Subj: Re: Kent, what is your take on this object going across Sun?

Date: 11/12/03 6:37:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here is an excerpt from the GLP poster, Perseus. Some more info:

We have a srange object transit at the face of the Sun.

I dont know what is it but sure is not a plane or helicopter..

The message was posted at *alt.telescopes.meade* under the subject.....

* Sunspot astrophotos * from < EXT_Astro_Boy < >

and the message is.........

< Hi all,

Last week before So. Cal was overcome by fire and smoke I managed to get

a few shots of the large sunspots that were visible at the time.

These were shot with my Meade ETX-105 an Orion 20mm Expanse eyepiece and

my Casio Qv3500 ex digicam.

The solar filter was hommade using Baader solar film.

Here are two of the shots:

I also noticed in 3 of my closeup images that there was apparently an

object in transit across the face of the sun. I created an animated GIF

of these three. If anyone can tell me what the object might be I´d

appreciate it.

The transit shot is here:

Take a look and tell me what you think?