Subj: Re: Planet-X: Time Acceleration (2)
Date: 1/4/02 12:40:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Date: 1/3/02 10:59:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have noticed, and many people have too, that our watches are constantly
fast several seconds a week. Maybe the Earth is slowing its rotation. What
about your watches?


Problem is....  Time is relative.

Are you and your watch speeding up?  Is the local space/time continuum
slowing down?  Or is it time for a new watch?  Without access to an
external or subjective framework or vantage point, how can you tell for

According to the Mayans, time (their rate of creation) is not a constant,
but accelerates logarithmically towards a nexus of infinity (07/08/2012?).
Being that days now seem to go by in minutes and years like days, I no
longer find this theory quite so hard to swallow as I used to.  If you
study (and comprehend) Stephen Hawking's theories regarding the
gravitational effects of black holes on time/space, you will quickly
realize that the ancient Mayans beat him to the punch.  It interesting that
in the past decade or so the Earth's base harmonic frequency has increased
from 8 Hz to 12.5 Hz, and is now approaching the next value in the
Fibonacci series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, [13], 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...), which
is based on the golden mean or value of Phi (1.6180339887499...).  Is this
the golden key to unlocking the significance of the Hendaye Cross?  Were
the Hermetic alchemists of old onto something as big and majical as they
claimed?  What is the connection to the NWO's, churches and secret
brotherhoods current activities in "The Great Work"?  What's the
significance of 9/22/2002, other than it's the next harmonic up from
9/11/2001?  What exactly is being transmuted into gold here?  The planet
and/or us?

Now according to ZetaTalk this apparent speeding up of our watches is not
due to a distortion in our local time/space, but is due to the earth's
gradual slowing down under the influence of an approaching brown dwarf.
According to Nancy's friends, the Earth's rotational slowing will increase
up until passover day, at which time core rotation will stop and the
inertia stored in the Earth's crust will essentially result in a pile-up
and subsequent shift in relationship to the core and magnetic poles.  Now
as impossible as this may seem, I urge you to look at a bathometric map of
the Pacific Ocean floor.  Now in the middle of the Pacific plate is a hot
spot bubbling up from the Earth's mantle, which is currently centered under
the south-east corner of the main island of Hawaii. As the Earth's crust
has drifted southeastward over the eons, it has left a trail of volcanic
islands (the Hawaiian chain), which continues underwater in a straight
north-westerly direction towards Japan.  But then the volcanic chain
suddenly turns and heads straight north towards Kamchatka!?!  Sometime in
the past, the Earth's crustal drift has previously changed direction in
relationship to the core.  (I'd love to know the dating of the lava rocks
at that point where the direction changes, to see if it corresponds with
any known global extinction events of the past.)  A team of  ZetaTalk
regulars are currently conducting an experiment to see if the Earth's
rotation is actually slowing using atomic clocks.  Of course they have also
slaved their timings to external frames of reference (the moon and earth's
precise orbital periods), to determine if it's a change in space/time or a
slowing of the Earth's rotation. According to their measurements to-date,
the later scenario appears to be a reality.

So ultimately, what is happening?
I guess, time will tell.....  (17 months should pretty much determine it)