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Please forward to Ms. Beth A. Wilkinson

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Ms. B.A. Wilkinson: Former US Federal Prosecutor in OKC McVeigh Bombing Trial

CC: Timothy McVeigh Attornies: Mr. Nathan Chambers & Rob Nigh (nchambers@ccdzlaw.com, rnigh@brewsterlaw.com), Princeton Graduates: (paw@princeton.edu), and Media....

RE: CORRUPT FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: Ms. Beth A. Wilkinson, involved in OKC/McVeigh trial, Noriega 'coverup' trial, and more....


"Ms. Wilkinson's legal career began in the office of the Army General Counsel where, as a Captain, she worked on the prosecution of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. She then spent four years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, where she was responsible for the prosecution of fraud, RICO and narcotics cases. In 1995, she returned to Washington as Counsel to then Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick. At the Department of Justice, Ms. Wilkinson also advised the Attorney General and other Administration officials on criminal matters. Within three months of being promoted to the position of Principal Deputy for the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section of the Criminal Division, Ms. Wilkinson was hand picked to serve on the Oklahoma City prosecution team."

[Ms. Wilkinson prosecuted Manuel Noriega? Interesting 'coincidence'... there were some decidedly 'fishy' occurrences that went on in the Noriega trial, they involved a "Mr. Mueller" (currently at the Federal Bureau of Incompetent's) and a "Mr. Carlos Lehder" (See HOSTAGES: A Multi-Part FTW Special Investigation - Carlos Lehder pt.1 at: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ciadrugs/part_1.html and HOSTAGES: AIG, pt 2 at http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ciadrugs/part_2.html), and then Mr. Lehder resurfaces in the Florida 'rig the Presidential election voter fraud' scandal -- lending Bushy $40 million to buy off votes (See www.skolnicksreport.com)! Ms. Wilkinson, you sure are moving in some very CORRUPT CIRCLES, ARE YOU NOT? Care to add 'traitor' to your legal pedigree?]

Formerly an assistant United States Attorney and captain in the Army General Counsel's office.
Over the past year, she led a significant pro bono effort to support the National Committee to Prevent Wrongful Executions (guess her guilty conscience for sending a man to his death?). For this engagement, the firm provided research and prepared analyses of death penalty cases to assist the Committee in its efforts to improve the capital litigation process throughout the country.

During the Oklahoma City bombing trials, Ms. Wilkinson was responsible for delivering the closing argument that resulted in a death sentence for McVeigh and the summation that led to the conviction of Nichols. She also was responsible for the discovery prior to the trials, the presentation of numerous major witnesses, and jury selection. Ms. Wilkinson also handled the complex area of forensic evidence in the case, including the processing of the crime scene, forensic analysis and presentation of all major expert witnesses. [In other words she was the whore who 'managed the coverup' of documents, who refused to interview General Partin, she was the Government Patsy in charge of LYING TO THE PEOPLE!]

Wilkinson gave the summation in the death-penalty phase. "The premeditation, the fact that he was a traitor, that he killed civilians--19 children under five--the death penalty was justified. I hope it will provide some deterrent, and it obviously will prevent him from using prison to promote his cause."

[Ms. Wilkinson, if I was a 'traitor', why did ol Dubya Bushy boy give me a pardon and a fake execution? Guess there are more traitors than one?]

When the prosecution team left the courtroom after the verdict, people stood on the street to cheer and applaud. "People don't cheer for trial lawyers, normally," Wilkinson explained, then smiled. "I still get choked up. I felt that in working on the trial, I was following the motto of Princeton in the Nation's Service, as my dad, a member of the Class of 1961, did. He was a nuclear-sub captain. It's been an obligation and a privilege to do my public service this way."

[Oh, my goodness, YOU were ON TRIAL, to see if YOU WOULD GIVE ME A FAIR TRIAL! YOU FAILED MISERABLY.... you poor ignorant idiot!]

"Like so many, I was shocked by the bombing," she said.

[Shocked by the bombing, but didn't give a flying fuck about the murder of men, women and children at Waco, that didn't bother you one little bit, cause of course it was done by your own government! YOU ARE THE TRAITOR!]

"I couldn't believe it had happened here in the USA, or that two Americans would do this to their own people. I wanted to represent not just the victims, but everyone in the country who was horrified.

[Guess, you also couldn't believe that once upon a time, there were men who were considered 'terrorists' by the British, they founded the Constitution of America! Guess they didn't teach you that at law school, did they?]

"It's still hard to grasp why he did it.                                

[Hard to grasp why I did it? Why don't you contact me and I'll tell you EXACTLY WHY? Chicken? Want to know the real truth? I BET YOU, YOU COULDN'T HANDLE IT! Wanna find me, call Tenet at Langley, or see if Dubya will answer your calls!]


Timothy James McVeigh
(still alive and well, and IN ACTION!)


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• Latham & Watkins Wins The International Law Firm Of The Year Award

June 27, 2002


Ms. Wilkinson specialises in WHITE COLLAR criminal DEFENSE... she likes to defend 'white collar criminals'! How nice? Patriots and Militia are sent to the gas chamber! White Collars plead not guilty thanks the Fifth Amendment (probably the only amendment the attorneys at Latham and Watkins consider worth keeping? Who is the traitor?

Latham and Watkins conscience is spelt D-O-L-L-A-R? And lots of em!

Latham & Watkins 'Roots':

With the flip of a coin to determine whose name would come first, Dana Latham and Paul Watkins founded their two-person law firm in Los Angeles in January 1934. That coin toss, and the unique pairing of the two lawyers' abilities and visions, laid the groundwork for Latham & Watkins as it exists today: One of the world's largest and most successful law firms with more than 1,400 lawyers. Our lawyers are committed to continuing the standard of hard work, unsurpassed skill and intense client loyalty first set forth by the firm's founders nearly 70 years ago.

Despite the grim economic circumstances of the early '30s, Latham & Watkins thrived from the start, attracting enough substantial clients to show profitable operations in its first year. Some of those early clients, or their successors in interest, continue to this day as valued and loyal clients of Latham & Watkins – a result of the founders' dedication, instilled within the firm, to providing legal representation of the highest quality [to the biggest crooks!].

By 1939, the firm was enjoying considerable success and modest growth (Latham & Watkins had doubled its size to four lawyers). The outbreak of World War II in Europe and the direct entry by the United States into that war after Pearl Harbor, however, propelled the firm to new heights [War is good for the 'legal crook' business! Let us not mention that 'Pearl Harbour' was 'anticipated', just like the Gulf of Tonkin, and others!]. Mr. Watkins, whose focus was general business and labor law, and Mr. Latham, a tax law specialist who later served as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue under President Eisenhower, had such extensive experience in their respective fields they were amply prepared to meet the many labor, economic and regulatory challenges presented by the WWII effort.

Latham & Watkins stayed relatively small in size until the '60s, when the founding partners embarked on a dramatic course of expansion. That aggressive growth, which has resulted in the establishment of full-service law offices throughout the United States and in Asia and Europe, was by no means an accident. Since Latham & Watkins' inception, lawyers charged with guiding the firm have engaged in detailed, long range, forward planning that has established Latham among the world's leading firms, regularly appearing in the uppermost spots of major publications' "top firm" surveys.

Today, Dana Latham and Paul Watkins' legacy continues. Our attorneys, who have significant client relationships with nearly every investment bank on Wall Street and with major companies in almost every conceivable sector, embrace the spirit of teamwork and commitment to quality that has long distinguished Latham & Watkins.
[One wonders if their 'public relations' is designed by Hill & Knowton, the fellows who 'engineered' the Persian Gulf War!]

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