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Please first look at and examine:



A. The immense plume happened we think prior, maybe only seconds, to the collapse of the first or south tower.
Seismic twin spikes:

B. Even if the South tower was beginning to collapse [at 9:59] I still wonder why such a compression plume, so well-defined, would burst up so remotely rather than ring-around the actual base in a tighter circumference to the South tower?

C. The plume came up in a distinct volume near building six or seven.

D.  Even if the South tower were indeed beginning to implode and telescope downward,  would not the North tower would act as a barricade to block the lateral flow of any smoke and debris.  

E. Again, the plume mushroomed distinctly, suddenly and vertically from a most specific focus, away from the main towers.

F. Amazingly the location of the plume corresponds on the recon sat map with the most pronounced crater of the entire area of destruction.  

EMAIL COMMENT: Aircraft carriers have jet fuel fires on them all the time. The ships do not sink. In 1968 the Kitty Hawk had every plane on it-loaded with missiles and bombs- explode and burn. The holes in the flight deck were from the bombs. The fire itself did not melt the steel. The ship looked like Swiss cheese from the bombs but the fires never melted the steel and it stayed afloat.

F. In my timeline reckoning the WTC residents were still successfully leaving the main towers, at least the North tower, at the time of this most specific and seemingly isolated and well-defined event.  Would not a compression event have had more disruptive effect on the overall evacuation ordeal?

MOST IMPORTANT See this Kronos sat aerial and red location circle indicating the location of the plume:


Date: 9/22/01 4:48:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I found this .jpg titled "New Explosion in WTC" from CNN  shows extremely dense smoke cloud - arguably it could be claimed its from WTC 2 collapsing - so why did CNN label it explosion" unless the building was blown up from lower down causing it to collapse?  . . .still searching for additional data to verify

I will assume that further investigation of materials examined at the disaster site will answer some of these questions, such as fused metals, travel of the destruction along subway tunnels, etc., if indeed the data is released to the public!

Kent Steadman

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Dear Bruce,

Thanks for your comments. Firstly deepfelt commiserations to the citizens of the USA - especially those and their relatives caught up in this terrifying incident - whom I am sure were personally totally innocent of any overt crimes of commission against any other peoples - besides which nothing deserves or justifies such a disgusting low life act.

RE the Twin Trade Tower Collapse - I did NOT write this stuff but purely pass it on for comment. I believe that at this stage of the game every angle should be examined inside out ...........................

Whilst I share the USA citizen's immediate reactive desire to destroy those responsible for this inhuman 911 event I temper that desire with an intention to get those truely responsible as opposed to a media indicated hue and cry. I would like to avoid giving a blank cheque on reciprocal murder of yet more inocent victims.

My personal preliminary take is look at Saddam Hussein and/or those whith a vested interest in preserving World Hegemony via the US Dollar ......................Who benefits from an early "controlled" collapse of World Trade and the US Dollar as oppossed to a widely predicted market collapse in mid October or from initiation of World War 3 or the Third Crusade of West v Muslim ???

This event ranks alongside the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in pivotal moments of world history.

ANY western action against Afghanistahn Taliban will almost certainly precipitate civil war in Pakistan and serious trouble in other muslim countries controlled by puppet dictators or kings. They will all be at risk - no wonder King Saud has flown to Switzerland and Mubarek of Egypt is cuddling up to Saddam Hussein in the press.

I have worked and travelled in many Islamic countries from India (15% muslim), Pakistan, Iran, Gulf states, and briefly visited Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Egypt. Their highly numerous downtrodden masses are difficult to motivate for anything - BUT just shout JIHAD and AMERIKA and you will find zillions of screaming lunatics. I was nearly lynched in Omdurman by a mob of thousands who were told by a local rabble rouser I was an American Reporter from Time Magazine photographing the poor of Sudan to make Sudan look "backwards and small" to the World ................ In fact I was in an official government car on a tourist sightseeing drive around Omdurman and I took a photo of 100 locals climbing over one another to get on and off a local tip truck "bus"........

Given the US and British history of fomenting revolutions and instaling puppet dictator-kings in the Arabic and Muslim countries I am not surprised about the rise of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein - If you or I lived there as locals we would probably be right in there helping to overthrow the wicked Satan (USA). But as a westerner I just prey we can keep the lid on this Genie - but I suspect years of suppression will be catalysed into action over the next few months.

BUT show me the evidence proving Osama bin "Labelled" Laden "dun it" and I'll line up to spread eagle him and his helpers on a bull ant nest with honey applied liberally to his soft bits - they eat meat quite slowly ....................... This will become a clash of civilisations - neither are innocent or perfect - but I live in the Western one !!!

As it happens I watched the CNN feed all night here in WA of the USA Attacks. Three NY observers reported loud explosions immediately prior to the first tower collapse, whilst billowing firey gas issued from along the entire side of the tower at the collapse point - which appeared to be a couple of floors below the aircraft impact level. At the time I actually thought "christ it looks like a demolition charge detonation in series along an entire floor" - however I immediately then wondered if the firey gas was being pushed out by the collapse of an upper floor level onto the aircraft impact floor - due to fire damage structural collapse - and the explosions might have been the sound of snapping steel ???

They then wheeled out the original designer - who was stunned - since he designed each tower to "survive a Jumbo jet impact".

Next day we got on our media a plethora of explanations re steel collapse due to high temperatures caused by burning JP4. I began to contemplate the amazing imagery and symbolism of both towers entirely destroyed by collapse - wondering if one could expect such a COMPLETE DEMO job due to the aircraft impacts alone ???

I do NOT KNOW for sure which is correct - either a by-product of the JP4 burn or explosive demolition ??? BUT I am prepared to investigate it a tad further..................

I have not had access to film of this event but I would like to re-examine the actual building collapses. All re-runs on TV here now start AFTER the commencement of the collapse.

I do believe it would be possible for explosives to have been installed on one floor whilst the aircraft was either piloted or RC beacon homed onto another nearby floor. It is not beyond MY  imagining that the aircraft could have been steered into a specific floor or aiming point.

Observers have reported that both aircraft were exhibiting extreme rapid control surface movements +/- prior to impact - it has been argued this meant the crew were fighting the terrorist pilot to prevent the crash but it could also indicate RC or other electronic control of the aircraft aiming it at a specific point. Rapid control surface movements +/- being fairly indicative of electronic control which I have observed on Real and UAV aircraft involved in RC control.  

Like you however I consider explosives as the less likely of the possible causes of the collapse and am 75% inclined to accept the burning JP4 cause - BUT the remaining 25% of my reasoning nags at me to take a more detailed look at this event.

If you know where I can get good footage of the entire event please let me know ???

Regards and Good Luck in WW3,

Harry Mason

Western Australia

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Dear Harry,

This is pure B.S.  The temperature from the burning fuel was so intense that it "softened" the support beams.  Evidence for this comes from where the towers were hit.  Note that the first (south) tower to be hit stood the longest, because the hit was high up near its top.  There was less weight of building above the damage than in the second tower, which was hit much lower.  In fact, there was at least three times as much weight for the weakening structural supports to hold up in the second (north) tower, which collapsed first.

I am not convinced that explosive charges had to be placed in those buildings, especially when engineers probably had not taken into account the effects of fuel bombs.

Also note that the collapses began in the most damaged areas, which probably would not be the case if explosive charges were involved.  On the contrary, if there were explosive charges in the area of impact, they would have gone off during impact, or they would have burned without exploding.  And for the pilots to have been that accurate in hitting the exact floors where the explosive charges had been placed is beyond my imagining.

Yours truly,
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Geologist, Paleobotanist, and Palynologist

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"Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or "disappeared", at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame."

Amnesty International, 1996

Expert Says:
Explosives Planted In Towers

Explosives Planted In Towers, N.M. Tech Expert Says

By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Journal Staff Writer

Televised images of the attacks on the World Trade Center suggest that explosives devices caused the collapse of both towers, a New Mexico Tech explosion expert said Tuesday.

The collapse of the buildings appears "too methodical" to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structures, said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

"My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse," Romero said.

Romero is a former director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at Tech, which studies explosive materials and the effects of explosions on buildings, aircraft and other structures. Romero said he based his opinion on video aired on national television broadcasts.

Romero said the collapse of the structures resembled those of controlled implosions used to demolish old structures.

"It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that," Romero said in a phone interview from Washington, D.C.

Romero said he and another Tech administrator were on a Washington-area subway when an airplane struck the Pentagon.

He said he and Denny Peterson, vice president for administration and finance, were en route to an office building near the Pentagon to discuss defense-funded research programs at Tech.

If explosions did cause the towers to collapse, the detonations could have been caused by a small amount of explosive, he said.

"It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points," Romero said. The explosives likely would have been put in more than two points in each of the towers, he said. The detonation of bombs within the towers is consistent with a common terrorist strategy, Romero said.

"One of the things terrorist events are noted for is a diversionary attack and secondary device," Romero said.

Attackers detonate an initial, diversionary explosion that attracts emergency personnel to the scene, then detonate a second explosion, he said.

Romero said that if his scenario is correct, the diversionary attack would have been the collision of the planes into the towers.

Tech President Dan Lopez said Tuesday that Tech had not been asked to take part in the investigation into the attacks. Tech often assists in forensic investigations into terrorist attacks, often by setting off similar explosions and studying the effects.