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Date: 9/24/01 11:20:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Army Generals Offer President Bush Alternative to Missile Defence Shield
Top-Ranking Military Leader from India Proposes "Vedic Defence Shield" for

Prevention of War - NEWS CONFERENCE
Major General Kulwant Singh
Tuesday, September 11, 10 a.m.
National Press Club, East Room, Washington DC

"Military and diplomatic solutions will never produce lasting
peace while enmity seethes in the hearts of the people.  The
persistent crisis in the Middle East alone proves the inadequacy
of paper treaties, and underscores the need for a fundamentally
new approach." -Major General Kulwant Singh

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) A top-ranking army general, who helped lead
the fight against terrorism in India for nearly three decades,
is coming to Washington, D.C. next week to offer President Bush
an effective alternative to his National Missile Defense Shield.

Major General Kulwant Singh, a 35-year career army veteran,
backed by a growing number of top military leaders worldwide,
will encourage President Bush and other world leaders to
immediately deploy "Vedic technologies of defence"-a
scientifically proven approach that diffuses regional tensions
and prevents conflict.

"President Bush should be commended for his efforts to defend
the American people from nuclear attack," General Singh said.
"There are critics who argue that the missile shield is
untested, costly, and provides no defence against warheads
smuggled in by land or sea.  But the President is deploying the
most advanced technology he knows.  To his critics, I say, 'Show
the President a better way.'  "Fortunately, now there is a better way.  This is why we have come to Washington."

Vedic Technologies of Defence Diffuse Acute Social Stress
"America and India are great allies.  We are bringing to
President Bush the best of what India has to offer-the very
latest technology in the field of defence," said General Singh.

"Research confirms that the outbreak of war begins with rising
tensions among rival factions.  Conventional means of defence do
nothing to address this underlying cause of war: mounting
tensions in critical hotspots throughout the world.

"We are offering a proven, prevention-oriented approach, based
on Vedic technologies of consciousness, to diffuse acute social
stress-and thereby prevent enmity from arising.

"Ours is the only new approach with a proven track record-an
approach that is backed by extensive published research,"
General Singh said.

How Vedic Defence Works
Recent discoveries in the domain of quantum physics and human
consciousness, according to General Singh, reveal that the field
of consciousness is far more basic and powerful than the nuclear
field.  "This field of consciousness-termed the unified field in
the language of quantum physics-is millions of times more
fundamental and powerful than the nuclear force.

"We have learned to harness this field through technologies of
consciousness that are simultaneously ancient and modern.  They
are described in the ancient Vedic literature, but they have now
become the focus of extensive scientific research.  Their
application was introduced 25 years ago by Maharishi Mahesh
Yogi, who advocated group practice of Transcendental Meditation
and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying.  To this,
Maharishi has added other highly advanced peace-promoting
procedures from the Vedic tradition," General Singh said.
More than 50 studies, published in leading peer-reviewed
scientific journals, have documented the ability of group
practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced
techniques to reduce societal stress and violence, and to calm
open warfare in war-torn areas.  In the mid-1980s this approach
was used to quell violence in the Middle East, and resulted in
an 80% drop in war fatalities and war-related injuries,
according to articles published in the Journal of Conflict
Resolution and other scientific publications.

Deploying a Vedic Defence Shield in India
More than 25,000 meditating experts are now being assembled in
India who, General Singh said, will produce an "indomitable
influence of peace and coherence in the country.  No nation will
ever be moved to attack India, as it becomes a lighthouse of
peace and coherence to its neighbours and the world.
"What better, more humane and cost-effective defence than to
prevent the birth of an enemy?  Isn't this more likely to prevent
an attack than a new arms race that is generating such global
fear and heightened hostility towards the US that it might
actually provoke a terrorist attack?"

US Department of Peace
General Singh applauded the efforts of members of the US
Congress, led by Rep.  Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), to counter this
new military escalation with a US Department of Peace, funded at
1% of the military budget.

"Such a department could easily support, even within the ranks
of the military, a 'prevention wing' of 10,000 - 20,000 troops
trained in Vedic technologies of defence that can prevent the
outbreak of war.  This should be the true purpose of the
military: To keep the peace.  Unfortunately, nothing in the
current military handbooks trains our soldiers to prevent war.

"That is why it is critical now to implement a prevention wing
in the military utilising these proven Vedic technologies of
defence," said General Singh, who retired from the military in
1995, and is now Defence Minister of the Global Country of World
Peace-a nation without borders founded to "provide a global home
for peace-loving people everywhere," and to offer governments
"proven, prevention-oriented solutions to critical social

General Singh's Itinerary in Washington
General Singh said he is coming to Washington, D.C.  to "present
to President Bush, and representatives of other peace-loving
countries, how to promote invincibility for every nation and
permanent world peace by taking recourse to the higher
intelligence of Natural Law, which governs the universe with
perfect order."

on Monday, September 10, 2:30 p.m.-General Singh will give a
public lecture at the Hay-Adams Hotel, to be followed by a
reception in his honor.
on Tuesday, September 11, 10:00 a.m.-General Singh will hold a
news conference in the East Room of the National Press Club.

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