AHA! Gnutella  Filter-Bypassing Web Browser 'Peekabooty' Coming Soon

Date: 2/27/02 3:33:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Some years ago I wrote a paper on how such a public net would operate. Since then things have changed so dramatically that many of my original ideas seem downright quaint. Even so the basic premise is still sound. Just for the heck of it consider some of these ideas:

Lets say for example one million people decide to buck the system. Our goal is to set up a hybrid net which operates on both sides of the private/public infrastructure. Lots of ifs in here but not to worry this is a broad over view. Now lets say we also have our nut and bolts together and we purchase as our own limits define the critical parts of technology: box, boards,chips, modems, drives... and just for fun lets say we succeed and one million boxes with 60 gigs of hard-drive space V90+ modems, Pentium's 4's all get lined up for action. Do some light math here. [60 gigs times Number of users ex. one million = 60 million gigs of "potential" online space for shared operations. ] Getting everyone into a working peer to peer network will involve hardware and software and I am sure a whole lot of testing. But lets just say it falls into place. The lite-server dials up the normal ISP, cable whatever...but the user logs onto the web page for dial in call back. That is the alternate-net server calls back your server, [double-fire-walled to keep the data traffic clean] and assigns identity to said server, which in turn begins accepting network traffic, storing DNS or "other" id tags etc. as to enable the system to operate in shared/ resources protocols. Imagine you want to look up a page. This system stores those pages in hundreds of locations [non-local fire sharing] and loads them by using a variation of the salesman logic theory. As in point to point data transfer from nearest source, least number of hops and so on. Basic stuff. Ok. User decided path branching with AI assists...yes AI can be used for good as well. This Public Information Network operation may behave in some ways as a BBS but with the advancements in cable and fiber optics there is no reason why such a system cannot be exceptionally versatile in how data is transferred from all connected computers to current web based servers. Lots of room to play so to speak. Now there are bound to be drawbacks and technical hurdles to be overcome but so many parts are already being used I think it is really only a matter of time before fed up, savvy hackers and such thinkers simply push another big round of innovation out of pure frustration.

To me the internet is just a big, sloppy data library with newer sections still in progress. I think the organization model is not getting the job done and the squeeze is on to make a bad pair of tiny shoes fit the fat lady. A free associating nucleus organization allows for self-determined organization without controls. Fractal data patterns, hologrammic file transfer, open source coding with adaptive interface programming, all of these potentials are right here today. Music file sharing proved that the web can beat old methods of commerce where it hurts. But the old thinkers can't see the future or new avenues of wealth generation. And greed is not vision.

So imagine one of those huge, empty silicon valley data barns now sitting silent and empty becoming a new hub of internet power, where home users unite in cascading, non-linear nucleus based connections, freely associating as whims and needs care to dictate. Progress is determined by many factors headed up by self-determination. Give people a good reason to succeed and they will with amazing results.

Date: 2/26/02 3:52:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

There are a lot of things that can be done to go around the people who think they own the internet. Nobody has to play their game. Some examples:

* You don't need to use officially sanctioned domain names. Check out alternic.org. They and others will let you register domain names that aren't in the canonical DNS servers. The trick is that you and everyone else needs to use DNS through them or an affiliate.

* There is a new P2P program out there called Freenet. It's written in Java. It uses encrytion and stores documents anonymously. Nobody can tell where information is coming from. The downside is that it's still a work in progress. It looks promising though.

* There are any number of ways to set up virtual private networks over the internet. All information can be encrypted from end to end. If set up correctly, even the dudes with supercomputers will not be able to crack much of the communication.

* There is always the possibility of writing new protocols and applications to use them. Even if Big Bro finds a way to choke these off, existing protocols can always be subverted.

The truly hard thing to have on the internet is anonymity. At the very least there are logs showing someone from point A sent something to point B. There are some anonymizing services out there but not many. Since anon.penet.fi went away, anonymity on the net just isn't what it used to be. Still, anonymizers can be set up and, if necessary, moved periodically.

Anyway, to answer the original question, nothing stops us from doing our own tunneling etc.

Date: 2/26/02 4:02:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

This, a post on the Gnutella Forums-General. I just emailed it to you direct from New Scientist, but didn't get a message that it had actually been sent.. Not worried; you'll find. Note date: 2-19-02. Very recent.

Never did understand client servers, but had a work acquaintance who quit his job to go into client servers (at $400 per hour!!!)

G-Forums looks like a pretty good educational tool. Judging from the remarks, however, it sounds complicated, slow and full of glitches. But if the Inet goes under (control), I guess it might be an option. Apparently many use it now.

Hunch attack: Peekabooty is one of the reasons ICANN made its bid to get control of the net? NWO wouldn't want all these countries getting unrestricted access to the net, now would they? Hmmmm.

Yes, I think you're onto something: WE ARE the NWO. Network, network, network......... Outside-the-box thinkers have GOT to keep talkin' to each other. Read some really interesting stuff today about how fluourides enhance the mind-contral action of EM. Also, its main purpose is to distract us and prevent focusing by sapping energy. thus, sheople cannot be blamed for their sleeping habits.

Front Page looking great. Magod, so much heppenin'.


Peekabooty & Gnutella, banish internet censorship


Peekabooty aims to banish internet censorship

14:31 19 February 02

Will Knight

A long-awaited computer program that can circumvent government censorship of the internet has  debuted at a computer conference in the US.

The program - Peekabooty - promises to give people in countries such as China and Saudi Arabia safe access to the whole of the internet. In these countries, internet access is controlled by government-operated ISPs, which blacklist certain web sites. This may include news sites that are deemed unsympathetic to government policy.

Peekabooty relies on users inside and outside a government-imposed "firewall" downloading software. Restricted content can then be delivered using volunteer "nodes" outside the restricted zone communicating with users within.

Date: 2/26/02 6:23:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

Greetings, It has been established that the universe is holographic. This means that all points are connected and that the appearance of distance between two points is a mere illusion. One of the most powerful information processors is the human mind. This is the great secret that has been concealed from humanity. The human mind is boundless and more powerful than a nuclear aircraft carrier. But this must not be revealed lest that power is unleashed and those who hold humanity in subjugation are overthrown. As you say, "In an infinite Cosmos all dreams are true". Especially in a holographic Cosmos! There is no reason why each computer could not communicate with every other. Tesla split a crystal and used it for communicating with its other half. The signal could not be intercepted. I know for a fact the NSA has such devices. Why can't we? Fear and doubt are our only enemies.

Date: 2/26/02 10:20:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

Will ICANN Become Obsolete?

With each step of increasing chip/memory/buss clock speed the day will arrive that all functions of the "server" may become non-local. That is each computer becomes a server, servers talk to each other thus become a higher level network. Call it the Public Information Network. Keep the node points public but encrypted. If the cable and fiber owners want to keep a slice of the pie they had better re-think what every new level of technology allows "ordinary" folks to do: namely leap frog their stagnate, controlling mind set. A Public Information Network already exists but the training wheels are seriously slowing down the rate of innovation. I think this is a larger reason for shutting down peer to peer sharing because it is only a few steps from complete freedom. The GOV. fight against encryption is also more about keeping people from advancing free trade without the GOV. taking their so called fair-share of profit. (Which is actually the underlying reason for what most GOV. restrictions are about: Money) Nothing scares these lying hypocrites more than a free society, which is advancing socially and prosperously without their heavy-handed grabs at the publics pocket. All it takes is for savvy thinkers and doers to replace controlled network hardware/software functions with non-local ones which can share freely associated resources until enough free servers (publicly-owned) coupled with home/business computers (in the same box) radically alters the controlled flow of "inter-net" traffic. When these bloated ego's (ICANN and company) realize they are a hairs edge away from becoming obsolete they will try to control their position even more with threats and such and having not impressed anyone with these temper tantrums will join in the next revolution or be forgotten. As in remember when these guys used to tell us what we could do....public information networks versus private information networks is where I see the edge. And I believe we are nearly there today.

Date: 2/26/02 3:38:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

Came in from Elfrad (bob.org) just after I emailed you. Usenet rings a bell Find the Winston cult and we may be home free! John Winston is a person who is considered a 'legend" of the net and a very professional eccentric. His work on Usenet preceeded his strange work on the big I by 3-4 years....Pretty far out...How many years ago did he start? Wow...He'll be the nerd George Burns of the big I.

Sleep on it. Maybe you'll remember. Or maybe we can start a network of our own?

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:16:44 EST BARDSQUILL@aol.com writes:

Hmmm, hotdamn! The real NWO might be us!

There are in fact alternatives to ISPs, I did a report on one such once, but I cain't remember what or where it was.


Date: 2/25/02 11:24:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

VPN administration

By using Active Directory in Windows 2000 Server, your system administrator can configure virtual private network (VPN) user settings that significantly tighten security measures, such as required levels of data and password encryption and authentication. These requirements can be applied to individual users, or to a group (or profile) of similar users. For example, a system administrator can configure remote access dial-in settings to define a group profile such that all users who are assigned to that profile are required to authenticate by using the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and encrypt their data by using strong (128-bit) data encryption. By assigning a user to the group profile, these security measures are automatically required when anyone in that group profile connects to the remote access server.

Date: 2/26/02 6:18:54 AM Pacific Standard Time

what the hell are these @@#@holes doing now?? first they bomb our own country, then they blame innocent muslims, then they imprison the citizens of the world, then they shut down the INTERNET?? i have had enough!!! it is time to shut down this corporately owned FASCIST guvernment.... WE DONT NEED THESE FOLKS!! get the shrub club off my hub!!

peace and freedom?

Date: 2/26/02 8:08:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just don't understand the rationale of these people who wish to keep us all enslaved in the muck and mire of their outdated ideas, gov'ts and technology. Don't they realize they have as much to gain by building towards a more open, honest and freer tomorrow as anyone else. That's why the PC revolution was such a brilliant flash in history.... Because it accidentally got out of control in the hands of the common people, and look at the results! We all moved ahead at lightspeed, for a while. Imagine if hydrogen and alternate power were allowed the same freedom and imagination? Same goes for religion and government. We would all be so much farther ahead and better off than we are now, it's depressing. The sooner we shrug off the tyrannical yoke of external or centralized control, the better. I suspect the laws of nature are now in such severe imbalance, we will soon be forced to anyway.