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!!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening

Tuatha sent me this !!Alert!! he found on one of the message boards 3
days ago.  I sent it to James McCanney and simply asked him if it
were true.  He said yes.  His response is at the bottom.

Mark H


From: "Tuatha"
To: "Mark H"
Subject: !!ALERT!!
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:19:15 -0700

One of the group who is 100% with us sent this to me a short time
ago - it was posted at one of the message boards. Thought that I
would pass it on to you and if you think it is worth mentioning to
McCanney, please pass it on.



The geomagnetic k indices are frightening the way they remain the
same intensity for so long, very unusual.  This means that the Earth's
magnetic "envelope" protecting it from solar and cosmic radiation is
weakening due to constant stress from continual solar bombardments.

I'm not an astrophysicist, but I don't think it takes one to make this
observation.  Also,the BASELINE radiation output(gamma range)is WAY
up out of normal ranges.  Add this to the apparent increase in
intensity of the Sun noted by almost all observers,I think we can
confirm there is a problem, and they have no intention of alerting
us.  Every day in this current enviroment is rapidly aging our bodies
if my understanding of human physiology is correct.  We are being
microwaved,x rayed and otherwise having our atoms bomabarded by
protons and high energy electromagnetic radiation.  Try your gieger
counter if you have one,check for background radiation and then point
the probe towards sol and listen to it .Believe me when I tell you
the earthquakes are the direct result of the above mentioned


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Subject: Fwd:  !!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening

Is this true?

From: "James M. McCanney"
To: "Mark H"
Subject: Re:!!ALERT!! The geomagnetic k indices are frightening
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:24:59 -0600

mark / just happened to be on line / yes this is true and i have been
saying this for months on the shows i have been on when referring to
the activity of the sun and is one of the Earth Changes described in
my book / this is another reason for getting under some serious mass
like in a cave or other cement shelter and why we both are telling
people THEY NEED TO START PREPARING NOW / people should listen to my
12 month pre planet x scenario on the global wings night session
video/ so do not listen to the gov. disinformation fronts that state
and imply that you can keep on living normally up to the day before
the "passage" / in the late 90's there was a serious solar flare that
directly hit earth and russia was pointing towards the sun at the
time / the earth's magnetic field went to zero literally
(this is also proof of my theory that the majority of the earth's mag
field is in the form of electrical currents in the ionosphere and
beyond ... and why the incorrect nasa/lieder statement that Planet X
will cause a global pole shift due to magnetic effects is patently
wrong ... if there is a pole shift it will be caused by gravity
/ after this massive solar flare in the 90's russia initiated a study
to track the cancer rates / i know directly about this as i was still
able to communicate with my russian contacts then (before our gov
pulled the plug on our communication) / i believe my book refers to
the mag field stuff also and certainly i talk about this in my 1980's
papers in the back of the book in the section (the 3- part comet
paper) when i talk about biological evolution and the alteration of
the radiation due to change in the mag field as this is a major
contributor of genetic alteration during times of stress on the
earth and its inhabitants ... it is the cause mutations ... the
successful ones will win out and the unsuccessful ones will die off /
so stress is natures way of making those changes at these times to
cause the severe and sudden genetic alterations we see at mass
extinctions / that also is a good argument for the mass extinctions
NOT being caused by colliding asteroids as they DO NOT explain the
total picture of what happens to earth and its inhabitants and
further DOES NOT explain the mag field alterations (the nasa
boys can say all they want but a colliding asteroid does not alter the
earth's mag field like a passing large plasma discharging comet as in
my comet model) / but NASA and the gov. supported scientists all have
their little story and never mind that it does not explain the
data !!! / feel free to post this in response to tuatha's request /

PS part 3 of my 1979 comet paper which is in appendix 2 of my book
has an extensive write up on the magnetic dynamo  / 
PPS my new web page is near ready for posting along with archives and
new lectures and videos / take care /
jim mccanney