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Kent: Here is a new viewpoint on reading the heavens as Planet X comes into our foray. RA speaks of the phallus of the infidels.

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Rush,  John...a very interesting interview, revealing quite a lot and more than the hosts considered..
go to cyberspaceorbit.com and near the topfrontpage is a paragraph of links.. go to the James McCanney Interview..it is current and ...just listen to it..


I listened, but the Planet X theory ( http://www.updated.com/search/?wid=12222&text=nibiru )is confused ancient
spiritualism. The scientists all  fail to comprehend what the ancients were talking about. The heavens speak of an End Times of terrible destruction. The objective is to lock the calendar of the Ages. The Zecharia Sitchen and the other "scientists" are selling great spin, but that is all they understand. The story has profound effect on civilization because they are the anchors of all religions and cultures.

Not that it isn't vastly important, it is just that the scientists fail to comprehend the Serpent in the Sky. Science is arrogant, but it sells books when it is not "true science."

A professor named Richard A. Day of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio gave me a copy of a manuscript he was attempting to publish in 1998. It was titled, Nibiru, Planet X: Evidence From Antinquity, 1998. He provides the orbital parameters for Planet X. The best he could do on the date was that its closest position to the sun would be 2068 years before 1998. That makes the dat 68 BC. However, the ancients were not setting a path of a Planet X, they were preparing the world for Judgment Day. That is the path taken by Nibiru. It could not be more perfectly set if I had simply drawn it by hand.

I put the orbital information in my planetarium program and ran the orbit.

See the following links.

View toward Alpha Crux the home port for Nibiru, according to R.A. Day.
This is the Phallus of the Centaurs of Babylon, Afghanistan, etc.

View toward the top of the Phallus of Osiris at the Queen of Sheba.

Close up of the Alpha Crux home.

Close up of the Queen of Sheba.

Now we know why the Mesopotamians drew large phalluses on the Centaur/Sagittarius.
The story of Chiron the Centaur is that he alone could get people across the River Styx on his raft.
The location of the seed of the Centaur is the place where Nibiru calls home at the Ankh of Egypt and the Phallus of the Centaur, Alpha Crux. This is also the center of the Christian Golgotha, and the tearful eye of the Utchat of Egypt. When Christ comes to town riding a donkey, we have the Centaur, Donkey Man.

This is the Babylonian version of Sagittarius.

This is the Egyptian version of Sagittarius.

This is the Arab celestial sphere and Nibiru passes ninety degrees from the "extra hole" at the north, which goes through Auriga and the Gateway of Men to Seventh Heaven.

Obviously the Greeks preferred a different perspective of Chiron's Cave.
I would call this one the cave of the Rose of Sharon

But for my money, I would bet on the Queen of Sheba to get to the top of the world.
For, the Peacock is Thoth at the "extra hole" at the south.

This information tends to confirm the idea John McGovern has regarding the Sabaians and their Queen of Sheba story.

As for the date of the planet, it is not necessary.

Akhetaten zenith cross.

Akhetaten nadir cross.

Now we have the true cross of Ireland and Hendaye.

This cross has three poles and four nails.
The Poles are the north galactic pole, NGP;
the north ecliptic pole, NEP;
the north celestial pole, NCP.
The four nails are the locations on the NGP and NEP meridian at the north celestial pole circle,
and the two location as ninety degrees.

Together with the polar circle they represent the Celtic Cross, or rather the other way around.

The bottomline? The Nibiru-Planet X mystery is another mystery of time and timekeeping. Nibiru ties into Teotihuacan, because they both are drawings of the celestial Celtic cross.

Now, come December 4, 2002 there will be a total solar eclipse. Where will it occur? At Chiron's Cave. Or, as the newly found Red Crown suggests, it may be the Rose of Sharon that has all the attention.
Now we are ready to Capture the Flag. Whose? Bin Laden? Hussein? North Korea? Bush? Stay tuned, the next few months, maybe the next 24 months, look to be incredibly important.


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Subj:I found the Red Crown!!!
Date:11/11/02 8:04:38 PM Pacific Standard Time

Objective versus Esoteric Truth.

Any wisdom system that expect to survive more than a few generations has to have objective references to the esoteric meanings. The more the objective and the esoteric intermingle, the greater is the assurance of "eternal life." By objectivity in this discussion I mean some substance that can carry meaning.

As a perfect example, Egypt has been well known for the two crowns of the king, or any important figure in the guise of a king or neter. So, what are the objective elements to keep the crowns of the Two Land alive for eternity?

Take a look at this image.
It shows the sky above and below the Western Horizon of Giza. At the feet of Sagittarius, the archer, there is a constellation called the Corona Borealis. This crown can be found on the head of Tutankhamun as the Blue War crown.

The image is taken from King Tut's "Hope Chest." It shows King Tut gaining the "upper ground" against his foes; personal mistakes. The archer's bow and the chariot represent Sagittarius and Auriga, the Charioteer, combined in a War of Worlds in which the King is under the hieroglyph of heaven. See the close up at the following link.

Just above the hieroglyph for heaven is a serpent's skin and a layer of flowers. These symbolize Lower and Upper Egypt, which means King Tut is beyond reality in his struggle to find reality. The journey depicted in the vignette is the transition out of the Abyss at the moment of the Rising Sun of Enlightenment, whom Tut, and every Pharaoh, represented. Everything beneath the serpent is "irrational" esoteric non-sensible experience. It is nonsense because Tut does not wear the Red Crown, nor does he have the flail. This is where most people spend their whole lives. The hope is to overcome the War of the Worlds. (John Str, this would be the preconscious ego state of Freud's system.)

Now go back to the first image and look for a passageway out of the Under World of misunderstood trials.
When the War Crown is removed as a result of the epiphany between Sagittarius and Antinous, the child on the Eagle's wings, the individual acquires the Flail at Antinous and the Crook in the constellation Ara, the Altar. The constellation Ara was the Red Crown of rational experience. The Shepherd's Crook symbolizes the leadership potential of one who has the correct ideas. It is red, because we do not gain true rational experience without pain. There is no gain without pain. Once we understand the "price" to be paid for rational understanding, we can choose to wear the Red Crown of completed initiation. If we do not accept the flail of wisdom learned, then we will go on in the struggle known as the War of the Worlds. The two worlds are the abyss of self conception outside of reality. The striving ego struggles to overcome personal mistakes. Like standing by a 140 foot boat for five hours and thinking it is 25-30 long. The arrogant ego simply denies the Two Crowns and usurps the mistaken identities of failed attempts as a form of victory.

Next to the Red Crown is the constellation Norma. This constellation is the hieroglyph for neter, or as the Egyptologists call it "god." The "flag" of the neter is in a dark rift called the Cave of Hades, and on the other side of the cave is the wolf Lupus, whom the Egyptians called the jackal, Anubis. Thus, when Sagittarius-Auriga finds the flail and the reward of the Red Crown he is given the flag of the gods of Egypt as Anubis directs him across the plane of the Milky Way.  Above the plane of the Milky Way and the Ecliptic is the Northern Crown, Corona Borealis. This crown is the laurel wreath worn by the emperors of Rome. But, beyond the laurel wreath is Bootes. In his hand is the Crook that was planted in the Red Crown. With the Crook in one hand and the plow in the other hand, Bootes rises to the Elysian Fields of Osiris, and Seventh Heaven of Muhammad. On his head is the White Crown of Upper Egypt. This is the passage known for at least ten thousand years, if not 50,000 years, as the Gateway of Gods. It is simple handwriting. The hieroglyph for "god" is written in the cave, or den, of Anubis. So, it means an individual can win the War of the Worlds, if they can walk out of the grave under their own power.

Esoteric wisdom does not have the Red Crown. Nor can esoteric wisdom ever get through the Gateway of the Gods, because esoteric wisdom is head knowledge rather than wisdom. This is the power of all "ivory tower" academic establishments. They cannot give physical experience to the initiates, because their methods are purely academic. Now, should an initiate enter "boot camp" and then go off to war, they will undoubtedly earn the Red Crown, if they can come back at all. The risk of not making it through the Gateway of Gods and getting hung up in the Crooked Serpent, is why most men choose to go through the Gateway of Men. That gateway involves taking Elijah's Chariot to the upper world on a "free ride." Most people take this route. They have the rational knowledge because someone else had the raw experience. Men attempt to raise the women and children through this gate, because it is a lot easier than watching them die trying. The Great Shepherds of all religions take this route for their flocks. Real wisdom is the union of truth, emotion, and logic, which the sages call reasonable reality, and it comes only when failure is overcome. It cannot be explained. But, once someone gets through the Gateway of the Gods, they learn the virtue of humility, by becoming aware of how difficult they made the journey. Coming out of the grave of self willed confusion is the most difficult thing we ever try to do. Many are called, but few will choose to crawl through that dark rift, where angel's fear to tread. But, within the dark hollow at Norma is the light of normalcy that leads to Kingdom Come.


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Kent: by the reckonings of the RA, Rush Alen, we have some screwed up calculations by the 'astronomer priests on the returning positions of Nibiru'

Do you get it?

If the Santorini event is the closest  possible story..then perhaps it is a planet x variable...when you go to those links..it does indicate that said planet had a different COSMIC  perspective with regard to the ancient megalithic notations..

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Rush: i'm reading the most uptotheminute science report on the history of the planet x discovery by our modern scientists..

If we recognize that its fast passing passage may bring it into a place between earth and sun in 2003.. then , well...there will be a whole lot of shakingoinon... but lets look at 1600 BCE approximately the time when this rogue passed through the solar system... it is suggested that it dragged in VENUS! and as a lucifer angel is must have been brighter then, then it is now! 1600 BCE is around the 14th dynasty?



could you check this out? if this were fact..then over a period of hundreds of years..the earth's ecology would be correcting itself...when the sun rose in the west ? no..that can't be right...unless everything actually spun 180 degrees..so today our east was the Egyptian West? then all the calculations at Giza to the stars from 2600 BCE would be wrong..

The evidence at Giza is overwhelming that nothing happened after 2600 BC. There is nothing at Giza that is not explained that could support the Planet X theory. Giza is a total explanation.

More importantly, the caves at Lascaux prove that the earth did not tilt after 15,000 BC.

If Planet X came 3660 years ago, the evidence ad Giza is enough to debunk the Planet X theory. But, if the people were orienting themselves toward Praesepe in 15,000 BC, or 17,000 BP, that would amount to 4.6 orbits of Planet X.

The image http://www.holistic-education.org/images/PlanetXlocations.gif at the site you gave has a position of Planet X that is inconsistent with the theory.

Look at these four images and realize that the monuments in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica do not point to the location given above just below the Hyades.





This orbit has the correct trajectory and the correct period.

The ideas of something beyond materialistic science are valid. But, there is no need to creat a ficticious planet to fulfill the valid paradigm shift. The valid paradigm shift is that the End of the World will be behind us. And the New Golden Age will be around us. People will stop looking for the coming Kingdom, and start to appreciate the current Cosmic Kitchen.

so how to explain the perfect alignments if the world then, went hay-wire...


this is from part 2....

12/21/02 6:09:25 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: now try to follow me on this one...
when I read the updates on Harrington's position of the planetx report, I immediately noted that Rush Allen had already noted that based on the R.A. Day information...the response I got from Rush is quite something... see if you follow it...
Bruce NYC
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Rush: in black and white is says clearly that
Harrington did the math and found planet x in
Centaurus...wow! how did you figure it out..
I even emailed McCanney...no response...
I said simply: "while you talk in vague circumspect
thoughts about cometary disasters...all anyone wanted
to know was do you think that Hall and Allen have
got the position right? >>

now...if it doesnt' come within a clams distance
of the sun...then what was all the fuss about?
could it be draggin in some debris...maybe?



Washington, D.C.
July 12, 1988 12:00 pm
Harrington Planet X
Distance from Earth: 103.297878 astronomical units.
Distance from Sun:   103.984202 astronomical units.

Heliocentric: l:-114.0582 b:-17.3318 r:103.9842
Magnitude: 15.3
Rates ra:  -0.0003 dec:   0.0001 (arc-secs/sec)
Magnitude: 14.3
RA: 15h 58m 10.9s  Dec: -38°19'21"  (Eta Lupi At tail of Lupus)

RA: 15h 58m 56.6s  Dec: -38°21'17"  (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 105°10'24"  Alt: -51°50'47"
Rise: 17:16  Transit: 20:42  Set: 00:11
Hour angle: -08h 43m 01.7s

Harrington Article Data
Magnitude: 14.0
RA: 16h Dec: -38°

My planetarium placed the Harrignton Planet X within 2m R.A. and 19' of arc as indicated for an assumed date of July 12, 1988.

Washington D.C.
August 6, 1789 !2:00 PM
Date of Perihelion
Harrington Planet X
Distance from Earth: 60.542896 astronomical units.
Distance from Sun:   59.606800 astronomical units.

Heliocentric: l:120.0327 b:-14.8377 r:59.6068
Magnitude: 15.9
Rates ra:   0.0007 dec:  -0.0002 (arc-secs/sec)
Magnitude: 15.9
RA: 07h 46m 27.4s  Dec: +06°22'00"  (At Procyon in Canis Minor)

RA: 07h 57m 40.5s  Dec: +05°48'59"  (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 214°18'47"  Alt: +53°18'50"
Rise: 04:30  Transit: 10:52  Set: 17:15
Hour angle: 01h 08m 02.9s    Air mass:   1.25

The attached image shows the orbit of Harrington's Planet X. This "tenth planet" is not Nibiru in accordance with R. A. Day's calculation. The orbital period is onl 1019 years compared to ~3600 for Nibiru.

Harrington's Planet X is a celestial phenomenon estimated my movements of the outer planets.


Do not mix apples and oranges. The KBO (Kupier Belt Object) Quaoar has kicked Pluto out as the ninth planet. It is now just another Neptunian Sea object.

It is just an Orthogonal Coincidence! At best a synchronicity. The Orbit of Harrington's Planet X cannot be the one that Sentinel was tracking because Harrinton's Planet X does go into Taurus where Sentinel place it.

If we could get the orbital data for Sentinel's Planet X, we could track it, even if we do not have the perihelion date.

As for R. A. Hay's Nibiru, he was doing research related to Zitchin, the Maya, and the Mesopotamians. His orbit agrees with the monuments. But, I suspect that there never was a Nibiru Planet, just a Nibiru Legend that carried the message regarding where Men Become Gods. That was the central theme of Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica. The End of Time scenario is a misread of the legends. nevertheless, the legends are of the "Spiritual Synchronicity" and they will carry specific events in their observations and wake related to the intent of the legend creators. The intent was to establish a Moment of the First Occasion. That correlation works today, but we do not have any date of the perihelion for Nibiru. The ancient legends did not care about Perihelions, they only carried to prognosticate.