Subj: EW: Mysterious Aerial Lights Attend Quake in Central Turkey
Date: 2/3/02 8:02:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (The Electric Warrior)

The Electric Warrior : Weblog February 4, 2002

Mysterious Aerial Lights Attend Quake in Central Turkey
(Turkish UFO Flap Update)


image» UFO Footage, Adiyaman, Turkey

(The Electric Warrior) Mysterious aerial lights were reported in
advance of an earthquake in central Turkey. Prior to the quake,
two Turkish UFO research groups had disagreed about the
explanation for mysterious lights seen over Adýyaman, Turkey,
on January 26-27, 2002. The Anomalous Luminous Phenomena
(ALP) were reportedly captured on camera by local law enforcement,
and observed by civilian eyewitnesses. The scientifically observable
phenomenon known as earthquake lights was floated as a possible
explanation. That explanation was rejected by a second group of
researchers, who said a similar occurence in June of last year
involved the sighting of a classic saucer-shaped UFO.

Deadly Quake Strikes Central Turkey

(Yahoo!/Associated Press) A powerful earthquake toppled scores
of buildings in central Turkey on Sunday, killing at least 42 people,
injuring more than 150 and sending terrified residents running from
their homes.

Earthquake Lights Article

(Alaska Science Forum) While seismologists are not yet certain
of the cause of earthquake lights, they now are highly interested.
Not only is it certain that earthquakes can cause lights in the sky;
it seems possible that the lights sometimes occur before earthquakes
and so serve as warning precursors.

Anomalous Luminous Phenomena - Earthquakes and UFOs

(TUVPO) Explanations for these phenomena have ranged from
social misperceptions and delusions to some variant of mystical
or extraterrestrial intelligence. However the only testable concept
that has been formulated to date is the Tectonic Strain Theory
or TST. It states that most UFO phenomena are natural events,
generated by stresses and strains within the crust of the earth...
A basic scientific motive, the understanding of nature and of the
hidden mechanisms within it, has stimulated the development of
the TST; it was never intended to serve a debunking function.
The pursuit also has been encouraged by the prospect of practical
application. If ALP are indices of tectonic strain and it generates
earthquakes, then the possibility existed that some form of ALP,
such as UFO reports, could be used to help forecast the locality
or occurrence of earthquakes.

February 4, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA