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BOB'S NOTE:  Some day this will all mean something to the "sheeple" - just
like our pre-warning of the Pearl Harbor attack and our pre-knowledge of the
terrorist attack on the World Trade Center...... but, alas, it will be too
Novus Ordo Seclorum ..... and it will come to pass.

Bob Worn, Major-USAF (Retired)
1811 Shamburger Road
Pritchett, Texas  75645-2759

"Two years ago, I was told by a friend of mine that is an agent for MI-6,
that Tim McVeigh would wave all of his appeals and want to be executed as
quickly as possible. I have watched in horror as all that he has told me has
come to pass.
"He also told me that McVeigh's death would be faked, and that he would be
taken to what is called a 'Valhalla Compound' as part of Project Gaia, a
super secret witness protection program set up for those in the world of
international espionage."
SEAN DAVID MORTON, Speaking on Art Bell COAST TO COAST, March 3, 2001
Execution Eye Witness -Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec.
"He appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing,
even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
Note: Susan Carlson was a friend of Chandra Levy! It was Chandra Levy who
arranged her friend's access to the McVeigh execution.
(Windows Media Player) - See and hear this first!
Execution Eye Witness
Okc boming cover-up:
CIA + CONDIT + Chandra Levy + Timothy McVeigh


By Jim Rarey August 9, 2001

For fans of western movies, the phrase "circling the wagons" immediately
evokes an image of pioneers with their Canastota Clippers forming a circle to
repel an attack, usually by Indians.
In media parlance today, the overworked phrase most often is used to describe
supporters of politicians rallying to the defense of their beleaguered friend
or meal ticket from the attacks of the media.
Supporters of Gary Condit are being compared to the circling of the wagons as
they castigate the media for its concentrated coverage of Condit, claiming
"it's only about sex" and why can't they leave the congressman alone. Even a
few in the media are taking this line.
This writer also believes the media is missing the mark, but for a different
Even most of Condit's supporters decry his sexual escapades. The analogy is
more like a bunch of forest rangers encircling a small brush fire, to keep it
from becoming a raging inferno, with the intention of letting it burn itself
Most observers agree the Condit's political career is over, particularly if
some of the rumors about his bizarre sexual appetites prove true. If that is
true, then what "raging inferno" is lurking out there"
Most people believe the missing (former) intern, Chandra Levy, who was having
an affair with Condit, has been a victim of foul play. From the polls, a
majority also believes that Condit was somehow involved although there is no
proof as the congressman and his staff continue to stonewall the authorities.
All can agree that Condit's behavior makes it look like he is hiding guilt
about something.
As this writer has opined in earlier articles, the reason for Chandra's
disappearance and probable death may have nothing to do with her affair with
Condit. Chandra could have found or stumbled onto information that made her
dangerous to powerful people.
The most likely subject on which she would have that dangerous knowledge is
her assignment at the Bureau of Prisons shortly before her disappearance.
Chandra was working with the media making arrangements for press conferences
and the possible viewing of the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Simultaneously,
she was responsible for preparing daily news summaries for the bureau staff.
As a matter of course, Chandra was surfing the web for references to subjects
of interest to the bureau. She also had access to and was searching bureau
records, presumably in conjunction with information found on the Internet. We
do not know what level of security clearance Chandra had and whether or not
she had access to other records of the Department of Justice, of which the
Bureau of Prisons is a part.
One of the stories circulating on the web at that time was the connection
between McVeigh and Dr. Louis Jolyn West, a CIA mind control expert. West was
alleged to have made up to 17 visits to McVeigh in prison.
By doing a web search on McVeigh's name, as Chandra most likely did, this
writer found some very interesting "coincidences."
According to mind control researcher David Hoffman, in 1946 Cornell
Aeronautical Laboratory was founded including the "Fund for the Study of
Human Ecology." The "fund" was a CIA financing conduit for mind control
experiments by emigre Nazi scientists and others under the direction of CIA
doctors Sidney Gotttlieb, Ewen Cameron and the same Louis Jolyn West.
Gottlieb, of course was the director of the CIA's infamous MK-ULTRA mind
control program. Cornell was later absorbed into Calspan Advanced Technology
Center in Buffalo, NY. The company continued experiments in mind control and
artificial intelligence. In 1997 Calspan was in turn absorbed by Virigian
Corp. Virigian's website gives no information as to its management or
ownership but is deeply involved in artificial intelligence.
Here is the strange "coincidence." After McVeigh left the army, he joined the
Army National Guard in Buffalo. He landed a job with Burns International
Security and was assigned to guard the premises of (you guessed it) Calspan.
McVeigh had told friends the army had implanted a microchip in him during the
Gulf war. (We now know that a number of soldiers were implanted with
microchips explained as an experiment to keep track of their locations during
battle.) The CIA doctors at Calspan were experimenting with merging brain
cells with microchips.
Could this be the "McVeigh connection" that Chandra uncovered?
Back to the circling of the wagons. Another strange coincidence is the
rehabilitation of Terry Lenzner, private investigator extraordinary. Lenzner
gained notoriety as the major party investigating Clinton opponents
(euphemistically called "opposition research") for dirt to discredit them.
Lenzner has appeared on several panels on Cable TV shows as well as a couple
of the Sunday network shows as an expert on investigations (which he no doubt
is). What the public is not told is that Lenzner in his earlier career had
represented Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and even sued the U.S. Senate on his behalf.
Obviously, his CIA connections go back quite far.
This writer can envision a scenario where powerful people decided Chandra
must be eliminated. Perhaps Condit got a telephone call or was otherwise told
that he had to help get Chandra out of her apartment without any witnesses.
Condit could have told Chandra to meet him outside the building on some
pretext that she would have trusted. This would explain why she did not take
her cell phone or i.d. with her.
In a recent column, syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell thinks the authorities
may be missing the significance of the 4:30 a.m. 911 call from a woman in
Chandra's apartment building saying she heard someone scream for help just
outside of the building. It seems a little strange that the actual 911 call
has not been replayed on TV or radio as has been done in so many other
Sowell reasons that the use of Chandra's computer later that day could have
been by anyone connected to the disappearance. Condit may not have known (for
sure) why he was supposed to get Chandra out of the building. By now he most
certainly knows that it was to eliminate her and maybe even why. This
certainly would explain Condit's actions realizing he could be charged as an
If it were only about sex, it is unlikely that, not only Condit, but also
much of his staff would have retained high priced and high-powered attorneys.
However, things may be starting to fall apart.
Last night, on Fox Cable Channel, the attorney for Anne Marie Smith revealed
that Abbe Lowell, Condit's attorney, had resigned from the case. Perhaps
Condit finally leveled with Lowell about his potential exposure and Lowell
wanted nothing to do with (or knowledge of) the who and the why of the
parties involved. That kind of knowledge could be dangerous to Lowell's
health as well as Condit's.
Stay tuned.
Jim Rarey