Or "guerrilla" art?

EDITOR: UFO or sculpture, who is to say that some good old boy can't go out in his shop and sizzle together a Vril craft and flap around Vashon? Think that's wild? Check out these old blokes:


 Or this another old coot, David Hamel, Starship made from granite?

EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN Builder of Coral Castle near Homestead, Fla.

Date: 7/31/02 9:38:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

L. Porter

You will find contact information for Allison Arthur attached below. She is an editor for our local island weekly newspaper, Vashon-Maury Island BEACHCOMBER, and authors the column: Only on Vashon. This weeks' title is, "Now arriving the Vashon Intergalactic Airport." To quote the first four paragraphs: "Until I ventured out to the Vashon Municipal Airport last Friday morning, I wouldn't have believed it.  But Deep Throat --- my favorite source for all that is truly Vashon--- assured me last Thursday night that I would see it was no hoax. It was the Real McCoy. Truly an Only on Vashon kind of story.

A real UFO really did land on Vashon and a fella named Mke Sweeny had found it at the Vashon Municipal Airport off Cove Road, and had dug it up and put it in ts proper place, where it apparently tried to land many years ago.

If you will recall, the first recorded incident of a modern day "men in black" incident occured off the island attached to Vashon which is Maury Island, and it is chronicled in many books well described at

That is the UFO from 55 years ago that apparently has just been found. There is a picture in the paper of the craft and it appears to be about 12 feet in diameter with a central canopy that sticks up about four feet. I intend to drive by the airport myself shortly and will take some video that I'll snappy to you when I return.

From the article: "So, anyway, I ventured out to the airport to see for myself, take pictures up close, and there it was, next to a "Visitors Parking" sign, on its side, rusted, a 12-foot-wide hunk of a hull. Note the Stargate-like hieroglyphics, the windows, and the tiny little stairway descending out the back --- as if someone or something attempted to emerge from said spaceship. This could be the missing link in Vashon history. It could explain why islanders like conspiracy theories, and the real reason there's a Nike site on Vashon."

Date: 7/31/02 1:05:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Yes, the "UFO" is real, but the men-in-black must have already removed the guts, otherwise the farthest it's ever flown is off the back of a pickup truck.