Subj: the TOWER card
Date: 11/5/01 8:30:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear kent,

The quote below could have been written by my best friend and myself, but it
wasn't.  She is a Class 4A psychic who doesn't want to work for the
government unless they force her to be as a remote viewer.  I am a mere
class A in relative terms and 4A in science.  I was totally freaked by the
month of W and M class flares with no difference in the weather.  Any poor
soul who was within hearing distance at the grocery store got an earful on
the energy problems of unmanifested  X and M class flares. By Monday the
tenth I was a basket case. I launched 23 auctions on EBAY, all were wrong.
The universe had me up at 3 am fixing all the @$#@## auctions.  I returned
to bed at 6 AM which I NEVER do.  Somewhere between eastern time 8 and 9 I
felt the incoming in my sleep.  I was one buzz from head to toe for about a
half hour. A call came from my class 4A psychic friend instructing us to
turn on the TV.  My husband woke me up to se the carnage in this dimension.
In my semi-dreamlike state my initial reaction was that we are doing it to
ourselves.  The symbolism of the twin towers collapsing cannot be
trivialized.  To manifest a card symbol into the third dimension takes an
ENORMOUS amount of energy-enough energy to diffuse subsequent events.
Ultimately this may have been what caused the demise of flight 93, the lack
of destructive energy available to complete their mission.

Almost two months later I still believe this was a staged event to alter the
balance of power.

The election of 2000 was a coup d'etat.  Goodbye liberties. Goodbye

Best regards,
M. S. Curie
The picture of the tower manifesting with all the world viewing was the
brutally graphic and symbolic ending of the

Dear Kent, I spent the afternoon with another "class A psychic", meaning we
have intense abilities beyond the love-lorn crowd. The article on plutonium
ties up all the loose ends and rings true. We have known that the anthrax
"scare" has been a hoax all along but could not balance it with another
idea. Please encourage your readers to follow the path of radiation. We need
to hear from people wearing radiation detectors in their daily life, as is
common in hospitals.

On another note, when the M and X class flares are not released in the
energy of weather ( hurricane Michelle) we will see them manifest in the
third dimension in unpredictable ways. One month of M and X class flares
with no appreciable weather and we had the Tarot Card " Tower" manifest in
full color on our TV screens. I didn't believe in all that crap until I saw
it with my own eyes.


(Is Much of the Eastern U.S. Now an Irradiated No Man's Land with Anthrax as a Cover-up?)


1. It is the opinion of the Chemical Corps that a public release of some type should be made relative to the forthcoming tests of RW muitions at Dugway Proving Ground, Tooele, Utah, starting 18 October 1949.

DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments: ACHRE Report