5/10/00 10:49:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent:

The following images will probably get me the "Access Denied" award for 2000. But, what the heck, I'm willing to chance it anyway.

Here's a brief history: I first noticed this anomaly a couple of hours ago while reviewing the filtered C2 images at the SOHO lastest images page:

Page Ref:


Image Ref:


After reviewing 20 or so images, I happened to notice the small anomaly seen in the 02:06ut C2, and it struck me as quite odd that the image frame  would have a measuring line covering the head of the object. So I retrived a copy of the original B&W realtime image from: Mars-News

Archive Ref:


And, needless to say, the anomaly was totally un-obscured by a measuring line.

Please Note: The enhancements which follow are completely un-adulterated. They have, however, been captured at 300 dpi, interpolated to 4800 dpi, and then both compressed and reduced to 150 dpi, for emailing purposes. The one exception to this procedure has been the colorization of the anomalous object, this image frame has been carefully masked and colorized. Any alterations which may be found to this image are entirely unintentionable and also quite irrelevant to the issue now at hand.

Very Best Regards,

Colonel Ervin