7/24/02 2:49:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello again,
Was checking San Diego's local news this morning to try to find if any info had been reported on military simulation due to begin today, found this instead:
and this
used your link to
Cruiser Destroyer Group 3
Sub squad 3 and specs
prettty heavy contingent setting sail. I would imagine this "simulation" will employ both HAARP and Clam Lake signals. I wonder if they're laying down barium in San Diego.
Fine tuning?
On another note checked the magnometer for 20010402 and there abouts, there was very similar gaps prior to the April 2001 flare, still don't have a clue but always looking.
Was sorry to see the Forum shut down...and just when I thought I might get my toes wet. But have to say, as a lurker, that after your crash the enmity level of the posters did spike. Strange energy with some of the folks who showed up after the crash. Had a thought that you might want to check out and email David Lybrand who runs the hyperrust.org website (are you neil fans?)...lurking there for years he's had more than his share of crashes, provider blues and changes and major troller FLAME WARs. Might give you some ideas or a forum admin support group.
Missing the forum but loving the website...glad you weren't down too long (thought I'd was about to have major withdrawal as would the guys at the gas station) we all love your posts.
Thanks for all your hard work,