The Florida Town That Time Forgot 

4/18/02 10:39:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

That happens to be the town motto for Crescent City, the site of the recent train crash. Now call me crazy, but something just isn't right with the string of events that has occured today. First, ANWR is swatted down, good news. Then, we hear of a 911-like event in Milan. Bad news. Then, we hear of a train wreck in Florida. Hmm, the wheels in my head begin to turn. So, I start to do some research. The wreck happened on tracks owned and operated by CSX Corporation. Now, they have started to use a system of remote control driving of these trains. Taken from the CSX website:

What is remote control technology?
Remote control technology utilizes a portable transmitter- called the operator control unit- to communicate with a computer, or receiver, in the cab of the locomotive. That on-board computer operates the locomotive based on the signals received from the employee on the ground....

How can it be safe to operate a locomotive without a person inside at the controls?
While traditional switching methods usually work very well, there is the possibility for misunderstandings, delayed reactions, inadvertent movement and other potential switching hazards caused by human error. An employee positioned on the ground using remote control technology can eliminate or greatly reduce those problems....

Was anyone driving those trains? Can this be proven anywhere? Or were they 'remote controlled' off the tracks?

Across an ocean and 200 yards away from the train station in Milan, a Piper flew into the Pirelli world headquarters in an apparent 'accident' of mass proportions. Perhaps this is another incident of 'remote control', or some other freak occurence. "You know its about time that the Europeans wake up and smell the coffee. They had better get on the ball about the war on terrorism. Right now they are getting in the way," says Rebecca Needler, press coordinator for the American Israeli Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Coincidence? Not in this land of Tesla Howitzers and mind controlled media. One of the witnesses, Fabio Sunik, said the plane was on fire before it crashed. The plane did not try to change course, "but just went straight in,'' said Sunik, a sports journalist. "Then I saw rubble falling from the building." This just stinks of Mossad/CIA involvement. Someones trying to send a message. Then, 'President Bush was quickly notified of the collision', press secretary Ari Fleischer said. The FBI was assisting in the investigation. Since when does our FBI help in international 'accidents' having nothing to do (at face value) with our interests? Too many questions, so little answers....