4/2/02 2:57:07 PM Pacific Standard Time


Unleashing the Creator?

If scalar weapons are soon to be activated and used, which draw their
energy from the zero-point sub-time/space energy field, will they
inadvertently unleash the raw, primal creation force of the universe upon
us?  Is universal consciousness an inseparable component of this universal
energy force and how might that impact mankind, assuming exposure is a
survivable event?   If universal intelligence and energy are unified, would
these weapons not seriously backfire on those who would misuse them for
their own personal gain?  How could you dupe anyone, including yourself,
once exposed to the knowledge of the raw absolutes stored within the
timeless energetic mind of creation's creator?   Are we about to look upon
the face of god?

Witnesses to scalar weapon tests have described brilliant balls of
light-energy hundreds of miles across, out over the Pacific.  Recent
satellite and space shuttle images have also captured giant balls of light
moving through the upper atmosphere at fantastic speeds over the Pacific.
Are these scalar weapon targeting tests in progress?  Might this be how
"the warning" associated with the Fatima prophesy will come to pass, either
accidentally or by design?  For it too is described as a red, glowing  ball
of energy that will encircle the earth and have a profound spiritual impact
on all sentient life-forms upon this planet.

Mark May 9, 2002 on your radar screens and wait and see.