From Michael Tsarion Blog:

The War on Terra is merely the latest move in the great game played out by the Atonist Establishment, the Royals, and Vatican Jesuit-Masonic elites who expertly employ the Dialectic ("Ordo Ab Chao") to further their very personal aspirations which date back to an old world order that you are supposed to know nothing about. So let’s get clear on a few things, and stay sane in the midst of growing insanity.

The "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict is engineered from London and New York by elites who have ancient origins and who use such bogus conflicts to create an ambience of fear and paranoia and to ensure that few are aware of the real enemy of mankind. Islamic "extremists" are funded by the same hidden hands that fund the Zionists and the Fundamentalist Christian Evangelists. Israel, dear people, the real Israel, has nothing to do with Jews, just as Christ has nothing to do with modern Vatican-style Christianity. We have been "Mel Gibsoned" and "Pat Robertzoned" to death and are mentally infected by many a deadly pathogen, the worst of which is IGNORANCE. The cure is on its way.

"Al Qaeda" the new bogey, is the brain-child of the same New York and London based intelligentsia that once funded Hitler and his Nazis, that concocted the now shelved "Soviet Experiment" that funded Franco, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Batista, Pinochet, Noriega, and every other demagogue or tyranny throughout the world. The heat is being turned up "over there" both for ritual purposes and to distract Americans from noticing the final demise of their once great country which has been scourged and raped economically and politically by its direst enemies, the legions of the British Crown. This crime, this War of Attrition, has been going on in plain view from the outset. It is complete now and there is no going back. The ignorance is wall to wall. Logic, Truth and Justice are corpses and the Children of the Nephilim erect their empires over the bones.

A Jew is not a Zionist, as the Zionists and Masons (with their insider-smiles) well know. There is no "Holy Land" or "Chosen People." Additionally, the fanatical heads of all major Islamic countries and states (all established artificially from post war England), those with "Anti Jewish" zeal are, likewise, British backed and educated agents totally complicit in the faux conflict they have been groomed to instigate.

Yes, sleep well people, under the shadow of the great double-headed eagle which tears the world and your brothers and sisters to pieces. Any authority or intelligence that stands against the "Dialectic" is removed violently or compromised (Mohammad Mossedegh, Malcolm X, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ezra Pound, Senator McCarthy, etc,) and replaced by "Quislings," those puppets of the elite who bring ruin to their own people and to their supposed adversaries. While these straw dogs meet in their secret lodges to laugh and jig, misery reigns abroad as it has done for millennia. And the world does not appear to be "getting the picture." Two rabid pit-bulls tear each other to pieces in a pen. Two rabid countries or factions do the same thing on the world's stage. You think there is a difference. None that I can think of. Who built the pen? That's your homework for the week folks.

Saddam had the maniacal extremists under control. They could not squeak under his regime and he was no threat to the States or to England. But he was expendable. He was merely a temporary pawn on the Grand Chessboard of the royal geostrategists. Eventually, like Prime-Minister Chamberlain, Tzar Nicholas, and so many others, he would be removed and sacrificed. And pawns too are those among you who will not see the Dialectic at work, and who continue to take sides in this "Skull" or "Bones" fiasco.

But as the wise know, inner sadism so easily finds its way out into the 3-D world. Those infected with emotional and psychic epidemics are at the helm of the ship of state and they are heading toward a crevasse. Are they alien, or are they human? Are they men or demons in human guise? Are they born from the womb of the world's ignorance, sadism and sickness? Yes, they are, and you are living in their forensic filth. You don't care or notice, because they have provided the necessary bread and circuses for your senses, appetites and edification. Their stench is not smelt under all that. Your opinions are baked daily for you by the media and served hot and cold on TV. And you will believe what they tell ya. (When they say jump, you say "how high?")

And the true teachers? Well they are always disagreeable threats...drawing your attention from your personal ego-based and tranquilized delirium. You have identified with the objects of your hate, as you have been taught, and have received needed security as a result. An attack on this silent and unseen contract strikes at the root of the self-induced hallucination which has you believe that all adversaries and pathogens are external in origin, and that the problems which befall the you and the world are political and not psychological in nature. But that is okay. You can live out this lie if you so desire, since it gets you off the hook. Soon, though, the matter will come into court, and be settled aright. The brief is being prepared now as you read. But, its comforting to know that when and if the insecurity gets too pronounced there is always the mosque, the synagogue, the chapel and the church - there is always GOD - the fix-all. It is in his name, after all, that you act - "Blow them all away" wasn't it, Mr. Mason, Jerry Faldwell? Your masters have your tranquilizers ready in abundance, ‘cause they really do care for your safety and security. Their syringes are there to take away the pain. So bring the kids.

The bogey-men are put before you, and the drama begins. Year after year, decade after decade and century after century. The proof of the inside-job is before the world. The facts are there, and nothing is concealed. What does the graffiti say then: Simply this - What your government does abroad today, it does at home tomorrow.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we - George W. Bush (Freudian-Slip while being interviewed on the B.B.C.)

...if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched - George Bush Senior (speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992)

So when you see the leaders of Hezbollah, and of Israel (Zion-Aton), understand that you are seeing actors, agents of her royal lowness - Queen Elizabeth Windsor, of Saxe Coburg Gotha, or Hanover, of Guelph, of Venice and of Atonist Egypt. The Bushes and Schwartzkoffs, the Colin Powells and Rupert Murdochs, the Thatchers, Geldofs, Speilbergs and Guillianis, baby, they bow down their backs and get on their knees before her silver sword and accept her knighhoods, after all.

So, when you see planes hitting the towers in New York City ("York Rite" of Freemasonry) and a stand-down policy of inaction against them, understand who is calling the shots. When you see a seated and catatonic president holding a book entitled: "America" UPSIDE-DOWN, intent on listening to a "goat" story (Baphomet), wake up and ask why that would be.