Subj: They're Back! UFO over Trout Lake seen by 6 eyewitnesses, caught on film
Date: 4/8/01 3:11:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:  (James A Gilliland)

After a typical cold winter with snow, rain and cloudy skies, the sky
watches have started again on south side of Mt Adams in Trout Lake, WA.  Our
first sky watch was spectacular.  A very large luminous light, turquoise in
color, came in from the Southwest, elevation unknown.  It was pulsing a
green energy field and looked about four times brighter than Venus.  There
were six adults present and five children which are all writing statements.
As it crossed directly overhead, it threw off several, very large pulses of
light which seemed to have a psychological effect on the people below.
Something that cannot be put into words, yet most noticed the effect and
said something changed within them.  They became much more calm, at peace
with an inner knowing that some how they were connected and everything would
be all right.  This seems to be the consensus.  The object was filmed as it
passed half way through the sighting.   When it was directly overhead, it
expanded into what looked like infinity, disappearing in the camera, but to
the naked eye it remained.  These anomalies are not uncommon.

The UFOs often show clearly they have full control over camera equipment and
they decide what you are going to film.  They can even selectively block
their appearance to individuals all standing in a row, which has been
demonstrated both with individuals and camera equipment.  During our July
1st skywatch last year, a particular guest had a bad attitude.  He shot 9
photos of a UFO going directly overhead.  He was a professional
photographer. The guests and myself had no problem filming the UFO,  yet not
one of his pictures came out that night.  Clips of this event from two
different camcorders is available on the UFO video we offer through our

This supports our theory that the success of contact and documentation of
that contact has everything to do with an open mind, loving heart and pure
intent.  Now if NASA and SETI figure this out, we will be in business.

By the way, the Travel Channel, part of the Discovery Channel, just last
evening documented the FACT that the entire Yakima Valley here in south
central Washington state is a major UFO hotspot.

If anyone out there knows how to contact Greg Long, please let us know.

James Gilliland
Self-Mastery Earth Institute, ECETI
PO Box 281, Hood River, Oregon 97031
(509) 395-2092