Subj: the unfriendly skies
Date: 10/20/01 10:44:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

not many questions have been asked of the f.a.a. or n.t.s.b. since the
events of 9/11...i found that interesting...

after a little research, i discovered the following letter...

it is from former f.a.a. inspector, rodney stich, to attorney general
john ashcroft, and is an important document to help understand
the u.s. gov's duplcity in these acts of violence against our country...

this is the same gov that americans are now lining up for, to hand over
their personal liberties and constitutional rights...

many will say, 'well, that's too bad that the f.a.a. is corrupt, but
we're in a war now and we must support our country...'

i agree...but not at the expense of the american constitution...and it
is currently being morphed into toilet paper by our so-called 'leaders'
and the banging drum of their lapdog media...

an american patriot is not someone who blindly follows while his/her
country is being it externally or internally...

that is a fool...

an american patriot simply loves and defends the constitution...this
addresses all eventualities.

be careful what you wish for...



for the record, here are a few of mr. stich's credentials...

member: association former intelligence officers (afio)
association of national security alumni (ansa)
international society of air safety investigators (isasi)
lawyers pilots bar association (lpba)
former f.a.a. air safety investigator
former airline captain
former navy pilot and flight instructor

October 2, 2001

John Ashcroft
U.S. Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20530
Certified mail: 7000 1670 0012 2751 8650

Reference: Response to your request for information related to Sept. 11,
2001 terrorist activities

To Mr. Ashcroft:

As a former federal air safety inspector-investigator[1] for the Federal
Aviation Administration and a confidant to many present and former
federal agents, I have acquired a great amount of knowledge and evidence
relating to the September 11 deadly hijackings and related matters.

For the purpose of this letter, reference is to the terrorist threat and
how a culture within certain federal agencies aided and abetted and
insured the success of the hijackers on September 11, 2001, and future
terrorist attacks.

For credibility, I am a former federal inspector-investigator for the
Federal Aviation Administration; a former airline pilot with significant
piloting experience in the Middle East, carrying Muslim and Arab
passengers to Mecca and Medina from various parts of the Middle East;
years of contacts with federal agents who conveyed considerable
information to me—including agents of the FBI, DEA, Customs, and CIA,
including former heads of secret CIA airlines and CIA financial
operations who had information relating to terrorists.

The success of the hijackers on September 11th, and many prior fatal
hijackings, would not have occurred if the corruption that I documented
did not exist.

These conditions still exist and will undoubtedly play a key role in
future terrorist attacks and other adverse actions against the people of
the United States.

This letter provides highlights of this misconduct and makes a record
that you and your office have been informed of these matters.

In an attempt to reveal these matters to the public and to circumvent
the history of cover-ups by Justice Department personnel, I authored
several books seeking to inform the public of these matters, including
the matters that insured the success of the September 11, 2001,

These books include the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and
Defrauding America and the first edition of Drugging America. The
following information highlights several of these matters that I and my
group of present and former federal agents discovered and documented.

History of Corruption In FAA That Insured the Success Of the Hijackers

While I was an FAA air safety inspector-investigator, holding federal
air safety responsibilities for the most senior program at United
Airlines, during a period of numerous airline crashes, I documented a
pattern of misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, and corruption within
the Federal Aviation Administration.

Among the areas of FAA misconduct were pressure and threats against
federal air safety inspectors not to report or act upon major air safety
and even criminal activities, despite the repeated occurrence of fatal
airline crashes due to these problems; refusal to act upon reports
requiring changes to prevent hijackings that I and other federal air
safety inspectors made, and many other areas of major air safety
violations for which the FAA had a legal duty to take corrective action.

Compounding this misconduct, inspectors making these reports were
harassed and threatened, their official reports destroyed, and their
lives and careers adversely affected. This is the deadly culture that
resulted in many fatal airline crashes, including the prior airline
crash into New York City, by United Airlines, that was the world’s worst
air disaster at that time.

The cover-up of the corruption within the FAA made possible the
continuation of the federal offenses and the associated fatalities. The
September 11, 2001, tragedies with over 6,000 deaths were simply another
consequence of the internal FAA problems and the cover-up of these
problems by Justice Department personnel.

I documented these FAA offenses while I was an FAA inspector, and proved
their relationship to several specific airline crashes, which included
the earlier United Airlines crash into New York City. The hard-core
corrupt and criminal misconduct within the FAA, going into the FAA
administrator’s office, can be associated with years of specific airline
crashes, and constitutes substantial evidence showing how it insured the
success of the September 11, 2001, air tragedies.

Throughout this period of fraud-related air tragedies, Justice
Department personnel repeatedly blocked efforts to expose these serious
federal offenses, thereby aiding and abetting the FAA misconduct, which
in turn insured the success of the hijacking terrorists.

The available evidence supports this relationship. And now, the same
Justice Department is covering up for the wrongdoings that in this
latest instance took the lives of 6,000 people!

Highlights Of FAA Corruption Making Possible Major Air Disasters

In my role as a federal air safety inspector, assisted by many years of
experience as an airline captain, navy flight instructor, and navy
patrol plane commander in World War II, I made numerous reports and the
required corrective actions addressing air safety and criminal
violations affecting air safety.

Many of these reports required prompt corrective actions for which the
FAA had responsibility to act. In almost every case, the reports that I
and other inspectors made were ignored, despite the pattern of resulting
fatal airline crashes.

Nonfeasance Compounded By Tragedy-Related Criminal Misconduct

The reaction to these official reports included (1) warnings not to
submit such reports as the office would look bad when airline accidents
resulted from the problems; (2) felony destruction of the official
reports which were often followed by resulting fatal airline crashes;
(3) threats, harassment, and retaliatory actions against federal air
safety inspectors when the officially required reports continued to be

One of my recommendations related to hijackings and how to prevent them.
I had recommended installing heavier cockpit doors and removing cockpit
door keys from the flight attendants, which would prevent many of the
fatal hijackings that subsequently occurred, including the September 11,
2001, hijackings

If these simple measures had been adopted, as common sense dictated, and
as FAA responsibility required, many fatal hijackings would have been
prevented, including the 6,000 deaths on September 11, 2001, and the
enormous financial and personal ramifications of the United States in a
war mode would not have occurred.

Refusal to act on this obvious safety problem did not fall into the
category of corruption as in many other air safety problems, but it was
associated with the felonious pattern of destroying inspectors’ reports,
pressuring and threatening inspectors not to report safety problems,
retaliating against inspectors for making such reports or taking
required corrective actions.

This corrupt culture in the FAA subverted the legal and moral
responsibilities of the United States government to act on safety
problems and safety violations discovered by highly trained and highly
experienced federal air safety inspectors. Compounding this corrupt
culture among many FAA management personnel was the documented cover-up
by personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice, within the NTSB, by
members of Congress, and others.

Exercising Federal Remedies To Report Major Corruption In A Federal

As a federal air safety inspector and investigator who discovered these
major federal offenses and the tragic consequences as a part of my
official duties, I exercised several remedies seeking to bring a halt to
the corruption and related airline crashes.

If the widespread obstruction of justice and cover-up had not occurred,
the September 11, 2001, tragedies would not have occurred. The evidence
of these matters is found in government records, in judicial records,
and communication with government and non-government checks and
balances, none of whom want this information made available to the

The actions I took, which started initially in addressing the corruption
blocking the federal government from meeting its air safety
responsibilities, included the following:

I acted as an independent prosecutor, conducting a four-month-long FAA
hearing during which I obtained testimony and considerable evidence
showing this culture of malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance,
corruption, and during the hearing, perjury and subornation of perjury.
Two fatal crashes occurred in my area of responsibilities during that
hearing that were caused by the very same air safety problems and
criminal activities that I documented. Transcripts and documentation is
available to show this relationship.

I reported these federal offenses to the National Transportation Safety
Board (Bureau of air safety in the CAB at that time), to the FBI, to
several U.S. attorneys, and then to the Department of Justice in
Washington. Possibly because of the gravity of the criminal activities
and the direct relationship to many fatal airline crashes, the response
was a cover-up and obstruction of justice.

This response made possible the continuation of the air safety and
criminal violations, and as expected, a continuation of the resulting
crashes and deaths. (These matters are detailed and documented in the
third edition of Unfriendly Skies.)

Seeking to circumvent the obstruction of justice, I appeared before a
federal grand jury in Denver. Although individual jurors admitted the
gravity of what I was stating, the blockage by the U.S. attorney kept
the jury from taking any action.

As a federal agent, I filed formal complaints with FBI director J. Edgar
Hoover, and encountered a pattern of cover-ups and false statements.

I reported these matters to members of Congress who had a duty to act. I
received numerous sympathetic letters, but all of them refused to act.
This is called misprision of felonies, which had dire consequences for
the public.

Refusing to be a part of the criminal activities in the FAA, I resigned
from the FAA. As the air disasters continued to occur from the FAA
culture, I exercised other federal remedies. I filed the first of
several lawsuits[2] in Ninth Circuit federal courts seeking to report
the criminal activities to a federal judge under the federal crime
reporting statute[3] and under a citizen’s right[4] to seek a court
order forcing federal officials to perform their legal duties and to
halt their unlawful conduct. District and appellate judges admitted the
gravity of the allegations made in the lawsuit, but after U.S. attorneys
filed motions to block the lawsuits, they were dismissed. These
dismissals were followed by even worse air disasters due to the same FAA

Seeking to circumvent the massive cover-ups and obstruction of justice,
I used my considerable assets[5] to make the public aware of this
pattern of corruption by people in key government positions. I authored
and published the first edition of Unfriendly Skies, (which is now in
its third edition). I also started appearing as a guest and expert on
hundreds of radio and television shows. These activities were funded by
my real estate investments and threatened to expose people in key
positions in the three branches of the federal government.

Discovering Other Areas Of Corruption In Government

As my books and radio and television appearances became known, other
government agents provided me information and documentation on still
other areas of corruption[6] in government that could be expected on the
basis of the corruption that I discovered as a federal inspector.

The gravity of the additional information and documentation caused me to
again exercise the responsibilities under the federal crime reporting
statute (Title 18 U.S.C. § 4) to report these matters to federal judges,
who had the mandatory responsibility to receive the information and
evidence. Their reaction would eventually insure the success of the
September 11, 2001, hijackers:

Federal judges repeatedly refused to receive the data and evidence that
I and my group of other former and present federal agents sought to
report. These federal offenses included the documented corruption in the
FAA and by people in other key government positions. These corrupt and
criminal activities and the standard obstruction of justice offenses are
described in three books: Unfriendly Skies, Defrauding America, and
Drugging America.

Federal judges issued unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring me,
for the remainder of my life, from access to the district and appellate
courts. These orders (1) blocked the reporting of these criminal
activities, and (2) blocked me from defending against judicial acts that
corruptly seized the $10 million in real estate that funded my exposure
of the criminal and corrupt activities. (Further information about the
actions taken to block my exposure of the criminal activities and the
involvement of federal judges can be found in a pending federal lawsuit
at the Internet site:

When I discovered other criminal activities from government agents[7]
and sought to report these matters, as required under the federal crime
reporting statute, Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges
charged me with criminal contempt of court (on the basis that I had been
barred for the remainder of my life from federal court access). From
1986 to 1995, these two groups had me charged me with criminal contempt
of court for attempting to report these criminal activities. This
retaliation, for reporting matters that made the World Trade Center 1993
bombing and September 11, 2001, hijackings possible reflects the role of
Justice Department personnel and federal judges in the corruption that
made possible the death of 6,000 people on September 11, and made
possible other crimes against the American people by persons acting
under cover of government positions.

Justice Department Corruption Aided Funding Of Terrorist Cells

Justice Department misconduct aided and abetted various terrorist cells
located in the New Jersey and New York areas which were later implicated
in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the September 11, 2001,

Details of these activities, as provided to me by government agents, are
found in the book I wrote, "Drugging America." The book describes how
Justice Department personnel blocked federal agents from arresting
people whose drug activities funded terrorist cells, some of which
subsequently bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and the cells who
planned to place bombs on 11 U.S. airliners departing from Far East

Evidence indicates that some of these same terrorist cells, protected by
Justice Department personnel, were responsible for the September 11,
2001, hijackings.

Further aid to the hijackers was the corrupt culture in the FAA that had
been covered-up by Justice Department personnel for decades, as proven
by my letters and judicial records.

In addition to blocking the drug-related funding of the terrorists,
Justice Department personnel falsely charged, prosecuted, and brought
about the imprisonment of the head of a federal drug task force who was
targeting the drug activities that funded the terrorist cells.

My attempt to report these activities under the federal crime reporting
statute was blocked by federal judges and Justice Department personnel,
who then retaliated against me for seeking to make these reports.
(Details in my three books and on the web sites:;; and

FBI and CIA Personnel Making SAM Missiles Available to Afghan Terrorists

Another of the many areas of misconduct involving Justice Department
personnel—which provided further aid to the terrorist groups—occurred in
1995. General Rashid Dostum, head of one of the groups constituting the
Afghanistan Northern Alliance, who was fighting Osama bin Laden and
fighting to keep the Taliban from taking control of Afghanistan, offered
to provide the United States with several dozen surface-to-air missiles
and possibly as many as 100. Negotiations arising out of this offer
occurred in Los Angeles and involved CIA and FBI personnel, and a friend
of mine who was at one time the titular head of a secret CIA financial
operation based in Hawaii. It was also known that Afghan terrorists were
bidding on these missiles, which could be expected to
be used against U.S. airliners.

These contacts with a key fighting group in northern Afghanistan
provided the United States an excellent opportunity to obtain their
cooperation to fight the Afghan terrorists, including Osama bin Laden,
and prevent the Taliban group from taking control of Afghanistan.

FBI and CIA personnel involved in the Los Angeles negotiations refused
to accept the surface-to-air missiles and refused to cooperate with
General Dostum. This CIA and FBI conduct caused my CIA source great
concern for subsequent missile attacks upon U.S. airliners from surface
to air missiles that would be obtained by Afghan terrorists, including
the Osama bin Laden al Quida group. My source then provided me with
information and documentation concerning the negotiations, which I then
used as the basis for a three-page letter sent to every member of the
House and Senate intelligence committees. In this October 20, 1995,
letter I urged the recipients to immediately contact me and my CIA
source to prevent the surface to air missiles getting into the hands of
the Afghan terrorists. That letter was sent about six months before the
downing of TWA Flight 800. Not a single recipient responded, despite my
background as a federal agent and my source’s CIA background and part of
the negotiations occurring in Los Angeles.

If that cooperation with General Dostum had not been refused, it is very
possible that coordinated actions could have been taken against Osama
bin Laden’s al Qaida group and the Taliban. It is also probable that
missile attacks upon U.S. airliners by Afghan and other terrorist groups
that have yet to occur could have been prevented. It is also probable
that a missile brought down TWA Flight 800, despite the standard
cover-up by the NTSB political board members and the Justice Department
and CIA.

Federal Leaders Covering Up For the Terrorists Who Planted the Bomb On
Pan Am Flight 103

Another terrorist tragedy involving misconduct and cover-up. As detailed
in the third edition of Defrauding America, Justice Department personnel
covered up and protected the Syria-based terrorists who placed the bomb
on board Pan Am Flight 103. This cover-up was motivated by two factors:
(1) Syria’s cooperation was needed for the Gulf War; (2) the logistics
for placing the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 was facilitated by the CIA-DEA
drug smuggling operation conducted out of the DEA office in Nicosia,
using Pan Am aircraft departing Frankfurt for the United States

Much of the details and support for these matters are found in (1) FAA
records, primarily of the hearing held in Denver where I acted as an
independent prosecutor; (2) federal lawsuits filed in U.S. district
courts; (3) letters sent to various divisions of the Department of
Justice (including the July 30, 1996, letter sent to the FBI which is on
the Internet site at: That letter
addresses one of many examples of FBI cover-ups that I first encountered
as a federal air safety inspector, the cover-ups of which made possible
subsequent air disasters. That letter relates to the acquisition of
surface-to-air missiles by Afghan and other terrorist groups, the
refusal to cooperate with the Afghan group
fighting Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group, fighting the Taliban group,
and the FBI’s threat against me, warning me to remain quiet about the
information I had.

What is stated in this letter is only a small part of the documented
corruption involving people in key government positions whose conduct
had inflicted, or permitted to be inflicted, great harm upon Americans.

Withholding this information from the public keeps the same culture, the
same people, the same adversaries, in the decision-making process as the
United States seeks to prevent more terrorist activities!

Withholding this information protects those whose corrupt acts played a
key role in the 6,000 recent deaths and the incalculable financial and
other harm inflicted upon the United States.

The people perpetrating these acts that insured the success of the
hijackers are also adversaries to America and its people. Protecting
them subverts the process necessary by America to defend against the
terrorist threat.

Based upon the 40 years of documented Justice Department misconduct, the
same cover-up can be expected to continue, which will insure further
harm to the American people.

Rodney Stich

[1] Former federal air safety inspector who held federal air safety
responsibilities for the most senior program at United Airlines; a
former airline pilot with considerable international experience,
including flying in the Middle East, flying Moslem pilgrims to Mecca,
living with Arab and Moslem personnel; former Navy patrol plane
commander in World War II, confidant to many insiders including former
agents of the FBI, DEA, Customs, CIA, including former heads of secret
CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations, and author of several
books, including three editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding
America, and one edition of Drugging America (with expanded editions

[2] Stich v. United States, et al., 554 F.2d 1070 (9th Cir.) (tab­le),
cert. denied, 434 U.S. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety
misconduct, violations of federal air safety laws, threats against
government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct);
Stich v. National Transportation Safety Board, 685 F.2d 446 (9th
Cir.)(table), cert. denied, 459 U.S. 861 (1982))(addressed repeated
criminal falsification of official airline accident reports, omitting
highly sensitive air safety misconduct, making possible repeated crashes
from the same sequestered problems); Amicus curiae brief filed on July
17, 1975, in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation, Flanagan v.
McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America, Civil Action
74-808-PH, MDL 172, Central District California.)(addressing the long
standing FAA misconduct, of which the cover-up of the DC-10 cargo door
problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct);
U.S. v. Department of Justice, District of Columbia, Nos. 86-2523,
87-2214, and other actions filed by Stich seeking to expose and correct
the powerful and covert air disaster misconduct.

[3] Title 18 USC § 4. Misprision of felony. Whoever, having knowledge of
the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United
States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to
some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the
United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more
than three years, or both.

[4] Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361. Action to compel an officer of the United
States to perform his duty. The district courts shall have original
jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an
officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to
perform a duty owed to the plaintiff.

[5] At that time my real estate holdings exceeded $10 million in value,
most of which was equity.

[6] Years of drug smuggling into the United States by the CIA (and
during the 1980s, Oliver North and the National Security Council, U.S.
military), pattern of corruption in Ninth Circuit bankruptcy courts, and
a series of other corrupt activities implicating people in key federal
positions, as described in Defrauding America, Drugging America, and
Unfriendly Skies.

[7] These federal agents were from the FBI, DEA, Customs, CIA, including
former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations.