Subj: Musings on that Time Traveler story....
Date: 2/28/00 7:58:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Just some musings on your Conversations with a Time Traveler...

I found the author's reference to "we are in God's Nintendo game" very
interesting, as well as her occasional references to movies.

I'm a big movie buff myself, and for the last couple years I've been amazed
that Hollywood somehow released five movies all with the same esoteric theme:

All of these films tap the "God's Nintendo game" idea in some way or another,
featuring characters that gradually come to realize they're trapped in a
world (or situation) that is artifical, and that a much larger reality exists
beyond the veil.

Now the thing is, these movies were all developed and produced concurrently
-- they were not copying each other (as is often the case). So somehow, this
very esoteric "hidden reality" concept inspired five sets of screenwriters
and directors to come up with roughly the same movie, told five different
ways, all in the span of a year or so.

To me, this is hugely important and can't be dismissed as coincidence.

Why? Well, there's a famous quote by Marshall Mcluhan who said: "Art at its
most significant is a distant early warning system that can always be relied
on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen." I firmly believe
this is true. I think filmmakers are all tapping the same collective
unconscious, and are somehow a little more tuned-into future events looming
on our horizon.

(Look at BLADE RUNNER - a movie that in 1982 was predicting environmental
conditions caused by capitalism run amok that no one seriously considered
until the early 1990s. Or Orwell's book "1984", which was spookily way ahead
of its time, too).

So I'm saying your Time Traveler might be on to something, if these recents
films are any indication. I think somehow, some way, humanity uses movies,
TV, and literature as a way of conditioning itself to prepare for future
events. It's a feedback loop of sorts. Quantum physics posits just such an
idea -- that not only does the past influence the present, but the future
does as well.

I believe the creative impulses that inspired making THE MATRIX, TRUMAN SHOW,
DARK CITY, THE GAME and 13TH FLOOR were, in fact, filmmakers tapping into
"echoes" from the future, preparing us for some impending shift in our
conception of reality. By seeing the idea explored in film, we won't be so
shocked by it when the same thing happens in our own lives. We won't freak
out when we discover a whole other dimension of reality beyond this one.

This "shift" would seem to echo what your contact says she experienced in

So forget about conspiracy theories claiming the government uses Hollywood to
educate people about weird ideas, I think Hollywood has been unknowingly
doing it all along, as a natural part of the creative process.

And I guess that means your website would be part of it, too.



Subj: Re: Kent, check this out. (Rusty, Flash,
Date: 2/28/00 9:31:50 AM Pacific Standard Time

In a message dated 2/28/00 6:28:38 AM Mountain Standard Time, BARDSQUILL writes:
<< Remember the Roswell UFOs by rumor were knocked down by radar--or perhaps they appeared through radar-induced time-tunnels?
I went to web with the Time-traveler story and I think as usual it is doglegging to something far more profound. CONVERSATIONS WITH A TIME TRAVELER
time_traveler2.html >>

Hiya, Kent. Your words here kinda caught me up short. I did not know those theories about Roswell. As the late kid (old lady) on the block, I seem to be missing quite a bit of pieces of info despite paddling like mad to catch up. Furthermore, you know my perspective operates more from my way of life, that of an old mystic of the old ways, and often lacks the scientific data you need despite my penchant for quantum or hyper physics and recognizing the mechanics of mysticism.

As you know, as per my letter at your website, I believe the doppler radar circles that have been appearing regularly since January at the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota to be evidence of the high level of powerful mystic and spiritual work being performed by the Lakota Elders and Pipe Holders during their current Tribal crisis. I do NOT, however, believe the same to be true of the radar spike circles we have been seeing in California. Those, in my opinion, are entirely different..... in origin and in intent.

But, in reading your words and the Time Traveler postings, I did get kind of smacked with some things. First of all, I believe you should know that the Lakota, like many tribes and Nations, have a very complex and detailed stellar relationship. They believe that all humanity originated in the stars and the old stories relate routine communication and relationship with ET's throughout their history. In about 1996, some of the Traditional Elders finally began to release some of this information to the general public through a series of Star Nation Conferences and Ceremonies.

Then, as I pointed out to you the other night, the big spike in northern California occured in an area known for extremely high electro-mag energy.... leylines and vortexes. Most sacred places and areas of Native Americans are also found to be of extremely high levels of electro-mag energy (actually, this holds true for nearly all the ancient cultures).

Then when I viewed the circles of last night in Illinois, I realized they were not just in Illinois but also in Wisconsin...... the center encompassing not only the Great Lakes Naval Base but also the farm of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo of Lakota Sioux Prophecy, in Janesville, Wisconsin. One thing that puzzles me is that this particular circle opened on the east whereas most all the other spoked-ones have the opening on the west as I remember them. I haven't a clue what this might signify.

I am not familiar with the area of last night's circle in Nevada/Utah but I am betting there are similar power points there as well although it was not a truly spoked-circle like Illinois or South Dakota. In fact, to my eye, it seemed to more closely resemble the California spikes although of lesser intensity.

I will also pass on one other piece of information..... a fact the government remote viewers are already well aware of....... when the government mystics and remote viewers do their stuff and attempt to blanket the energies of an area so that they are free to work without inadvertently bumping into other mystics or their energies, the one and only thing which will punch through that blanket is solid N/A mystic work. For some unknown reason (and yes, I have lots of theories on this too, most based on frequencies) they cannot seem to blanket or inhibit the skills or process of the Native American. Now, I don't know if this holds true for all tribes but I am suspecting it is limited to those with the least amount of dilution of the "old ways and traditions." Certainly, as the last to be placed upon a reservation, the Sioux, and particularly the Lakota Sioux, fits that mode. Their old ways have survived nearly completely, albeit many of their own people don't realize it or understand and use them.

So....... if you are speaking UFO communication and/or visits, inter-dimensional travel, inter-universe travel, or whatever, there very well might be some tie-ins. Proof? Not a stitch. Just more stuff to ponder..... with lots of ramifications and extrapolations.

Peace. Mitakuye Oyas'in...We Are All Related.


Subj: new story
Date: 2/28/00 12:50:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

My goodness, Kent! Just read the whole of the UK story, been waiting on
it. Confirms my visions somewhat. Confirms the radar anomalies etc too, I
feel. I don't think she's crazy at all!! To go out of this dimension you
do indeed have to go to the void, place of no time, or you can't get back
the same way. She is definitely correct in that. Wish she would write
more, and wish she would put it all together somewhere, if not write a
book. It is time now!!

I've often wondered if I was a mind experiment, too....feel a bit sorry for
her that she too has had to hold it all inside her.

Gee, I'd like to know what her take is on the contrails, and on the radar

If it was me, I'd push her to write, like you did with me. We can't offer
her protection, but she already has that from a greater source, which we
all know, and she knows it too. Maybe she needs to be reminded. With all
that's happening right now, it's time to put it all on the line and go out

Subj: The Boundaries of Reality
Date: 2/28/00 8:30:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

Personal Update Article

Quantum Physics:
The Boundaries of Reality

by Chuck Missler


The startling discovery of modern science is that our physical universe is actually finite. Scientists now acknowledge that the universe had a beginning. They call the singularity from which it all began the "Big Bang."

While the details among the many variants of these theories remain quite controversial, the fact that there was a definite beginning has gainedwidespread agreement.1 This is, of course, what the Bible has maintained throughout its 66 books.

From thermodynamic considerations, it also appears that all processes in the universe inevitably contribute the losses from their inefficiencies to the ambient temperature, and thus the universe ultimately will attain a uniform temperature in which no work-all of which ultimately derives from temperature differences-will be able to be accomplished. Scientists call this ultimate physical destiny the "heat death."

Mankind, therefore, finds itself caught in the finite interval between the singularity that began it all and a finite termination. The mathematical concept of infinity-in any spatial direction or in terms of time-seems astonishingly absent in the physical macrocosm, the domain of the astronomers and cosmologists.

In the microcosmic domain, there also appears to be an even more astonishing boundary to smallness. If we take a segment of length, we can divide it in half. We can take one of the remaining halves, and we can divide it in half again. We naturally assume that this can go on forever. We assume that no matter how small a length we end up dealing with, we can always-at least conceptually-divide any remainder in half. It turns out that this is not true. There is a length known as the Planck length, 10-33 centimeters, that is indivisible.

The same thing is true of mass, energy, and even time. There is a unit of time which cannot be subdivided: 10-43 seconds. It is in this strange world of subatomic behavior that scientists have now encountered the very boundaries of physical reality, as we experience it. The study of these subatomic components is called quantum mechanics, or quantum physics.

The startling discovery made by the quantum physicists is that if you break matter into smaller and smaller pieces you eventually reach a point where those pieces-electrons, protons, et al.-no longer possess the traits of objects. Although they can sometimes behave as if they were a compact little particle, physicists have found that they literally possess no dimension.

Another disturbing discovery of the physicists is that a subatomic particle, such as an electron, can manifest itself as either a particle or a wave.

If you shoot an electron at a television screen that has been turned off, a tiny point of light will appear when it strikes the phosphorescent chemicals that coat the glass. The single point of impact which the electron leaves on the screen clearly reveals the particle-like side of its nature.

But that is not the only form the electron can assume. It can also dissolve into a blurry cloud of energy and behave as if it were a wave spread out over space. When an electron manifests itself as a wave, it can do things no particle can. If it is fired at a barrier in which two slits have been cut, it can go through both slits simultaneously. When wavelike electrons collide with each other they even create interference patterns.

It is interesting that in 1906, J. J. Thomson received the Nobel Prize for proving that electrons are particles. In 1937 he saw his son awarded the Nobel Prize for proving that electrons were waves. Both father and son were correct. From then on, the evidence for the wave/particle duality has become overwhelming.

This chameleon-like ability is common to all subatomic particles. Calledquanta, they can manifest themselves either as a particle or a wave. What makes them even more astonishing is that there is compelling evidence that the only time quanta ever manifest themselves as particles is when we are looking at them.

The Danish physicist Niels Bohr pointed out that if subatomic particles only come into existence in the presence of an observer, then it is also meaningless to speak of a particle's properties and characteristics as existing before they are observed.

But if the act of observation actually helped create such properties, what does that imply about the future of science?

Anyone who isn't shocked by quantum physics has not understood it.

Niels Bohr

It gets worse. Some subatomic processes result in the creation of a pair of particles with identical or closely related properties. Quantum physics predicts that attempts to measure complementary characteristics on the pair-even when traveling in opposite directions-would always be frustrated. Such strange behavior would imply that the particles would have to be interconnected in some way so as to be instantaneously in communication with each other.

One physicist who was deeply troubled by Bohr's assertions was Dr. Albert Einstein. Despite the role Einstein had played in the founding of quantum theory, he was not pleased with the course the fledgling science had taken.

In 1935 Einstein and his colleagues Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen published their now-famous paper, "Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?"2

The problem, according to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, is thatnothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The instantaneouscommunication implied by the view of quantum physics would be tantamount to breaking the time barrier and would open the door to all kinds of unacceptable paradoxes.

Einstein and his colleagues were convinced that no "reasonable definition" of reality would permit such faster-than-light interconnections to exist, and therefore Bohr had to be wrong. Their argument is now known as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, or EPR paradox for short.

Bohr remained unperturbed by Einstein's argument. Rather than believing that some kind of faster-than-light communication was taking place, he offered another explanation:

If subatomic particles do not exist until they are observed, then one could no longer think of them as independent "things." Thus Einstein was basing his argument on an error when he viewed twin particles as separate. They were part of an indivisible system, and it was meaningless to think of them otherwise.

In time, most physicists sided with Bohr and became content that his interpretation was correct. One factor that contributed to Bohr's following was that quantum physics had proved so spectacularly successful in predicting phenomena, few physicists were willing to even consider the possibility that it might be faulty in some way. The entire industries of lasers, microelectronics, and computers have emerged on the reliability of the predictions of quantum physics.

The popular Cal Tech physicist Richard Feynman has summed up this paradoxical situation well:

I think it is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics... In fact, it is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. Some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it, in fact, is that it is unquestionably correct.

When Einstein and his colleagues first made their proposal, technical reasons prevented any empirical experiments actually being performed. The broader philosophical implications were, ironically, ignored and swept under the carpet.


The ancient Hebrew scholar Nachmonides, writing in the 12th century, concluded from his studies of the text of Genesis that the universe has ten dimensions: that four are knowable and six are beyond our knowing.

Particle physicists today have also concluded that we live in ten dimensions. Three spatial dimensions and time are directly discernible andmeasurable. The remaining six are "curled" in less than the Planck length (10-33 centimeters) and thus are only inferable by indirect means.3

(Some physicists believe that there may be as many as 26 dimensions.4 Ten and twenty-six emerge from the mathematics associated with superstring theory, a current candidate in the pursuit of a theory to totally integrate all known forces in the universe.)

Fracture in Genesis 3?

There is a provocative conjecture that these ten (or more) dimensions were originally integrated, but suffered a fracture as a result of the eventssummarized in Genesis Chapter 3. The resulting upheaval separated theminto the "physical" and "spiritual" worlds.

There appears to be some Scriptural basis for an original close couplingbetween the spiritual and physical world. The highly venerated Onkelostranslation of Genesis 1:31 emphasizes that " was a unified order."

The suggestion is that the current physics, including the entropy laws,("the bondage of decay") were a result of the fall.5

The entropy laws reveal a universe that is "winding down." It had to have been initially "wound up." This windup-the reduction of entropy, or theinfusion of order (information)-is described in Genesis 1 in a series of six stages. The terms used in this progressive reduction of entropy (disorder) are, erev and boker, which ultimately led to their being translated "evening" and "morning."

Erev and Boker

Erev is dark, obscure randomness; it is maximum entropy. As darkness envelopes our horizon, we lose the ability to discern order or patterns.The darkness is "without form and void."

From this term we derive the current sememe for "evening," when theencroaching darkness begins to deny us the ability to discern forms,shapes, and identities.

Boker is the advent of light, where things begin to become discernible and visible; order begins to appear.

This relief of obscurity, and the attendant ability to begin to discernforms, shapes, and identities has become associated with dawn or "morning," as the early twilight begins to reveal order and design. Evening and mornings constituted the principal stages of creation. Six"evenings" and "mornings" became the "days" constituting the creation"week." However, what we know about the physical universe is only from observing the universe after the upheavals of Genesis 3.


Subj: Musings on that Time Traveler story....
Date: 2/28/00 7:58:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Just some musings on your Conversations with a Time Traveler...

I found the author's reference to "we are in God's Nintendo game" very
interesting, as well as her occasional references to movies.

I'm a big movie buff myself, and for the last couple years I've been amazed
that Hollywood somehow released five movies all with the same esoteric theme:

All of these films tap the "God's Nintendo game" idea in some way or another,
featuring characters that gradually come to realize they're trapped in a
world (or situation) that is artifical, and that a much larger reality exists
beyond the veil.

Now the thing is, these movies were all developed and produced concurrently
-- they were not copying each other (as is often the case). So somehow, this
very esoteric "hidden reality" concept inspired five sets of screenwriters
and directors to come up with roughly the same movie, told five different
ways, all in the span of a year or so.

To me, this is hugely important and can't be dismissed as coincidence.

Why? Well, there's a famous quote by Marshall Mcluhan who said: "Art at its
most significant is a distant early warning system that can always be relied
on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen." I firmly believe
this is true. I think filmmakers are all tapping the same collective
unconscious, and are somehow a little more tuned-into future events looming
on our horizon.

(Look at BLADE RUNNER - a movie that in 1982 was predicting environmental
conditions caused by capitalism run amok that no one seriously considered
until the early 1990s. Or Orwell's book "1984", which was spookily way ahead
of its time, too).

So I'm saying your Time Traveler might be on to something, if these recents
films are any indication. I think somehow, some way, humanity uses movies,
TV, and literature as a way of conditioning itself to prepare for future
events. It's a feedback loop of sorts. Quantum physics posits just such an
idea -- that not only does the past influence the present, but the future
does as well.

I believe the creative impulses that inspired making THE MATRIX, TRUMAN SHOW,
DARK CITY, THE GAME and 13TH FLOOR were, in fact, filmmakers tapping into
"echoes" from the future, preparing us for some impending shift in our
conception of reality. By seeing the idea explored in film, we won't be so
shocked by it when the same thing happens in our own lives. We won't freak
out when we discover a whole other dimension of reality beyond this one.

This "shift" would seem to echo what your contact says she experienced in

So forget about conspiracy theories claiming the government uses Hollywood to
educate people about weird ideas, I think Hollywood has been unknowingly
doing it all along, as a natural part of the creative process.

And I guess that means your website would be part of it, too.


Subj: Re time traveller
Date: 2/29/00 12:56:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have traveled this line from Land's End, Cornwall, to Avebury, and there
are areas along this stretch which cross the feminine "Mary" line creating
node points at places like Glastonbury Tor, Avebury inner circle etc. In the
area where this happens there is an incredible amount of "dimensional"
manifestation, UFO activity etc.. The crop circles show up along these
lines...if you want to travel to other worlds, this would be the place to do

The Ley line refered to in the above email travels right across the UK
passing also thru Bury St Edmunds itself
( a small town which from earliest times featured a large monastic
community, abbey etc prior to the dissolution of such establishments by
HenryVIII ).
On the outskirts of Ipswich ( woodbridge side ) is a very large
govt/military tracking station (?) which was constructed during the 60's.
There are a large number of airbases throughout the Nth Suffolk , Sth
Norfolk area, many were set up during WW2 for proximity to the channel
maintained for the V bombers developed during the cold war......
Another area of high military presence and an even higher incidence of
paranormal activity lies in Wiltshire famous for it's crop circles and
megalithic monuments.... Salisbury plain is a vast plateau like area which
has been in the hands of the military since the mid 1800's ( obviously a
smaller area then than now ) many villages were cleared of their population
tho many are still inhabited within the area, access occasional....
What goes on upon the plain beyond military exercises is a matter of
speculation, but incidents involving helicopters ( often silent) tend to
spill over into surrounding areas like Pusey Vale home of the crop circle...
Helicopters tend to appear very shortly after lightball appearances and
sometimes before, implying that the military have the technology to monitor
the energy involved and predict a manifestation... This phenomenon is often
associated with crop circles although I have to say having lived in the area
and spent a summer making a documentary for Nippon Tv, crop circles are 99%
created by graphics designers for their own gratification and amusement... a
fact ignored by most of the circle enthusiasts who are too busy selling
their books and postcards
to get overly concerned with reality....
I'm digressing, you could dematerialise any number of villages on Salisbury
plain well away from public view, the area is covered in military camps and
also vast numbers of ancient sites and site very close to the earth energy
centers at Avebury and Silbury Hill....
Hope this is of some passing interest....


Subj: Anon, the 'time traveler'
Date: 2/29/00 2:28:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent. I am the Sunwolf. First off, I'd like to say that I am as fascinated by the idea of time travel as you are. Interdimensional travel is only marginally less intriguing. Unfortunately I just can't swallow the large shovelful of feces that Miss Anonymous is trying to feed us. Not to be nitpicking, but she does claim to be 'trained' and wants us to believe that she is a smart enough person to be privy to the events heretofore revealed by her, however she has absolutely no grasp of the difference between words like: 'there' and 'their' or: 'quiet' and 'quite' or even the difference between a 'hang glider' and a 'hand glider' (!?), whatever THAT is. I also think that if an entire village disappeared from the face of the United Kingdom, um...somebody might notice. You think maybe? A few other things bother me, also. Like the fact that these people who claim to be 'time travelers' are always anonymous for one shady reason or another. The only contact she mentions (J Allen Hynek) is deceased. WAY too convenient. All in all this lady's story has all the earmarks of a hoax and I'll have none of it. I suggest you do the same. BTW, I know you're probably aware of it already, but if you want to look into a fascinating case of dimensional travel look up the ever-popular 'Ongs Hat cult'. I think some of their story may just have a grain of truth in it. For another mysterious time-traveler, look at Art Bell's website and check out the 'WaveRider'. It's been nice talking to you, hope I haven't been too negative. I read your site very frequently, it really is excellent, you know. :-) Have a good day. Don't bother to write back if you don't have the time.


Subj: The Time Traveller
Date: 2/29/00 6:27:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent love your page my friend... Truly a work of evolving art!! Anyways
your time travelling contact mentions

SOLAR FLARE! " End quote

This is interesting because Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about an Experiment
that was attempted on Earth to protect us from our sun in august 1972. I
will qoute a little from the transcript i have

quote"..about 200 years ago the Sirians the father aspect of this race
became aware there was high possibility we were not going to make it. They
knew there was an event that was going to happen August 7th,1972 and if we
were not in a certain state of consciousness we were not going to make it.
And if we didnt ,thats it! There wouldnt even be a bug left on the
planet..cut..." end quote

theres a lot more to this but i only have it on paper and not computer! If
you really want it all let me know and i will type it for you Kent. Lord
knows how many hours you put in!! :-)

But the gist is that Drunvalo claims our sun basically supernovaed and we
were protected by beings and others who altered are reality so we would not
be affected! Hence our reality being changed and on another parellel

Something to think about none the less!! Keep up the great work Kent we are
all in this together one way or another :-)

A friend in Canada


Subj: Eriee...
Date: 2/29/00 6:44:38 PM Pacific Standard Time


I have no story to tell but I can't tell you how much this woman's story
rings my intuition. I have long thought we were here in this Third
Dimensional Realty for a reason and it wasn't because God wanted to expand
it's intelligence or creativity. I want to say we are here solely to produce
energy for another dimension in some way shape or form. Yes I've read about
how spirit entities create situations in our lives to produce negative
energy that they may nourish themselves, but I feel it goes way much farther
than this into something we would never be able to understand. I've never
seen the films she mentions but I will now...the film "The Matrix" rang a
few bells as well when I saw that one, so much so I even bought the video.
See if you can keep the info flowing from this woman as it's more than


Subj: Time Travel
Date: 2/29/00 6:52:31 PM Pacific Standard Time


You may have already heard this one...on the Art Bell website he has a
recorded interview with a man who calls himself "Single Seven" a Time
Traveler from the year 2060 or there abouts which I found interesting.

Subj: don't get caught up in .....
Date: 2/29/00 6:53:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

the fear

what the woman, whom you have been talking to, has shared is very close
to what most would experience......but she seems to have been
manipulated a great deal......this makes it difficult for her to step
back and look at the bigger makes reality hard to
understand......when you get so focused in the illusion of the physical cannot know reality.....when i say reality i do not mean
what people commonly think of as their physical world lives.......i am
refering to that part of you that is eternal....that is reality.....but
in this material world....there is nothing but illusion.... mankind and
previous mankinds have caused a sort of swiss cheese effect with the
energy ball we call the earth....this has been acomplished by the
buildings we make and the electrical lines we run around the country
sides...even the quantity of water we reroute...the way we reorganize
the landscapes.....radar usage.....this all is takes
the easiest path to release to.....we as humans are part of this path of
energy release.....we have bodies that we view the physical
from.....these bodies are controlled by our individual manipulations of
the energy.....and of the flows of our mother (energy source), the
earth......this is not a bad thing....this has been sped up from the
typical our actions.......what is happening is our actions
have increased the rate at which we must become more aware of's like we have forced our selves to grow up faster
.....we would not have done this if we understood what our technology
was really doing.....before we used it.....

i am not speaking to save face.....i speak from awareness.....i am not
speaking to frighten....i speak to enlighten

humans can easily survive what is about to exponentially's
only a thought away!

follow your desires....follow your desires....follow your
desires.....follow your desires.....

1. HOW DO YOU DEFEAT AN ENEMY YOU CAN'T KILL? (to "know" death as an
illusion, is to defeat it!)

WANTED TO SAVE ALL? WHO SHOULD WIN?? (there are no winners or losers in
the illusion of life and death....for it is just a play....there is no
score card)

AND I KNEW THEM FOR YEARS. (why should there be "judgment" in a play
where all is allowed.... each is given what they give, by design of the

Subj: Me again!
Date: 2/29/00 7:26:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

Interesting to read about that woman psychic. Lots of things she
says are accurate! I'm not saying the govt. is bad, I just don't trust
them. It's ok if she does, I can't.
May 3, 2000 is an interesting date, run it by here and see what
she gets from it. (grin) This could get interesting!
(Read my signature file.)
I've been very psychic all my life also, so much so that it
scares me at time. I go to other dimensions daily. And for some reason,
I'm doing it a lot lately! Two or three times daily. Some sort of work
that needs done now. But when I get back here, I can't remember what I
did. Maybe that is for the better? The whole time she was writing, I felt
that I knew her. Can't explain that either, but it is a strong feeling.
I'm one from the future. Perhaps we've met?


Subj: Nintendo
Date: 2/29/00 8:04:05 PM Pacific Standard Time


Don't know why, but got onto the solar thing about 10 years ago. Made
the connection between CMEs and planetary systems being the product of
same and also how they cause sudden catastrophic changes on the planets,
i.e., volcanic and seismic activity which has been on the rise since

Have been strongly intuitive all my life and have always had a sense
that there was much more to apparent reality than meets the eye (or

Concerning the Nintendo game being played by the "Gods"...have you seen
Dr. John C. Lilly's account of the three beings he met while in a
sensory deprivation tank? It seems to fit the Nintendo scenario quite
startlingly. Shakespeare had the same sense...the whole world being a

Also have sense of impending event of great magnitude that will change
the game forever. Don't know where I fit into all of this other than as
a victim, spectator or both.

Made connection between "The Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima and a CME of
massive proportions. Diety or whatever was trying to warn us of coming
events. Obviously, a CME will be responsible for all of the
manifestations described by the seventy thousand witnesses at Fatima.
All the events are consistent with an immense CME. First the mass
ejection impacts the magnetosphere which is the field of the earth
motor/dynamo. Secondly, the magnetoshpere is distorted by the impact.
The earth, being the armature, then yaws on its axis in response to
the magnetoshperes distortion causing the sun to appear to dance in the
sky. Thirdly, as a result of the gigantic emmission of matter spewed
forth by the sun, the sun goes into a state of remission to compensate
for the loss of matter and turns blood red. Fourthly, the sun expands
(red giant) temporarily, causing it to appear to be menacingly
approaching the earth.

Have definite sense that not much really matters anymore in the way of
worldy pursuits since the entire face of the earth will be changing
either by way of volcanic or seismic activity, or as a result of the
oceans sloshing over the continents as they leave their beds when the
earth pitches on its axis.




Subj: disappearing villages
Date: 2/29/00 10:50:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

The story of the vanishing village in England reminded me of another,
which I present below, scanned from Whitley Strieber's book "Majestic":
In the winter of 1930 a profoundly disturbing incident took place in
Canada. Trapper Arnaud Laurent and his son observed a strange light
crossing the northern sky. It appeared to be headed for the Lake
Anjikuni area. The two trappers describe it as being alternately bullet
shaped and cylinder-shaped. It can be assumed from this that it was an
object of irregular configuration that was tumbling as it moved.

Another trapper named Joe Labelle had snowshoed into the village of the
Lake Anjikuni people, and been chilled to discover that the normally
bustling community was silent, and not a soul was moving in the
streets. Even the sled dogs, which would normally have bayed welcome,
were silent. The shanties were choked with snow, and not a chimney
showed smoke. The trapper found the village's kayaks tied up on the
shore of the lake. Inside the shanties the trapper found a further
surprise: there were meals left hanging over fires, long grown old and
moldy, apparently abandoned as they were being cooked. The men's rifles
were still standing by the doors. This really frightened the trapper,
because he knew that these people would never leave their precious
weapons behind.

He reported his discovery to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who
investigated further. They discovered that the town's dogs had died of
hunger, chained beneath a tree and covered by a snowdrift. More
disturbingly, the town graveyard had been emptied. The graves were now
yawning pits. Despite the frozen ground, the graves had been opened and
the dead removed. The RCMP continues the case opened to this day. A
check with their records department indicated that the matter remains
unsolved, and despite a search of the whole of Canada and inquiries
throughout the world, not a trace of the missing twelve hundred men,
women and children has ever been found.
Although "Majestic" is ostensibly fiction, I have read the above story many
years ago in a non-fiction book. I believe it might have been "Stranger
Than Science" by Frank Edwards, but I don't have that book anymore and can't
be sure.

Subj: All One Posting
Date: 2/29/00 11:33:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kento,

I have followed your website for a few years now. I have thought about
writing before, but the time wasn't right. I am writing now to share what I
know and to confirm and tie together various peices of information posted on
your site.

In regards to Time Traveller's question: "If God wanted to save just the
good, Satan wanted to save just the bad, and the Mother of All Things wanted
to heal it all, who would win?" The answer, of course, is that the Mother
of All Things would heal it all.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not our Creator. The Mother of All
Things manifested God out of love and desire for companionship. Due to the
trauma and imprinting of His emergence (which caused the fragmentation of
Lucifer out of Himself) He did not understand Mother's Love for Him.
Because of this, He has empowered Lucifer to punish, control, harm and even
kill Her from the very beginning. This is why western religious thought
does not even acknowledge Her existence.

Mother and God are conscious entities, but they are also separate but
complimentary aspects of consciousness. Mother is the feminine principle,
the emotional (magnetic) vibration of the Universe - WILL. God is Light;
SPIRIT; the mind of Creation. As human beings, we are made up of a Magnetic
Force that holds the Light of our Being, manifested in a physical Body.
LOVE is the Key to all healing and survival, because Love bonds the Spirit
and Will together in balance in a healed (and immortal) physical body,
capable of manifesting reality itself and capable of vibrating at the speed
of light with the ability to access infinite time and dimensions. The
emotional body of Earth and humanity are being healed at this time: Love
from the Sun (received as a MAGNETIC VIBRATION around accelerated solar
activity) is acting upon the magnetics of the planet and all life upon it.
All denied pain, grief, rage and terror are moving enough to allow Earth to
throw off the denial that threatens Her life and Her ability to sustain

Imagine how She feels about us. Surely Earth loves ALL Her children.
She cares nothing for wars and human politics that control and upset natural
order, creativity and love. Humanity is not solely nor primarily
responsible for the state of our planet; after all, everyone has been taught
to follow God's set example that says only the Spirit matters. God is an
evolving God, not perfect, static and unchanging as He has chosen to be
portrayed. Unfortunately, it took Him to the end of time to change where He
had to face His denial or die.

There are many who are here now to change the future; a future where the
Appocalypse succeeded in killing the Earth. The Earth is the "Cradle of
Consciousness" (as Crownstar puts it) - the magnetic center of the Universe.
Our precious planet is the manifestation of Mother's essence - a
beautiful, unique oasis in space; paradise in a healed state. The death of
Earth eventually caused the entire Universe to go down in a black hole. God
realized His mistake at the end of time, how He had misunderstood and
mistreated Mother. He sent parts of Himself back in time to incarnate as
human beings NOW in order to heal the Mother and His relationship to Her,
and change the future.

Fully conscious and healed (healing) human beings are the most powerful
beings in the Universe. This is why the course of evolution is being
directed by two very real human beings. These human manifestations of God
and Mother are together in partnership and are healing the love between
them. He came back to heal the Mother out of His love for Her, so She, in
turn, could heal Him and all of Creation. The power of Mother and Earth are
the power of manifestation and regeneration: TRANSFORMATION. The healing of
Mother is the most important thing, because as She heals, She manifests a
healed reality around Her that affects us all. Love radiates outward
setting all things right. Inner reflects outer. Healing moves from
temporary chaos is this healing process in action. Those who don't belong
here are on their way OUT.

Think of the symbol of the phoenix rising out of the ashes. The one (and
Only) human being who has access to the Great Crystal, coded into Her DNA
(as referred to in "The Experiment") is this primary human manifestation of
Mother. She and the Earth are as ONE: reflections of each other. She knows
who She is and She healing. She has been here before as Mary, Nostradamus,
Jean D'Arc, Chief Joseph and many others. This time, she is a safely
anonymous person. She is referred to in Revelations of the Bible as the
woman whom God gives "Wings of an Eagle." It is true that Our timeline was
obliterated by the Sun in 1972, and there are people on our planet who are
capable of manifesting an entire reality with the power of their beliefs
(validation for Time Traveller). Comet Lee hit Earth right before
Thanksgiving 1999. Mother (with the love of her partner and children) is
directly responsible for the manifestation of this safe dimension we are now
in, an ascending reality.

God's original denial of His love for the Mother created a gap between
the spirit and will of individual beings. The appocalypse was planned in
advance. Jesus Christ agreed to support an eventual appocalypse through the
sacrifice of all of him that was love (his inner Mother/feminine) on the
cross. He did not die but was rescued and lived on. The Resurrection was
the BIGGEST LIE IN HISTORY used to promote an appocalypse on Earth. 'Just
believe in Christ and ye shall be forgiven' means that people don't have to
be accountable for how they conduct themselves. Also, the Third Secret of
Fatima (as revealed to three little girls by an apparition of the Virgin
Mary) is that God Himself was behind the coming appocalypse. This is why the
Catholic Church did not reveal it to humanity - it would have exposed their
worship of Lucifer for all to see. Emotional trauma (caused by people
hurting each other without conscience) has caused the inner and outer
fragmentation of people on Earth to the point now where most people don't
really know what's going on. The Second Coming is the second attempt at a
fully balanced human being with access to the Christ merkaba, and is not of
Jesus' original essence. This precious little one is the manifestation of

It is important to healing and survival for people to understand that it
is the WILL that dictates CONSCIENCE, not the Spirit. It is the inner voice
of the Mother we need to listen to now, not God's voice. Without the
ability to FEEL, we cannot empathize or find compassion for each other or
feel the pain of our living planet. We cannot give or receive Love. Since
Love is the Key to healing, those who wish to survive must heal their
emotional bodies - the WILL. Pain from the past must be given
acknowledgement and healing. The perpetrators must accept responsibility
for trust to be reborn and real forgiveness to occur. Right Understanding
(Spirit) and responsible employment of FREE WILL will dictate the healing of
Conscience, Earth and the evolution of humanity. There will be survivors.
Follow (healing) God's example: Love your Creator, your Home Planet and
yourselves enough to want to heal it all and be a part of it in the end.
Mother loves all of us highly SUBJECTIVE (emotional) human beings, so like
Her are we.

This message is delivered in loving service to healing God and Mother and
to all who desire survival and rightfully belong with the healed Earth.

Date: 2/29/00 11:34:50 PM Pacific Standard Time




Subj: Time Traveller
Date: 3/1/00 2:16:49 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, my name is Andy I live in Leeds in the UK. I have been reading the "conversations with a time traveller" and it jogged my memory. I am a very good friend of Tony Dodd and some years ago he told me that he had been informed that a group of scientists had opened a Vortex. The problem was that they could not control it and if you like it escaped. He was told that things were coming out of the vortex as well as things disappearing into it. As far as I know it is still out there wandering around. They cannot control it but they can track it. Tony told me shortly afterwards that he had learned that they had opened another vortex in a more controlled environment. I am e-mailing Tony to try to get more details.
With reference to RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge and the Rendlesham Forest incident. The book "Left at East Gate" written by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins (Editor in Chief of the web site UFOCITY.COM) makes reference to underground installations and tunnels under Bentwaters/Woodbridge. (Pages 59 to 63) In the same book on pages 226/227 and 270/271 there are references to Wilhelm Reich and cloudbusting/weather modification. Page 270 also refers to the flattening of Rendlesham Forest.
If you do not have access to the book please let me know and I will type in the relevant pages.
The latest news on the bases is as follows:
Bentwaters will never be an airport again, it has been taken over by commercial developers.
Woodbridge has seen an investment of £17,000,000 by the M.o.D. to transform the base for use by the Army (Royal Engineers)

Brilliant Web page-Keep up the good work


Subj: Scenario from "The Ultimate Time Machine"

Joseph McMoneagle's new book "The Ultimate Time Machine" makes
predictions based on his extensive remote viewing sessions. McMoneagle
was involved in the US government's RV project "Stargate" for seventeen
years. While remote viewing certainly has questionable accuracy and
reliability problems, it is still quite interesting (IMO) to note some
of the predictions he lists.

He specifically predicts a new Middle Eastern war much worse than the
Gulf War, started by Saddam Hussein between now and 2002 at the latest.
He believes that Saddam will use the excuse of chasing Kurdish rebels
("terrorists") as a pretext for an incursion into extreme northwestern
Iran and southeastern Turkey - something Turkey has done repeatedly in
recent years with their military incursions into northern Iraq and near
the NW Iranian border.

Some highlights of his predictions:

The area of extreme NW Iran, SE Turkey, southern Azerbajan/Armenia is
one of the richest untapped oil reserves on the planet - the real motive
for Saddam's actions.

Saddam will launch an attack into the region based on pursuing Kurdish
rebels for an act of terrorism committed against Iraq (Saddam may in
fact cause the act himself.)

Iraq will simultaneously launch a SCUD missile attack on Israel baiting
them into retaliation for which Syria will then attack Israel opening a
regional conflict between them that results in the near destruction of
Syria (this matches Biblical prophecy.)

Iran will move into the region as well, fulfilling Nosty's Persian
invasion of SE Turkey scenario. Iran, Syria, and Iraq may be secretly
united in this whole scenario.

NATO will suffer such great losses that it will nearly dissolve under
the strain.

A Middle Eastern city will be attacked with WMD resulting in over 100K

Between 2000-2002 the United States will suffer a major attack on a
large city with biological weapons, most likely genetically altered
anthrax, directly related to the conflict in the Middle East ... in an
attempt to limit US involvement in the conflict.

Western Europe will be hit with a severe energy crisis caused by the
disruption in oil flow out of the Middle East, causing a worldwide
depression. The US and South America will try their best to supply some
of the oil needs to Europe but it won't be enough.

Civil war will begin in Saudi Arabia by 2002. Insurrections and changes
in government will also occur in Albania and Jordan.

The major war started by Iraq-Iran-Syria (the triumvirate?) will last
around four years, with another two years of negotiations before an end
to the heavy fighting occurs. Peace will not come to the planet until


Subj: house on your web page
Date: 3/1/00 3:25:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

Where did you get the picture of the house you are using on your web site? I have seen that same place in my dreams, and I have been in it in same.


Subj: Sleuthing Shadows -Time Travel
Date: 3/3/00 11:06:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

When people think of a SHADOW, they think of a dark outline caused by
light being blocked by a solid object. Because of this common
association, the term has been selected by an advanced, time travel
capable extra-terrestrial civilization as a code word for what they view
is a necessary component of altering the space/time continuum.
TIME SPLICING is a technique used by this advanced extra-terrestrial
civilization whereby a contactee can be physically gone for an extended
period of time and then be placed back within 20 minutes of the actual
departure. It is only used when a contactee has been gone more than 24
hours. Sometimes, the contactee is gone for weeks or even months,
depending on the mission they are required to fulfill.
Obviously, the ability to alter the time/space continuum is fairly
impressive. But even with this capability, the extra-terrestrials do not
want to disrupt the normal flow of events excessively. To counteract
this problem, they have developed what they have code named the SHADOW
The SHADOW is a functionally identical, programmed clone of the
individual contactee that takes his or her place while they are gone.
The SHADOW fulfills whatever requirements are necessary to maintain the
normal, most likely flow of events. When the contactee is returned, the
SHADOW is retrieved by the extra-terrestrials.
Due to the fact that this particular extra-terrestrial civilization's
time travel technology has a +/- twenty minute window, it can lead to
some unusual results. For example, suppose the SHADOW was asked to
complete a task and did so. The contactee returns, let's say, 12 minutes
after completion of the task. The task has been completed but the
contactee is unaware of it. However, the people around the contactee are
aware of the task completion and if the task was of some significance,
it does lead to confusion.
I know of a case where a contactee was away with a SHADOW replacement.
The SHADOW was asked by the wife to put something away. The contactee
returned after this action had taken place. It was not a critical item.
A number of months later, the wife asked the contactee where it was and
he said he had no idea what she was talking about. The contactee was
then told that he had picked up this item and took it somewhere. Well,
that was news to the contactee. The item was not really critical and was
never found.
You would think that the extra-terrestrials would correct these details
but they think on an entirely different level from humans. They classify
as trivial things that most humans hold dear. I suppose I can see it to
an extent. After all, when you have the ability to disrupt time/space,
that is powerful. If they were malicious, they could really mess things
up. This is why not every extra-terrestrial civilization has the ability
to time travel and I doubt that humans will acquire it anytime soon if
Just another example of how long a SHADOW can function for a contactee
that is away. A female contactee had recalled an experience of being
pregnant and giving birth. This was revealed to her in a "dream".
However, when she woke up, she fully expected to see the child there and
was shocked when she did not. Apparently, a SHADOW filled in for this
person for a number of months. When the contactee returned, it was night
and the SHADOW had not done anything to draw attention to the
experience. The woman just had the knowledge of having been pregnant and
giving birth; actually it was more than knowledge as they had all the
feelings and sensations that go along with such a complex and powerful
experience for a woman.
So if you know someone who has UFO experiences, you can truthfully look
at them and wonder if it's REALLY them or is it their SHADOW.
I must say the SHADOW system is a strange concept but it does explain
why people have told me that I said or did things that "I" never said or
did. Perhaps this has happened to you as well.
I only present the concept of the SHADOW for those that need it to
understand some cause of confusion in their lives. It is real; it does
happen. Those of you that have experienced it, you will know what I


Date: 3/3/00 2:25:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

--The Time Traveler [ mar.html ]

"The Bentwaters and Woodbridge Incidents."
-- [ ]

"Baffled at Bentwaters"
--A.J.S. Rayl [Salley Rayl]
Copyright (C) 1997 by Omni Publications International, Ltd.
[ ]

"Inside the forest, you could see some blue lights on the National
Security Agency (NSA) research building at Orford Ness.
"Rendlesham is at best half the case it was and may turn out to have
been little of any substance after all. It's likelihood of being a real alien
contact was never high and is now almost zero".
--Jenny Randles, as quoted in: 'Rendlesham Unravelled'
[ ]


Subj: Tim Travel
Date: 3/3/00 6:45:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

Although classified, there are and have been many dimensional overlaps
and interfaces......I suggest visiting the "ArtBell" sight and playing
the interview with "single Seven".
I think that analysis and exploration if not extrapolation will clarify
much speculation.
Truth from fiction requires your discernment......what are the facts?
This is as good of an explaination as any.....the quantum end of it
escapes me once a person goes past the six, seventh and eighth
It is a serious subject with real catastrophe waiting in the wings. That
is both factual and truthful.


Date: 3/5/00 12:23:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

P.S. Kind sir, it could only help to not rule out
a few basics in this case, (see below), for as the
physician's oath reminds us: "Do No Harm." To wit:

Meanwhile... back at the mind gland...

[]|||||||||^~^~^~(({Extrapolating a Configuration...}))~^~^~^|||||||||[]


"Emotional Consciousness: How and Where We Process Feelings, The second line -- the
'affective level' or 'feeling mind' --begins to develop at about the sixth month
and continues into childhood. Over time, the infant relates to an ever-larger world
than the breast and mother's cheek, establishing emotional attachments to parents,
siblings, aunts and uncles, pets, coding feelings on the second-line. This is the
level of feeling states, emotional memories, tears, tics, and stuttering. It can be
musical, develop images, and appreciate poetry. It's also where the strange images
found in children's drawings come from and, later, in the paintings of artists.
The second-line connot do calculus, but it can dream and mix emotions with first-line
sensation to form the guts and agony of experience. It can defend consciousness
against the terror of a first-line trauma and attenuate the force of low-lying
imprinted memory by converting the terror into fearful dreams with monsters trying
to strangle us, or to a phobia of enclosed places.

"The second-line encapsulates the sensations from the first-line. Under stress a
child may develop a choking sensation. It is the first-line intruding on the second.
A traumatic event such as incest which occurs at the age of four or five or six
largely involves the second line, and the suffering, feeling component of Pain is
stored on this level. When the second-line is in operation, the child has control
of the muscles of the body wall, and with that comes the ability to be tense in those
muscles to help block anxiety, which is, by and large, a first-line reaction.
To be more specific, anxiety is the result of a combination of deep bodily turbulence
with non-specific third-line cortical arousal. That means that specific deep Pain
stimulates the cortex in a diffuse way so that the person feels all activated without
knowing why. It feels bad, and we call it 'anxiety'. Once connected to real events
and real scenes in the past it is no longer anxiety; it is consciously integrated
deep memory.'" [...]

-- Dr. Arthur Janov From:

"There is one neurosis - many manifestations - and one cure... feeling".

"Feeling pain is the end of suffering".

"The number one killer in the world today is not cancer or heart disease; it is
repression. There is almost no disease, mental or physical, without repression.
Repression is the hidden force behind illness".
-- A. Janov

Repressed pain divides the self in two and each side wars with the other. One is the
real self, loaded with needs and pain that are submerged; the other is the unreal self
that attempts to deal with the outside world by trying to fulfill unmet needs with
neurotic habits or behavior, such as obsessions or addictions. The split of the self is
the essence of neurosis and neurosis can kill.

Pain that is the result of needs and feelings that have gone unfulfilled in early life.
Early unmet needs create what I call Primal Pain. Coming close to death at birth or
feeling unloved as a child are examples of such pain. The pain goes unfelt at the time
because the body is not equipped to experience it fully and deal with it. When the
pain is too much, it is repressed and stored away. When enough unresolved pain has
occurred, you lose access to your feelings and become neurotic.

Primal Therapy is important in the field of psychology, for it means, ultimately, the
end to so much suffering in human beings. Discovering a way to treat pain means
there is a way to stop the misery in which so many of us are mired every day of our
lives. After two decades of research , after dealing with thousands of patients with
every imaginable psychological and physical affliction, we have arrived at a precise,
predictable therapy that reduces the amount of time one spends in treatment and
eliminates all the wasted motion. It is a therapy that has been investigated by
independent scientists and the findings are consistent. Primal Therapy is able to
reduce or eliminate a host of physical and psychic ailments in a relatively short
period of time with lasting results.

Levels of Consciousness

Primal therapy is based on the assumption that very early
trauma can and does reside (is imprinted) in brainstem
structures in conjunction with the limbic system (the
"feeling" brain). Very deep, early trauma can
therefore account for a whole host of later symptoms
emanating from these structures, including attention deficit
disorder, aggressiveness, insomnia, sexual problems,
migraine headaches, heart palpitation, high blood pressure,
shortness of breath, anxiety and short attention span.
According to Paul Maclean of the Laboratory of Brain
Evolution in Poolesville, Maryland, human beings have a
"triune brain," made of up three elements: a
reptilian brain, the (primarily) brainstem structures we share
with reptiles; the paleomammalian brain, or limbic system,
which we have in common with other mammals; and the
mammalian brain, or neocortex.

Maclean has pointed out that these three brains operate like interconnected
computers, each with its own special function and memory. To account for
what we have seen in Primal Therapy, I have taken this concept further.
My discovery that Maclean's three brains are home to three distinct levels
of consciousness has become a cornerstone of Primal theory. Diagnosis,
prognosis, and access to feelings rely on this concept. I agree with McAllen
that these three levels of consciousness correspond to specific brain
structures and are intimately interconnected, though each level has different
functions. What each of these three brains does and how they interact are
fundamental to understanding neurosis.

*The first brain level to evolve, which I call "first-line consciousness,"
is the instinctive level. Largely located in the brainstem and hypothalamus,
it regulates vital functions.

*The limbic system is the seat of the emotional "second-line consciousness,"
where our feelings reside. It is mediated by the brain's limbic system and
temporal lobe.

*On the "third line" or cortical level, we reason and develop ideas,
integrating the input from the two lower levels, providing the meaning of

The development of each level of consciousness mirrors the evolutionary
development of our species. Just as hundreds of millions of years elapsed
between the evolution of the first line and the arrival of the thinking
cortex, a person's development of first-line consciousness far predates
the time when his neo-cortex functions. This helps explain how we can
experience trauma before we have words to describe what happened. And as
I will show, it helps explain how it's possible for us to be "unconscious"
of memories which affect us for a lifetime... [Cont.]


See also Paul Maclean's Triune Brain

_/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_

For entertainment purposes only!
Biomorphic Polarities

> Ancient Script...
> FRACTAL: The Hollow Knots
> MT-03<->05_2000

Subj: Anon, the time traveler
Date: 3/5/00 1:19:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

Ok Kent. I can accept the Dyslexia business. Not a problem. How about the name of this village in England that supposedly disappeared? I mean, if this really happened what is the name of the village that has vanished so that we have some simple concrete proof of what your 'friend' says, hmmmm? That would be nice. Unless it's just a nice fanciful story, that is... This story has holes you can walk a camel through.


Subj: [FWD: ***time and remote viewing***]Huang-ti
Date: 3/7/00 2:26:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

**********) Begin Forwarded Message (***********
|...| *** ********* on Remote Viewing (RV) July 1998

*** ********* wrote:

[Temporal] Backaction or "recurrence" in relative spacetime
is exactly what I have tried to explain to my family, friends,
the military, the FBI and others since 1969.
Though I have no background in physics and cannot cite
the history of the development of observational theories,
I have lived them. |...| Someday I may even post the series
of events which led up to my uneducated precognitive insights.
By the way, RV works just as well with a target photo in an
envelope as it does with an outbound team. It's not telepathy,
just precognition.
Actually, I was not part of the official RV unit(s). I was an NCO
attached to a Naval R&D unit which was developing the operational
parameters for lasar guided weapons back in the 70's. |...| By association
with the work I was doing and a few DIA [ ] reports, I
was able to chart the course of every major event in the Middle East for
the next 20 years. I was doing RV in the late 70's on DIA intelligence
briefs without realizing I was doing it until the events all occured just
as I had predicted them.I made a number of predictions that got me so
spooked when they actually happened, I came to the conclusion that many
folks who suffer paranoid delusions are actually precognitive and just
misinterpret their experiences as CIA mind control, a direct link to God,
outrageous ideas of influence, aliens controlling the planet like Courtney
Brown's crew believed in Atlanta, etc... I wonder whether or not there was
a connection between the Farsight Institute [ ]
and those poor saps who decided to take a ride on the comet???

In 1983 I was referred to SRI [ ] by one of their
employees when I told her about my impressions of what would happen
to the Marine Expeditionary Force in Beirut. I didn't get too far with that
due to the sensitive nature of the research studies and their source of

I've been experiencing precognition since 1969 and had subjectively
given it a lot of thought. Most psi phenomenon can be explained by
precognition, and we do it by association.

Currently, I am a psychiatric RN in *** ****. |...|

I'm still trying to learn what I can about the subject of consciousness.
|...| We're all precognitive because there exists a point where the
limits of physical form and spacetime are non-factors relative to our minds.
What causes this to be so is up for speculation, but I've been talking
about it since 1969.



Subj: Some answers... and even more questions
Date: 3/8/00 10:54:22 AM Pacific Standard Time


I've been reading your postings as the "Time Traveler" and some things that
you were saying might sound like complete sci-fi to most, but rang true
somewhere deep inside. In fact, even created a serious pain near my kidney
(right side) that hasn't gone away yet.

I was VERY interested in your statement about this being a parallel dimension
since 1972. In fact, for the past few years I've been trying to understand
exactly what happened then! I have pretty good evidence that my father was a
part of the Montauk experiemnts and he committed suicide in Nov. of that
year. In addition, some interesting things happened to me the following
month. Was August 7th the date? I've always felt I'm from the future and
haven't been able to understand why I feel that we've not only lived this
scenario before (many times!), but this track is one that is greatly
accelerating our evolution. Like, many were sent back to put this world on
the fast track.

I know things, and better yet end up in some amazing places unknowingly. I
moved from NYC to Cambridge (Gt. Abington),England, and lived near the forest
you mentioned (Littlebury Green/Audley End, where the witches were burned).
I now live inside the stone circle/henge at Avebury, Wiltshire. I've been
doing workshops on the merkaba mediatation and talking "instinctively" on
earth energy/ kundalini & the grids. Now I'm beginning to understand where
all this knowledge has come from! (linked to my father) I have had some life
altering experiences in Avebury that few have ever experienced, so I don't
talk about it often.

I wanted to answer your questions about August 11, 1999... that was the day
that was the exact planetary alignment that occurred at the Philadelphia
Experiment. Sirius was directly behind the Sun, plus the lineup in our solar
system. It was a powerful day & we had three groups here in England doing
energy work.

What day in 1972 did this solar flare happen? Is there any evidence of
anomalies recorded in any magazines or newspapers for that year?

Regarding your symbol, I have a theory. Take a look at my website at: and click on Conference Video link. There is a photo
there of the most important crop formation to have appeared, as many believe.
It's come up in context two other times today & I'm using it for a logo for a
non-prof regarding InterDimensional studies. The center of the formation has
this image, but seeing the whole thing might trigger something.

Hope you can answer my questions, and perhaps I can help in some way. Just
don't know how I know these things... but, I do. :)