Subj: Time Travel: Looking backward
Date: 11/22/01 8:05:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

The following is an exerpt from a transcript of a Tibetan Time Transference performed by SDM before an audience of approximately 700 people on Saturday, August 27, 1994.  He says that Time can also be a stream. Instead of going into the past one can astral travel into the future -- it is a Tibetan Time Transference Technique he learned at the T'ang Boché monastery in Nepal, which is 30 miles from Mount Everest at the foot of Mt. Ama Dham Lam. The following gives a pretty good idea of what's in store for Earth!
Sean explains: "THIS IS NOT CHANNELING! I am NOT giving up my body or essence to some other spirit or entity. I am, quite literally, trading places with myself at a future time. It is totally different from channelling."
"It came at the same time as the Sign In The Sky. After the striking of the great comet, the great meteor, after the nuclear weapons were finally leashed. By your timing, and I am not very good with the old calendar, it would be... In our calendar it would be seven years B.I. (Before the Immanuella) which would be from our year zero back 7 or 8 to your year 2027.

The comet struck directly after much of the nuclear weapons were loosed at the area that in the old tongue was called China. There was a period where there was timelessness, where there was a great thick cloud that was over the planet for those periods of 7 or 8 old standard years, and then there was a Great Sign in the sky. The Great Sign, as it has been told to me, was of all the Vimanas, Conveyances, crafts, transports..... all of the great Starships of the Galactic and Inter-Galactic Federations that did not interfere in our history but simply appeared - on this one day at our year zero, and appeared in the sky for one full day, so that all of mankind could see that we were part of a greater whole. So that all of mankind could see that we were not to be left alone, that we had something to work towards. Even though they did not interfere, it came as a great revelation for many people on the planet."