Giza Vaults where to get the controversial video

Here from Ashley is a load of info on the Hurtak video.


Subj: Re: where to get the Hurtak video?
Date: 3/6/00 4:42:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: k (Ashley Rye)

At 08:54 06/03/00 EST, you wrote:
>Many asking where to get the Hurtak video?
>Is this commercially available now? can't seem to find it. Folks are
>driving me crazy here wanting a copy. I want a copy too actually.

The best (probably the only) thing to do is order a copy from NEXUS
magazine, should be and it's the Sydney NEXUS conference
last year. I may be to turn the sound track into a wav. file, zip it and
send it to you in the meantime. it's a 90 minute talk so the download would
be not particularly fast. But, believe me, I have seen loads of
documentaries over the last month and this one stood out a mile - I just
ran it through again, and am reasonably convinced that he is talking about
the MOTHER of all archaeological discoveries here, not just one, but a
STRING of the damn things all over the place, including Russia China,
Japan, the Atlantic, and Pyramids under the Pacific. So, ZILCH in the
papers, naturally - it's just a joke. Dr Hurtak has to go all the way to
Australia to trickle out this news, and to a UFO/conspiracy magazine. Why?
the world has gone mad.


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Subj: Re: IUFO: Re:- Tunnels Underneath the Egyptian Pyr
Date: 3/6/00 5:04:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: k (Ashley Rye)

>Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 00:57:40 +0000
>From: Ashley Rye
>Subject: Re: IUFO: Re:- Tunnels Underneath the Egyptian Pyr
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>At 20:46 06/03/00 +1100, you wrote:
>>-> IUFO Mailing List
>>>You can order it through Nexus magazine, mate. I think there is a guy
>>>(either on starfriends or iufo) who may be working there, his address given
>>>as - unless this is unrelated. If not, give you ordering
>>>details later. Should have a web site, anyway. The video is very
>>>provocative, but frustrating, because key footage is blocked from the
>>>camera at several points - but the audience sees it, and I think they saw
>>>these vaults... I believe there is a part two to follow where he might go
>>>into more detail, will try to find out....
>>Dear Everyone, let me inject some clarity here.
>>You are discussing two separate videos.
>>1) A few years ago, Dr James Hurtak was a guest speaker at an
>>international UFO conference in Brisbane, Australia. A couple of nights
>>later, after the conference, a group of Hurtak's "Keys of Enoch" students
>>gathered together for an evening with Hurtak. Amongst other things, he
>>allegedly showed them a remarkable video, with a lot of detail of
>>'things' under the Giza Plateau. I did not see this video, and to my
>>knowledge, Hurtak has not released it. I doubt he will release it for
>>some time, as it is not his footage to release. The footage suitably
>>impressed the entire group, as about 6 of them phoned me the next day
>>saying "Duncan, you should have seen the video footage etc". (Needless
>>to say I felt really left out.) I have personally asked Hurtak about
>>this video footage, and the only straight answer I could get, was that
>>hopefully one day the whole truth will come out.
>The whole truth will come out? Well, at least that's a hopeful comment.
But what intrigues me is why he showed just a few this footage. Was that
deliberate, was he told not to reveal further details, or did it 'slip out'
accidentally, so to speak? In the Sydney footage, it is more what he says
and suggests than the footage itself which is intriguing, because all the
stuff blocked off kind of leaves you feeling that something is missing
>Are we talking about a coverup, Duncan? is it normal for the papers to
remain silent when Dr. Hurtak is apparently talking about important
discoveries? or am I mistaken, and this has been front page news somewhere,
and I know nothing about it?
>And, as an afterthought, have you seen the material about this on Kent
Steadman's page? I would be interested to hear your opinion on this, and if
there is to be any sort of followup to this video as Dr. Hurtak seemed to
> To make matters more
>>confusing, a person named Paul White of Network 23 in Australia, wrote an
>>article detailing some of the contents of the video Hurtak showed. I am
>>not certain how happy Hurtak is about this.
>>2) Last year, I invited Hurtak to speak at our annual NEXUS Conference
>>in Sydney. I had hoped that he might bring the infamous tape with him
>>for me to have a look at. But alas, that was not to be. His
>>presentation included some remarkable video footage taken underwater off
>>Japan, plus some pretty good footage of the chambers that Zawi Hawass
>>'released for the first time' on global TV last year. (You all remember
>>that doco, he wore the 'hat' and really hammed it up to the cameras).
>>The footage shown to the NEXUS crowd indicated clearly that Hurtak was
>>part of a team that went down there, BEFORE they 'tidied it up' for the
>>global camera team. Several times during his presentation, Hurtak asked
>>our video team NOT to record sections that he presented, as he did not
>>have permission to broadcast or have copied some of the footage. To be
>>honest, I can't remember the bits that were chopped and which are shown.
>>If I watched the final edited tape that we sell through NEXUS of the
>>presentation it may jog my cells.
>>There you have the picture as I know it. If you order the tape from the
>>NEXUS conference, you may see some interesting things, but I doubt it to
>>be honest.
>>regards to all
>>Duncan M. Roads
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>>On the contrary, the means always determine the end."
>>(Aldous Huxley)
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