New finding! 

6/26/02 11:21:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

You might want to add this to your link to us -
In the new article (Gathering Dark Skies) we document the existence of
bodies of unknown type and origin roughly over Alberta/Manitoba Canada.
The raw GOES data was then stopped for a couple of weeks. After the
return of the data, there were no objects to be seen, grouped in that
area. There were singles in various places. But sometime between the
24th and the25th they returned. This time we placed them somewhere very
close to Calgary. Then it struck me like a hammer over the head! The
conference at Calgary with the G8. Here's what cnn says about it:

"The G8 is composed of the United States, Britain, Canada, France,
Germany, Italy,
                 Japan and Russia.

                 In the wake of violent anti-globalization
demonstrations during last year's summit in
                 Genoa, Italy, that left one protester dead, Chretien
arranged to hold this year's
                 meeting in this remote outpost about 60 miles west of
Calgary, Alberta, rather than
                 in a major Canadian city.

                 Access to the site is restricted, with thousands of
                 police and soldiers on patrol to prevent disruptions."

Interesting! Secluded and right where these things are showing up. Sure
would like to be a fly on the wall. I don't think all of the negotiating
possible will stop what's coming.

thanks Kent,
gary d. goodwin