Subj: What's wrong with this picture ?
Date: 9/27/01 10:00:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

Just saw this map on AOL and thought about an early post re: a seer who urged Bush that this WTC was a trap and to be careful. Look at the following map.

Suppose you were, let's say Kadafi, Ben Lauden, Hussein, or the Ayatolla, and you were sick and tired of the US adn UN economic sanctions against you country  and your people starving to death and being a third world nation despite being oil rich but distribution poor.

Would you make a deal with the devil to lure your enemy into a strategically comromised situtation that would have major devastating effects on you sworn enemy?

If I am not mistaken, the major buildup of military in the Gulf makes the US and allies a shooting duck for the sleeping giant to knock off in one Major nuclear Land, Air attack.

Would the Soviets risk a major Nuclear full scale war ? Probably, what do they have to loose ? An non-exsistant economy, and possible world domination which is their philosophy anyways.

All this goes in line with the predictions on your site Click here: WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG COMING  and others that I have sent you re: the A.C.Bhaktivadanta Swami the Founder Acharya for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness which can be fouind here.

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