Subj: Fw: Ologoderoglioma related to occupation as a welder (Box)..
Date: 1/27/02 5:56:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

Thought you should see this -- just received it this morning.
Another instance of EM as hazardous to health. Poor guy! WHEN will we wake up?
When will we put humans first and economic concerns second?
Maybe never? Woe unto every one of us.
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Subject:  I beleive my Ologoderoglioma is related to my occupation as a welder
Date:  Sat, 26 Jan 2002 23:24:40 EST

Dear Guru, Roy,

my special type of brain tumor, "The Ologoderoglioma" is relatively rare according to reports from the medical people here in Alaska. But is a curiosity to many world wide, as it is a tumour that apears first in the brain, not a migratory type of cancer that gets into the brain by way of the blood supplied it.

     This is a copy of a letter I have sent to others, please respond.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Thomas Franklin Box,
            I am a 2 time brain tumor survivor, former welder/iron worker/structual fabricator
that came down with a primary brain tumor in April of "98" . It was surgically removed. After 9 months off work, I returned, to my previous job in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, working 3 weeks on/3 weeks off, for about 6 months. While on r&r I had a routine MRI and the tumor was found growing even more aggressively in the same part of my brain.
       I had a second surgery on June 22nd,1999 that left me with more pronounced deficits than before.

During the time since that surgery, I have underwent 30 radiation treatments, and one year of Chemo therapy.
I spent a lot of time reflecting on the "why me" a retrospective formula, ruling out the law of accident.
       And Started to consider instead to the Law of "cause and effect."
Since it is my left side that is mostly affected, due to the location of the tumor (right frontal brain) I started to compare my job task with that of others at my place of employment. And look for specific exposures that would differ from the norm.
Many friends commented on the possibility of welding fumes, but those who worked with me know that I always protected myself with a respirator even when it was inconvenient. I most probably endured less
fumes than those working along side of me, and I am a nonsmoker as well.

      Then as I was going through a book on "welding safety" published by Lincoln Electric (Arc Welding Safety)E205, I was shocked to find a supplement to the required warning placards, that was only required in California, (supplement #65) it mentions EMF as a possible health hazard, and makes recommendations for procedures to minimize exposure.
      I am confused and angered as well; Why would something that might pose a health risk in California not be told to a welder working on the North Slope of Alaska? I still have friends working in places that are in danger. And
until some noise is made to increase awareness; my friends and many others will remain in danger.
I believe that my central nervous system acted as a conductor or antennae, guiding the EMF to the part of my brain that controlled the hand and leg that was in contact with metal parts I welded on. I don't have
readings as to the strength of the fields produced. But can attest to the strength in my simple demonstration; about 50 feet of welding lead looped and hanging from a 1 inch steel round bar peg would cause enough magnetism in the
peg to support 2 each , 12 inch crescent wrenches while welding was in progress.
      I have since found web sites that address increased rates in non
hodkins lymphoma and increased brain tumors in electical occupations in the highest exposure groups. Arc Welders and Cable Splicers were mentioned. <>
see 10),18)D, D(26 & D39) In Powerlines and cancerFAQs

As some of my deficits involve difficulty in written communication, visual memory, I grow cofused very easily. And would like to increase awareness in the workplace, not panic. any assistance you could send my way
would be greatfully appreciated.

As Always, T. Frank Box

Best regards, to you and yours, maybe this will give you some fuel for your fire.