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1. (US) Rep. McKinney - A hero in the demand for inquiry into 9-11 2.

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From: "Deborah Mokma" <dmokma@jeffnet.org>
Subject: FWD (US) Rep. McKinney - A hero in the demand for inquiry into
9-11 Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002

We have a hero in the demand for inquiry into 9-11. Congresswoman Cynthia
Ann McKinney from Georgia has begun demanding that the Bush/Bin Laden
connection and the bizarre fabrications making up the official story
around the 9-11, WTC attacks, be FULLY INVESTIGATED.

She has suffered much hate mail from this, and she needs our support.

In just five years, Cynthia Ann McKinney, Georgia's first
African-American Congresswoman and the only woman serving in the state's
congressional delegation, has emerged as an internationally renowned
advocate for voting rights, human rights and the strengthening of
business ties between Africa and the United States. She is known as a
passionate, intelligent,
charismatic and effective member of the House of Representatives.

As a Georgia state legislator from 1988 to 1992, Congresswoman McKinney
gained national attention because of her determined struggle for a fair
and just reapportionment plan in Georgia. Elected to the U.S. House of
Representatives by a decisive margin in 1992, McKinney has continued that
struggle. Her new district, the Fourth Congressional District of Georgia,
was redrawn as a result of recent US. Supreme Court decisions challenging
the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act.

The New York Times reported this week the Senate committee voted
unanimously to dramatically widen the 9-11 inquiries. This doesn't mean
it's a done deal, it could still be glossed over. HOWEVER, with committed
people of conscience like Rep. McKinney pushing and pushing behind the

Here's a courageous person in government who deserves our support for
standing up and speaking out.

Please send cards of thanks and support to:

Congresswoman Cynthia Ann McKinney
124 Cannon Building Washington, DC 20515
ph 202 225 1605  fax 202 226 0691


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is another comment I received on this from Liz Daly

"Representative McKinney is in alignment with Representative Kucinich in
the fact that they want to expose the truth. She is very brave and is
receiving threats... so she needs etheric, spiritual, emotional, mental
support.  (...) Those of bravery within the Congress of the U.S. are
beginning to "soar". This is a miracle."


Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney reads her essay/commentary on the
"war against terrorism" in an interview with Dennis Bernstein broadcast
on Flashpoints on 3/25/02 -- http://www.flashpoints.net [audio at:]
http://www.flashpoints.net/realaudio/fp20020325.ram [go to minute 30:00]

Complete text of her (excellent) essay/commentary can be found at

This is an excerpt, followed by Dennis Bernstein's questions and her

(...) And so, with no concern at all for the effects on others of US
supported terrorism the US, with its bombs and military, embarked on a
world-wide crusade against terrorism that Bush said likely will last as
many as 20 years. The list of target countries is long, with Afghanistan,
Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, the Philippines, and Iraq offering the
starters. But what of the fact that Henry Kissinger and the current new
US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, both once lobbied
Washington, DC on behalf of a US oil company, Unocal, and a softer policy
toward the Taliban?

Whose war is this really?

In November 2000 Republicans stole from America our most precious right
of all, the right to free and fair elections. In an organized manner,
Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State Katharine Harris
created a list of convicted felons, 57,700 to be exact, to "scrub" from
the state's voter roles. The names were created from Florida records and
from lists provided by 11 other states, the largest list coming from
Texas. We now know that most of the people on that list were innocent of
crimes. The list was a phony. And worse, the majority of those rightful
voters were people of color, and likely Democratic voters. Of the
thousands who had their votes scrubbed, 80% are African Americans. Had
they voted, the course of history would have changed. Harris declared
Bush the victor by only 537 votes. President Carter has said that the
Carter Center would not certify the 2001 election had they been asked to
do so

Consequently an administration of questionable legitimacy has been given
unprecedented power to fight a war against terrorism. ...

Moreover, persons close to this administration are poised to make huge
profits off America's new war. Former President Bush sits on the board of
the Carlyle Group. The Los Angeles Times reports that on a single day
last month, Carlyle earned 237 million dollars selling shares in United
Defense Industries, the Army's fifth-largest contractor. The stock
offering was well timed. Carlyle officials say they decided to take the
company public only after the September 11 attacks. The stock sale cashed
in on increased Congressional support, a hefty defense spending including
one of United Defense's cornerstone weapons program.

Now is the time for our elected officials to be held accountable. Now is
the time for the media to be held accountable. Why aren't the hard
questions being asked?

We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September
11. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, delivered one such warning.
Those engaged in unusual stock trades immediately before September 11
knew enough to make millions of dollars from United and American
airlines, certain insurance and brokerage firms' stocks. What did this
administration know and when did it know it, about the events of
September 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people
of New York who were needlessly murdered.

September 11 erased the lines between "over there" and "over here." The
American people can no longer afford to be detached from the world, as
our actions abroad will have a direct impact on our lives at home. In
Washington DC, decisions affecting home and abroad are made, and too many
of us leave the responsibility of protecting our freedom to other people
whose interests are not our own.

From Durban to Kabul to Atlanta to Washington, what our government does
in our name is important. It is also now clear that our future, our
security, and our rights depend on our vigilance.

[end of essay]


DB: Well, Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney, it is great to have you with us
on Flashpoints. I wanted to follow up on that very powerful commentary
with just a few questions that come off speeches you have made from the
House floor on related information. First of all, why do you oppose the
Rumsfeld 48.1 billion dollar increase in the military budget? What is
most troubling about this for you?

CM: It was incredible sitting in the room on the day that secretary
Rumsfeld gave his presentation to members of the Armed Services
Committee. Of course I serve on the House Armed Services Committee, and
every year the Secretary of Defense comes before that Committee with a
statement on the budget.

Now, the $48.1 billion increase that Secretary Rumsfeld requested was
interesting because basically what he said was we can afford it.
Notwithstanding the fact that the Pentagon has lost 2.3 trillion dollars
that we very well cannot afford to have lost.

DB: Lost it? Where did they lose it?

CM: That's a darn good question. You would think that Arthur Anderson is
their accountant over there. They have lost 2.3 trillion dollars, and
they don't know where to find that money. And of course the Secretary
acknowledged the fact 2.3 trillion dollars remain unaccounted for, but in
his testimony to the House Armed Services Committee, the Secretary said
that the US can afford it. Now, he also said that we have a
responsibility in this brave new post September 11 world, to make sure
that we can adequately defend ourselves. And what he used as a
justification for this unprecedented hike, the biggest hike in a
generation, was the fact of the events around September 11. But as you
know, and I know, it wasn't the military that failed. It was a failure of
people who had information to act.

We know that there were several warnings that were given prior to the
events of September 11. From people in Germany to people in the Cayman
Islands to people even, now we learn about the owners of the pilot
school. People were calling in to the FBI and the CIA and they were
giving information that was critical.

Even prior to these warnings we had the trial itself from the 1993 World
Trade Center bombing. And we had the trial from the American embassy
bombing... And now the US government is being sued by survivors of the
embassy bombings, because it is clear that America had warnings and did
nothing. Did nothing to protect the lives of the people who serve in our
foreign service and who serve us in other ways in our embassies around
the world. Now the US government is being sued, and we're gonna have to
pay for that, as those families are now paying every day with the loss of
their loved ones

There was adequate warning. There were people who failed to act on the
warning. And that's what ought to be investigated. But instead of
requesting that Congress investigate what went wrong and why, we had
president Bush (painful for me to say that, but) we had president Bush
placing a call to Majority Leader Senator Tom Daschle asking him NOT to
investigate the events of September 11, And then, hot on the heels of the
president's phone call was another phone call from the vice president
asking that Tom Daschle also not investigate the events that lead to
September 11.

My question is, What do they have to hide? And why is it that the
American people are being asked to make tremendous sacrifices now in our
civil liberties. And the fact that we got this request for an
unprecedented hike in -- the hike alone of 48.1 billion dollars is more
than any one of our allies spend total on their defense.

And then the other issue that saddens me is the fact that the former
President, president Bush's daddy, sits on the board of the Carlyle
Group. And so we get this presidency, of questionable legitimacy,
requesting a nearly unprecedented amount of money to go into a defense
budget for defense spending that will directly benefit his father.

Where are the brakes on transparency and corruption that I see happening
as a result of the fact that the president's father stands to make money
off of the very requests that the president has made, on what I would
call a specious argument saying that we need to increase defense spending
because of Sept 11, when we now know that there was enough warning that
we didn't have to even experience September 11 at all; at least that's
the way it is now beginning to appear.

DB: How would the father make money on this budget?

CM: The father sits on the board of an organization called the Carlyle
Group. Now when we had Frank Carlucci come to testify at the House
International Relations Committee shortly after George W was sworn in,

DB: former Defense Secretary

CM: former Defense Secretary -- and we have a requirement that
organizations that come before our committee, the House International
Relations Committee, have to disclose Federal contracts. And so I
requested of our chairman, Chairman Hyde, whether or not the Carlyle
Group would be subjected to that requirement, since everyone else has to
do it. And of course the Carlyle Group was NOT required to make any
disclosure as to the Federal contracts that it had. That in itself means
that they are skirting the rules of the House.

Notwithstanding that, the fact that the father sits on the board of the
Carlyle Group, which is one of the highest level defense contractors in
the country. I think they're number 11 or 12 in defense contracts. And
they have at least one program, the Crusader, which doesn't work, it's a
weapons system that doesn't work, has experienced tremendous cost
overruns, and yet it continues to be funded, and we can only think that
it's the heavy hand of very well-placed lobbyists that make sure that
weapons systems that are, that have a connection with the Carlyle Group
get funded. And even building contracts: bases abroad, all of the bases
that we are now looking at, new bases going into Uzbekistan. The
positioning of troops in former Soviet Georgia -- those troops are going
to have to be housed, fed, and the weapons systems are going to have to
be contained, and all of that is money. And sadly the Carlyle Group will
benefit from this increase in funding that has been requested by the

Interestingly also, and probably the scariest of all, was the new
mission, as identified by the Secretary, for our Armed Services. And that
is that a major role now for the US military will be to occupy an
opponent's capital and displace its regime.

Now, if that's the mission -- and we've been told that there are as many
as 60 countries around the world that host terror cells that we need to
go in and flush out -- then basically what we're talking about is
expanding US military presence all over the planet. And that is a
frightening experience and a frightening thought for me because I know
that if we provide weapons they get used. And if our troops are there,
they are going to use those weapons and those weapons that we provide
might even be used against our own troops; we have to be very careful
about that.

But interestingly the Secretary said that they intend to "drain the
swamp", and it's interesting to me that it appears to me that this new
mission of our military to go into a capital and take it over was started
Washington DC.

DB: Final question, Congresswoman McKinney. These are mighty powerful
thoughts you're expressing here. I'm wondering how much support you have
in Congress, and perhaps you have heard from people who are quite unhappy
with your voicing these kinds of very strong, controversial thoughts

CM: It's always good to hear from people who think like you. I definitely
hear from people who don't think like you. And that's healthy. It's a
part of the American process. But just as it's healthy for me to hear
from people who don't think like me, it's also very healthy for people
like me to have a voice and to be willing to speak. And it's totally
inappropriate, I believe, for my patriotism to be questioned, my feelings
of attachment and loyalty for America to be questioned

DB: Has it been questioned?

CM: You would be surprised at the hate mail that I get in the
Congressional office.

DB: What do people say to you?

CM: I wish I had a piece right here and I'd read it to you. We got one
piece that told me that I needed to go back to Africa and take Jesse with
me. it seems that the people who write in find it impossible to omit the
fact that I'm black. And so the racial aspect of the hatred also comes
out. I can accept people who disagree. But I don't know that we need
thought police in our universities, because our universities are supposed
to teach freedom of thought. And I don't know that we need thought police
and speech police inside the US Congress, because the Congress is
supposed to represent Americans of all stripes and all ideologies. And I
know that there is a very powerful peace movement in this country. I hear
from them, I know they're out there. I'd love to hear a little bit more
from them.

DB: Well, we have very much appreciated hearing from you today.
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, reading her essay "Thoughts on our war
against terrorism", and then speaking with us on Flashpoints here on
Pacifica radio. We thank you so much for your time and your good
information and commentary.

CM: Thank you very much and I look forward to talking with you again.

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From: "Alan Oniskor" <aoniskor@hotmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: ON NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT: New from Kucinich
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002

This latest speech by Congressman Dennis Kucinich is both compelling and
hopeful. We hope you like it... and spread it around!




by U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich

". . . Come my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world,"

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

If you believe that humanity has a higher destiny, if you believe we can
evolve, and become better than we are; if you believe we can overcome the
scourge of war and someday fulfill the dream of harmony and peace earth,
let us begin the conversation today. Let us exchange our ideas. Let us
plan together, act together and create peace together. This is a call for
common sense, for peaceful, non-violent citizen action to protect our
precious world from widening war and from stumbling into a nuclear

The climate for conflict has intensified, with the struggle between
Pakistan and India, the China-Taiwan tug of war, and the increased
bloodshed between Israel and the Palestinians. United States' troop
deployments in the Philippines, Yemen, Georgia, Columbia and Indonesia
create new possibilities for expanded war. An invasion of Iraq is
planned. The recent disclosure that Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Syria,
North Korea, and Libya are considered by the United States as possible
targets for nuclear attack catalyzes potential conflicts everywhere.

These crucial political decisions promoting increased military actions,
plus a new nuclear first-use policy, are occurring without the consent of
the American people, without public debate, without public hearings,
without public votes. The President is taking Congress's approval of
responding to the Sept. 11 terrorists as a license to flirt with nuclear

"Politics ought to stay out of fighting a war," the President has been
quoted as saying on March 13th 2002. Yet Article 1, Section 8 of the
United States Constitution explicitly requires that Congress take
responsibility when it comes to declaring war. This President is very
popular, according to the polls. But polls are not a substitute for
democratic process. Attributing a negative connotation here to politics
or dismissing
constitutionally mandated congressional oversight belies reality:
Spending $400 billion a year for defense is a political decision.
Committing troops abroad is a political decision. War is a political
decision. When men and women die on the battlefield that is the result of
a political decision. The use of nuclear weapons, which can end the lives
of millions, is a profound political decision. In a monarchy there need
be no political decisions. In a democracy, all decisions are political,
in that the derive from the consent of the governed.

In a democracy, budgetary, military and national objectives must be
subordinate to the political process. Before we celebrate an imperial
presidency, let it be said that the lack of free and open political
process, the lack of free and open political debate, and the lack of free
and open political dissent can be fatal in a democracy.

We have reached a moment in our country's history where it is urgent that
people everywhere speak out as president of his or her own life, to
protect the peace of the nation and world within and without. We should
speak out and caution leaders who generate fear through talk of the
endless war or the final conflict. We should appeal to our leaders to
consider that their own bellicose thoughts, words and deeds are reshaping
consciousness and can have an adverse effect on our nation. Because when
one person thinks: fight! he or she finds a fight. One faction thinks:
war! and starts a war. One nation thinks: nuclear! and approaches the
abyss. And what of one nation which thinks peace, and seeks peace?

Neither individuals nor nations exist in a vacuum, which is why we have a
serious responsibility for each other in this world. It is also urgent
that we find those places of war in our own lives, and begin healing the
world through healing ourselves. Each of us is a citizen of a common
planet, bound to a common destiny. So connected are we, that each of us
has the power to be the eyes of the world, the voice of the world, the
conscience of the world, or the end of the world. And as each one of us
chooses, so becomes the world.

Each of us is architect of this world. Our thoughts, the concepts. Our
words, the designs. Our deeds, the bricks and mortar of our daily lives.
Which is why we should always take care to regard the power of our
thoughts and words, and the commands they send into action through time
and space.

Some of our leaders have been thinking and talking about nuclear war. In
the past week there has been much news about a planning document which
describes how and when America might wage nuclear war. The Nuclear
Posture Review recently released to the media by the government:

1. Assumes that the United States has the right to launch a pre-emptive
nuclear strike.
2. Equates nuclear weapons with conventional weapons.
3. Attempts to minimize the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons.
4. Promotes nuclear response to a chemical or biological attack.

Some dismiss this review as routine government planning. But it becomes
ominous when taken in the context of a war on terrorism which keeps
expanding its boundaries, rhetorically and literally. The President
equates the "war on terrorism" with World War II. He expresses a desire
to have the nuclear option "on the table." He unilaterally withdraws from
the ABM treaty. He seeks $8.9 billion to fund deployment of a missile
shield. He institutes, without congressional knowledge, a shadow
government in a bunker outside our nation's Capitol. He tries to pass off
as arms
reduction, the storage of, instead of the elimination of, nuclear

Two generations ago we lived with nuclear nightmares. We feared and hated
the Russians who feared and hated us. We feared and hated the "godless,
atheistic" communists. In our schools, we dutifully put our head between
our legs and practiced duck-and-cover drills. In our nightmares, we saw
the long, slow arc of a Soviet missile flash into our very neighborhood.
We got down on our knees and prayed for peace. We surveyed, wide eyed,
pictures of the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We supported the
elimination of all nuclear weapons. We knew that if you "nuked" others
you "nuked" yourself.

The splitting of the atom for destructive purposes admits a split
consciousness, the compartmentalized thinking of Us vs. Them, the
dichotomized thinking, which spawns polarity and leads to war. The
proposed use of nuclear weapons, pollutes the psyche with the arrogance
of infinite power. It creates delusions of domination of matter and
space. It is dehumanizing through its calculations of mass casualties. We
must overcome doomthinkers and sayers who invite a world descending,
disintegrating into a nuclear disaster. With a world at risk, we must
find the bombs in our own lives and disarm them. We must listen to that
quiet inner voice which counsels that the survival of all is achieved
through the unity of all.

We must overcome our fear of each other, by seeking out the humanity
within each of us. The human heart contains every possibility of race,
creed, language, religion, and politics. We are one in our commonalities.
Must we always fear our differences? We can overcome our fears by not
feeding our fears with more war and nuclear confrontations. We must ask
our leaders to unify us in courage.

We need to create a new, clear vision of a world as one. A new, clear
vision of people working out their differences peacefully. A new, clear
vision with the teaching of nonviolence, nonviolent intervention, and
mediation. A new, clear vision where people can live in harmony within
their families, their communities and within themselves. A new clear
vision of peaceful coexistence in a world of tolerance.

At this moment peril we must move away from fear's paralysis. This is a
call to action: to replace expanded war with expanded peace. This is a
call for action to place the very survival of this planet on the agenda
of all people, everywhere. As citizens of a common planet, we have an
obligation to ourselves and our posterity. We must demand that our nation
and all nations put down the nuclear sword. We must demand that our
nation and all nations:

Abide by the principles of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Stop the development of new nuclear weapons.
Take all nuclear weapons systems off alert.
Persist towards total, worldwide elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Our nation must:

Revive the Anti Ballistic Missile treaty.
Sign and enforce the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
Abandon plans to build a so-called missile shield.
Prohibit the introduction of weapons into outer space.

We are in a climate where people expect debate within our two party
system to produce policy alternatives. However both major political
parties have fallen short. People who ask "Where is the Democratic
Party?" and expect to hear debate may be disappointed. When peace is not
on the agenda of our political parties or our governments then it must be
the work and the duty of each citizen of the world. This is the time to
organize for peace. This is the time for new thinking. This is the time
to conceive of peace as not simply being the absence of violence, but the
active presence of the capacity for a higher evolution of human
awareness. This is the time to concieve of peace as respect, trust, and
integrity. This is the time to tap the infinite capabilities of humanity
to transform consciousness which compels violence at a personal, group,
national or international levels. This is the time to develop a new
compassion for others and ourselves.

When terrorists threaten our security, we must enforce the law and bring
terrorists to justice within our system of constitutional justice,
without undermining the very civil liberties which permits our democracy
to breathe. Our own instinct for life, which inspires our breath and
informs our pulse, excites our capacity to reason. Which is why we must
pay attention when we sense a threat to survival.

That is why we must speak out now to protect this nation, all nations,
and the entire planet and:

Challenge those who believe that war is inevitable.
Challenge those who believe in a nuclear right.
Challenge those who would build new nuclear weapons.
Challenge those who seek nuclear re-armament.
Challenge those who seek nuclear escalation.
Challenge those who would make of any nation a nuclear target.
Challenge those who would threaten to use nuclear weapons against
civilian populations.
Challenge those who would break nuclear treaties.
Challenge those who think and think about nuclear weapons, to think about

It is practical to work for peace. I speak of peace and diplomacy not
just for the sake of peace itself. But, for practical reasons, we must
work for peace as a means of achieving permanent security. It is
similarly practical to work for total nuclear disarmament, particularly
when nuclear arms do not even come close to addressing the real security
problems which confront our nation, witness the events of September 11,

We can make war archaic. Skeptics may dismiss the possibility that a
nation which spends $400 billion a year for military purposes can somehow
convert swords into plowshares. Yet the very founding and the history of
this country demonstrates the creative possibilities of America. We are a
nation which is known for realizing impossible dreams. Ours is a nation
which in its second century abolished slavery, which many at the time
considered impossible. Ours is a nation where women won the right to
vote, which many at the time considered impossible. Ours is a nation
which institutionalized the civil rights movement, which many at the time
considered impossible. If we have the courage to claim peace, with the
passion, the emotion and the integrity with which we have claimed
independence, freedom and, equality we can become that nation which makes
non-violence an organizing principle in our society, and in doing so
change the world.

That is the purpose of HR 2459. It is a bill to create a Department of
Peace. It envisions new structures to help create peace in our homes, in
our families, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and in
our nation. It aspires to create conditions for peace within and to
create conditions for peace worldwide. It considers the conditions which
cause people to become the terrorists of the future, issues of poverty,
scarcity and exploitation. It is practical to make outer space safe from
weapons, so that humanity can continue to pursue a destiny among the
stars. HR 3616 seeks to ban weapons in space, to keep the stars a place
of dreams, of new possibilities, of transcendence.

We can achieve this practical vision of peace, if we are ready to work
for it. People worldwide need to be meet with likeminded people, about
peace and nuclear disarmament, now. People worldwide need to gather in
peace, now. People worldwide need to march and to pray for peace, now.
People worldwide need to be connecting with each other on the web, for
peace, now. We are in a new era of electronic democracy, where the world
wide web, numerous web sites and bulletin boards enable new
organizations, exercising freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom
of association, to spring into being instantly. Thespiritoffreedom.com is
such a web site. It is dedicated to becoming an electronic forum for
peace, for sustainability, for renewal and for revitalization. It is a
forum which strives for the restoration of a sense of community through
the empowerment of self, through commitment of self to the lives of
others, to the life of the community, to the life of the nation, to the
life of the world.

Where war making is profoundly uncreative in its destruction, peacemaking
can be deeply creative. We need to communicate with each other the ways
in which we work in our communities to make this a more peaceful world. I
welcome your ideas at dkucinich@aol.com or at www.thespiritoffreedom.com.
We can share our thoughts and discuss ways in which we have brought or
will bring them into action.

Now is the time to think, to take action and use our talents and
abilities to create peace:
in our families.
in our block clubs.
in our neighborhoods.
in our places of worship.
in our schools and universities.
in our labor halls.
in our parent-teacher organizations.

Now is the time to think, speak, write, organize and take action to
create peace as a social imperative, as an economic imperative, and as a
political imperative. Now is the time to think, speak, write, organize,
march, rally, hold vigils and take other nonviolent action to create
peace in our cities, in our nation and in the world. And as the hymn
says, "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."

This is the work of the human family, of people all over the world
demanding that governments and non-governmental actors alike put down
their nuclear weapons. This is the work of the human family, responding
in this moment of crisis to protect our nation, this planet and all life
within it. We can achieve both nuclear disarmament and peace. As we
understand that all people of the world are interconnected, we can
achieve both nuclear disarmament and peace. We can accomplish this
through upholding an holistic vision where the claims of all living
beings to the right of survival are recognized. We can achieve both
nuclear disarmament and peace through being a living testament to a Human
Rights Covenant where each person on this planet is entitled to a life
where he or she may consciously evolve in mind, body and spirit.

Nuclear disarmament and peace are the signposts toward the uplit path of
an even brighter human condition wherein we can through our conscious
efforts evolve and reestablish the context of our existence from peril to
peace, from revolution to evolution. Think peace. Speak peace. Act peace.

Email responses to info@thespiritoffreedom.com or Dkucinich@aol.com


"Forgiveness is the answer to the child's dream of a miracle by which
what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is made clean again."

- Dag Hammarskjold