Subj: Fwd: [earthchanges] Vast Vaults Below Giza
Date: 3/6/00 9:13:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

I forwarded your email about Dr Hurtak opening the Halls of Amenti- and this was her reply
Though I have warm regard for Mr. Hurtak and his work (why wouldn't I, we
are both working directly with Enoch) I hate to disappoint the e-mailer Dee
but he HAS NOT opened the HALLS OF AMENTI. He HAS opened the outer
chambers to the HALL OF RECORDS, which he has a soul contract to do. The
Hall of Records and the Halls of Amenti are 2 entirely different things,
though interrelated.
The Halls of Amenti are STAR GATES that are controlled via Giza, THEY
OPEN- so I am sorry to disappoint Dee but she is mistaken. Mr. Hurtak does
not have the soul contract for opening the Halls of Amenti, though many
individuals and groups, including Mr. Hurtak, have commission to entering
their particular sequence of frequency codes into Amenti to prepare for the
opening. Only the Eckatic Group of the KEEPERS OF THE ETERNAL FLAME- ORAPHIM
THE COVENANT OF PALAIDOR and the EMERALD COVENANT. It has been so for over
550 million years.
I have much respect for Mr. Hurtak and his work, but I DO know the
contracts...and the mechanics...and the history of the Halls of Amenti star
gates. Mr. Hurtak and the other groups who have soul contracts for
PARTICIPATION in the opening are all part of this great team effort, but
without the Frequency Codes held within the DNA of the Emerald Order
Melchizedek Cloisters, as per their LONG STANDING (many millennia) Eckatic
Level contracts, THE HALLS SIMPLY DO NOT matter WHO is able to
open the outer seals on the Hall of Records and Amenti Star Gates. Anyone
who knows anything about the Halls of Amenti knows this....
I hope this information may better help Dee to understand what is taking

Subj: Re: [earthchanges] Vast Vaults Below Giza
Date: 3/6/00 12:24:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

I went to Hurtak's site and he is not selling his own video.
Where can we get a copy?

I plan to be involved as much as possible with Anna Hayes work
in the future.

Her audio interviews (2) are on the site
Archives: Dec. 6, 1999 and Feb. 4, 2000

Anna Hayes states that she is authorized to open the Halls of Amenti
in 2012, and that Hurtak is not 'IN' the Halls of Amenti.

All this is very controversial and many people are making the same
claims. Obviously, I won't be there no matter who is going to be the
first one there. Obviously Hawass will be the first one IN no matter
who goes there, unless he passes on before that date... Don't get
me wrong, this is not a prediction... we can say that about each one
of us, including myself.

Subj: Fw: [earthchanges] Vast Vaults Below Giza
Date: 3/6/00 5:14:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

By the time they reach Egypt, we will have released the missing piece
of the Plateau decipherment, the time the stargate will open on the
Plateau,and what will occur!!! Along with the release
goes the 1st WARNING.And it ain't pretty!

I don't believe that the plateau happenings will ever again be the same.
I have held off as long is possible,but all will understand soon enough.

Subj: Hurtak
Date: 3/6/00 5:44:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

Don't sweat it. Hurtak is under several layers of people.
You could start near the top of the pile with Dr.Farouk ElBaz
Teaches remote sensing at Boston University.
Picked the landing sites on the moon,d esigned the Moon
Project agenda. All landing times were to ancient Egyptian Star
alignments. His brother is also(or was last I heard)chief aide to
the President of Egypt. But there are others...yet above him,however there seems to be disention
amoung their ranks at the Geo. B.seem to be at odds.

Subj: Fw: 40-2 news from Hawass
Date: 3/7/00 12:52:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

Speaking of Farouk, note below

> Here is the latest goings on at the plateau - sounds as 'though control is
the key
> word - 've haf vays of controlling ze'

> News From The Pyramids
> MARCH 2000
> Dr. Zahi Hawass
> Status of the New Entrance to the Giza Plateau
> We are running a little bit later than planned for opening the new
entrance to the Giza plateau from the Fayoum
> Road. The entrance is finished, the stable of the camels and horses is
built, and we are now working on the
> construction of the picnic area . All of these are located in the desert
area, south of the third pyramid of
> Menkaure (Mycerinus).
> I believe that these will be finished approximately two months from now.
Tourists will come in tourists buses and
> use this new entrance. They park in the desert and if they wish to ride
camels and horses in the area the
> pyramids will be in the background. No more riding of camels or horses
will be allowed within the immediate
> pyramids area.
> Debate on Site Management and Conservation
> I am going to deliver a paper on the Millennium Lectures for the Eight
International Congress of Egyptologists.
> Kent Weeks will be the respondent in this panel, and Farouk El Baz is also
attending and discussing his ideas in
> the debate. I am going to propose to stop excavation in Upper Egypt for at
least 10 years and encourage the
> excavation in the Delta.

Subj: Re: Hurtak discussion
Date: 3/7/00 8:27:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Regarding the musings going on back and forth concerning the work of Dr. J.J. Hurtak; I wish to let you know that there is nothing that Dr. Hurtak keeps from the public. This I have first-hand from private correspondence. However, sometimes it is not wise to reveal everything one knows and understands about the universe to everybody because sometimes people just can't believe it or understand it. I know it sounds cruel, or selfish but this is truly the case, even in highly specialized scientific fields of study. research and development. So, many "facts" about Dr. Hurtak's investigative work are indeed shown to the "Keys of Enoch" students, whereas during public briefings, things are kept slightly more conservative, such as during a Nexus sponsored UFO symposium. Also, Dr. Hurtak has an immense amount of public support, both from colleagues and privately which in some cases could be harmed by complete disclosure of everything he knows. We live in a world which pays homage to the so-called "scientific-method" and deems psychic or paranormal or intuitive "knowing" to be loony. In the circles that Dr. Hurtak walks in, one just can't claim to know something about vast amounts of scientific information, without having the investigative background to endorse one's position. Therefore, Dr. Hurtak (I believe) spends an enormous amount of time, effort and dedication towards building up proven archives to support his position, so that when the time comes (If and when it ever does) those within the scientific community will not be able to turn a blind eye, that with such attitudes they have kept themselves in power over the masses for too long. In fact much of the research going on at the Giza plateau will lead to discoveries which are already detailed and explained in his incredible work titled "The Book of Knowledge; The Keys of Enoch" available from the Academy For Future Science @