flight 93 victim list with photo for most victims.  Helpful.

Flight 11 victims with photos:

Flight 77 victims with photos:

Flight 93 victims with photos:

Flight 175 victims with photos:

World Trade Center victim list:

Pentagon victim list:

Flight 175 victim list that looked more detailed:

Flight 93 victim list:

Flight 77 victim list:

Flight 11 victim list:

All the rest of the 9-11 memoriam lists: