BARDSQUILL: UFOmag making confusing statements
BARDSQUILL: So far as I am aware, the three photographs have never collectively appeared in print or on
the Internet
, although it is patently clear that the photograph from our March/April 1997
issue of UFO Magazine and that currently doing the rounds on the Internet are one and the
FRIEND: no doubt about it  
BARDSQUILL: Need actual photographer
FRIEND: this is incredible
BARDSQUILL: UFOmag was going to do a story then did not; meanwhile remember Greer zoomed to Scotland in a Learjet to pick up fotos about 1997
oh, forgot about that
FRIEND: M[anon] says it looks like she saw on x-files sometime back around 1997 too
BARDSQUILL: See if I can find Greer story
FRIEND: I have his new book, wonder if it's in there
BARDSQUILL: have this too
FRIEND: that's your platform
FRIEND: this is way too weird, how this guy is saying the pic was caught on his camera when he was abducted
BARDSQUILL: need to try to find the guy
FRIEND: yeah
BARDSQUILL: I remember that Greer swooped into Scotland in somebody's Learjet, maybe Rockefeller's, grabbed photos and never released them, made everybody mad.
FRIEND: got to check that out
BARDSQUILL:  UFOmag puts the freakin pic on cover with more info promised
FRIEND: oh yeah, tease and freeze
FRIEND: wish you could come on Paltalk
FRIEND: Aurora navigator on now
BARDSQUILL: paltalk download screwed up
I'm tape recording
FRIEND: [name, edited]
This is him
FRIEND: not so far... hang on
BARDSQUILL: name is [edited]
BARDSQUILL: punted, name is [edited]
FRIEND: was a navigator in the Aurora for 12 years.  nobody is talking right now.  hang on
BARDSQUILL: same guy as scotland photographer?
FRIEND: no, not the same
FRIEND: he said he was another planet for 3 years
BARDSQUILL: Jeez, get him to write his story
FRIEND: he said he's been lecturing a couple weeks. He wrote to Dr. Greer and hasn't heard back from him yet

FRIEND: aurora navigator is 55 years old. just starting to talk
FRIEND: I'm taping

FRIEND: story sounds pretty familiar so far, talking about the ET history... up to 1946
FRIEND: genetically enhanced 216 children, he is child #9
FRIEND: he developed trip to moon, etc.
FRIEND: he worked on Aurora 3
FRIEND: it can fly at almost at speed of light, he volunteered for that
FRIEND: the shielding on the plane from the plasma had a leak and it did a lot of damage to his body
FRIEND: his skin powders off because of it
FRIEND: his molecular structure was rearranged in a subtle way
BARDSQUILL: is this voice?
FRIEND: he was picked up by a big mother ship.
FRIEND: it took 3 years to get to the planet, spent 3 years there and 3 years back
FRIEND: I'm taping
FRIEND: ETs can't live in gravity anymore
FRIEND: they can only work in outer space
FRIEND: abductions are done in family lines for the most part
FRIEND: they are collecting the DNA
FRIEND: the moon in the sky is not a real body ... it's artificial, 70 feet down is metal
FRIEND: on the dark side of the moon is mining operations and bases
FRIEND: they have a base where they fly from the moon to a star system 250 light years away
FRIEND: they are using the moon as a local base
FRIEND: most ETs species are over 10000 years advanced ahead of us
FRIEND: some species are even 100,000 years ahead of us
BARDSQUILL: keep typing i'll make a copy
FRIEND: they are working to try to get us to have a one-world governmental system
FRIEND: communications is the biggest problem
FRIEND: too many people have a negative nature
FRIEND: other advanced planets have had these types of beings eliminated ... they want only positive oriented beings
FRIEND: they have helped mankind over the century with technology
FRIEND: unfortunately, other cultures in our history didn't capitalize on it, some only a little
FRIEND: they have given various cultures different things, trying to spread the technology out  
FRIEND: they gave rockets to the Chinese first
FRIEND: The U.S. has made the best progress technologically
FRIEND: however, they don't want to make the greatest benefits for the greatest amounts of people
FRIEND: they have to trickle the technology in otherwise there would be no jobs for people
FRIEND: Dymler Chrysler is coming out with the new engine which is from them
FRIEND: we need more spiritual development because we are too violent
FRIEND: off worlders do believe in the trinity and God
FRIEND: but there are too many religions here that disagree with each other
FRIEND: the planet he went to is near Sirius. The planet is about 1/3 the size of earth.  Is a lot of water there.  
FRIEND: sky is light purple. their sun is a small white sun
FRIEND: there are some air breathers there, and some methane breathers which is like going to an aquarium
FRIEND: the planet goes around Sirius B
BARDSQUILL: sounds like the dogon ets
FRIEND: exactly.
FRIEND: there are 82 races of people on that planet, and many sub-species
FRIEND: it belongs to the United Federation of Planets
FRIEND: humans are pretty crude in comparison to them
BARDSQUILL: we been space traveling since 46?
FRIEND: he did, maybe some before him.  
BARDSQUILL: means the germans made it out there in their vril craft
FRIEND: one of the greys who comes here are not very nice, and they look different than the ones who they work for
FRIEND: they are like worker bees
FRIEND: there is a reptilian group like that too
BARDSQUILL: great, just great
BARDSQUILL: more from him?
FRIEND: talking about the base on the back of the moon. The ETS use thought adjustments in people during the night
FRIEND: we should watch the movie " The Day the Earth stood still" also "Independence Day'   
FRIEND: there are two hostile groups we are still dealing with
FRIEND: the popular video that has been shown on TV was a possible test of our capability where we shot at a craft from the ground
FRIEND: The PLATFORM actually has other crafts inside of it
FRIEND: The craft over Phoenix was a TR-4
FRIEND: There is also a TR-5 which carries the TR-3 and TR-4 inside of it
FRIEND: The TR-5 is a carrier craft
FRIEND: they are building 219 of these craft right now

FRIEND: they had to do a massive cleanup of Area 51 because the Aurora flights did so much pollution there.  They are now increasing the size of Area 51  
FRIEND: There are now 5 other places where they do some of the work also.  The more advanced stuff is in other places
FRIEND: Most of the work being done at area 51 now is cleanup from the TR-2 pollution
FRIEND: The government doesn't want the public to know all the dangerous stuff they did there that polluted the area
FRIEND: They are trapping the small animals so they don't get out of the area.
FRIEND: when I'm done taping, I'll copy it and send you a copy
FRIEND: The US and Great Britain is looked upon as the most positive races of humans

ACIO controls everything
FRIEND: CIA monitors everyone in these rooms on Paltalk
FRIEND: one guy was pinged 351 times last night, others were also
FRIEND: there will be no photos forthcoming to avoid 'JAIL'.  
BARDSQUILL: did he send triangular photo?
FRIEND: no, that was someone else
BARDSQUILL: His ACIO reference was a score
FRIEND: I put the TR-3B stuff on the new page
BARDSQUILL: The ACIO is a secret or unacknowledged department of the
                       NSA. It is headquartered in Virginia, but also have personnel
                       in Belgium, India, and Indonesia.  
FRIEND: ah  :-)
BARDSQUILL: They are largely unknown,
                       even to senior directors within the NSA. The ACIO is the
                       lowest profile organization within the entire intelligence
                       community. Its agenda is to research, assimilate, and replicate
                       any technologies or discoveries of extraterrestrial origin.
FRIEND: they are trying to silence the speaker and corrupting his computer from outside by pinging it