Subj: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - Television Stations Go Blank In Seattle Area
Date: 12/14/01 12:09:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Mitch Battros)
To: (Breaking News)

Television Stations Go Blank In Seattle Area...12/14/01
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

For a period of approximately 4 minutes, television sets around King County and perhaps Western Washington went blank. In asking around, some believe it very well could have been direct interference from yesterdays large X-Class flare which was known to be earth directed and would have taken approximately 24 hours before we would feel its effects.

Approximately one hour later, a horrific wind storm brewed up coming from the pacific. Wind gust of 50 mph have been registered. Power outages are expected. Record snow fall is also expected in the Cascade upper elevations. I would strongly suggest these events were not expected and are a directly related to the current unprecedented solar storms hitting our atmosphere.

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather (mitch battros)

Watch for continued 'unpresidented' storms around the nation. You may hear something like this from your local weather personality. "Well, we seem to have a severe storm coming our way. I must say folks, we didn't see this one coming". Also watch for an increase in earthquake and volcano activity along the ring of fire. Oh, and don't forget the partial solar eclipse today. As always, we should see "unusual weather" as a result.

In other news
My interview with Chris Sadhuta Liaguno was very exciting and quite telling. Chris shed some light on what he believes is driving the Sun, and its escalation of activity. When I met Chris Liaguno in 1995 at a conference in Denver where we were both keynote speakers, the first thing he said to me was "I see you have been doing quite a bit of research on the Sun and its effect on Earth. I have not seen it laid out in such an understandable way. You do a great job." Well of course I said thank you and how I am simply doing what I have been guided to do since my two visions in 1995. Then Chris said something that caught me off guard. He said "hey Mitch, so what do you think is effecting the Sun?"

Believe it or not, I had not been asked that question before, and had absolutely no answer. I had been so concentrated on showing a Sun-Earth connection, and challenging all the meteorologist and climatologist regards to their cute definitions like "El Nino, "La Nina, and my favorite La Cookaroacha". What I found is there was no rhyme or reason, and no predictable cycle to these cute names trying to explain why there was warm water where is should have been cold, cold water where it should have been warm, and so on.

Today on ECTV, Chris Liaguno shared with our audience (interview will be up on Monday (audio/video page), that he believes what is driving the sun is a series of energy waves that have come into our solar system. He believes Pluto then Neptune will show undeniable signs which may include a shift in their orbit. Chris says when this happens, it will only be months before it hits Earth.  Chris Liaguno's email address:   Phone:303 926-1550

As you may have heard by now, NASA has gone public stating Mars is currently going through "global warming". That's right, global warming. I know this information is very disappointing to our environmentalist friends, but let us not deny the facts. This disclosure should pound in the idea that 'global warming' simply means warmer globe. As my research suggested four years ago, humans appear to have very little to do with this cyclical phenomena which occurs every few thousand years.

Back to Mars...what on earth (pun intended) could be causing Mars to heat up? If Chris is right, it is something outside our solar system which is causing the sun to explode with super charged magnetic surges. This is were science and spiritual or lets say 'ancient text' hit head on. If science shows 'something' is starting to effect all nine orbs and perhaps effecting or even pushing the planets out of their steady orbits, then we will have to give much of this knowingness or credit to our ancestors. The Maya have been trying to tell us of the coming dimensional shift for thousands of years. The Hopi's have more recently been trying to prepare us for a physical and spiritual changes for hundreds of years. Then there are people like Chris and myself who have been suggesting to take a serious look at ancient text and current science to evidence 'records' are being broken weekly.
And I guess you could say this has been going on for at least a few years.

The good news is that peoples awareness of the world around us, and place beyond our world, have escalated sharply in just the last year alone. With events like September 11th, and the cataclysmic earth changing events just ahead of us, I believe more and more people around the world will start to take notice. It is for this reason, I see what would reasonable be called disasters, are actually our alarm clocks. Some people will wake up at the first ring, but for most it will take several rings or alarms before the desire to wake up, and just like any late person, run like hell.

Reminder to us all, I believe in a spiritual foundation and therefore believe what we will experience in the way of fear, trauma, urgency and disaster, is simply part of the bigger picture. It is all part of a journey that perhaps we chose even prior to birth. I believe Jung describes it well. He used the word "synchronicity", meaning every action belongs to another. It is all part of the same journey. It is easy to accept when all is going good and the way we expected. It is not so easy when what appears to be going on around us appears bad, wrong, regressive. I would like to suggest that this too is part of the same journey.

The Mayans tell us, as we get closer to the time of transition (2012), some will be extremely challenged. It will be those who try desperately to hold on to old ideas and old ways. It will be extremely important for this profile to let go, to forgive, to relinquish control. However, for many of us who have some basic understanding of this evolution of sorts and have already begun to make the changes, may begin to experience varies forms of enlightenment. It is said, the Mayan calendar describes people beginning to see energy sources around all living things. It may be similar to auras. It is also stated we will become keenly aware and demonstrate our intuitive skills far beyond what we have seen to this day.

My guess (and hope) as you may have witnessed in most of my writings, I believe science (current) will catch up to our (past) ancient text, within the coming year(s). I know this is hard for many of you to believe, but I can say I have witnessed vast shifts in our government agencies and that of various main stream thought, beginning to make subtle shifts in beliefs. Sometimes even vast steps to a new way of thinking. This is what I believe the purpose of Earth Changes TV is to do in whatever way we may be guided or used. When the shift occurs, I want to be right there with a microphone so everyone can hear and see what I am witnessing. Oh how often do I limit myself by thinking it can't be done.... or can it!

Thought For The Day

“To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one.”             John Ruskin

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Mitch Battros
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