Subj: Re: [KENT STEADMAN] your inquiry Why RECTIFIER failures???
Date: 5/23/00 2:24:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Good...I thought that might be important for you to have. Will send along
any other similar things. I can post an article...noting the problem and asking for
assistance from others in the business, if that might further assist.

>I inquired of Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD
>Charlie is on the sleuth. ALSO see other data below.
>Kent steadman
>Date: 5/23/00 10:21:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time
>From: (Charlie Plyler)
>Going to make some inquiries on this one. Wonder if this
>is a global trend, if so could be EMP related.
> wrote:
>> Charlie:
>> Do you have any theory or similar reports?
>> Kent
>> Subj:
>> Date: 5/22/00 10:52:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
>> To:
>> Delivered-To: SIGHTINGS
>> Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 20:58:13 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: ANON
>> Subject: Why RECTIFIER failures???
>> There is an alternator rebuilding service in my town.
>> They also repair alternators in cars.
>> The mechanic there pointed to a bucket full of ruined
>> rectifiers and said there has been a rash of GM
>> rectifier failures in the last 4 weeks. He sounded
>> baffled as to the reason why?
>In a message dated 5/23/00 1:30:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< Kent,
> Am in Atlanta Georgia so I can't anaylze what's happening but looking
> at the Elfrad cam, we are being slammed. Solar?
> Charlie
> >>
>Good grief! What is this? So far the magnetometer is up but is not going down.
>Extended shield around earth like Wilkie and others claim?
>Planetary Grid Alignment And The Giza Plateau
>On May 4, 2000 a planetary grid alignment took place under the pyramids at
>Giza. This was done to protect the earth and bring it into electromagnetic
>harmony. Rotating the plateau 120 degrees, enabled them to locate the
>Bethlehem' passageway which is the entrance to an area containing a machine
>that had to be activated for the above to occur.
>Additional reports:
>Date: 5/21/00 2:20:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
>I just got to talk to ears are ringing incessantly right
>now...they only do this when there is about to be a large quake in the San
>Francisco area or south...
>Subj: FW: [Fwd: Strange skies.......]
>Date: 5/23/00 6:34:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time
>Subject: Strange skies.......
>Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 11:29:43 +0800
>Hi folks,
>There appears to be something very strange going on in the skies here in
>Northern California. It is 8:22 pm and the weather has been clear....95
>degrees today, was in the 60's a few days ago. I just looked out the
>window from the computorand the skies were a bright pinkish orange. I
>went outside to check on the otherside of the house. The clouds are
>wierd......very wierd...a dark gray cloud with a foamy looking bright
>yellow one behind it..............the whole sky is strange looking. I
>have just come back inside. Sat down to write this and in that time (a
>1/2 min...maybe) and the clouds have all turned a deep purple. I am
>still looking at them..........the whole sky is this way...........real
>wierd looking clouds. If they were talking about red sky scaring the
>hell out of people, I'll tell you, this is spooking the hell out of me.
>It's a ghostly looking wierd............
>Has anyone been seeing this in their areas.........about this time. It
>is starting to get dark right now and those clouds & sky are still the
>same........purple color is getting slightly darker..........and the
>clouds aren't moving. I was outside about an hour ago and there was NO
>clouds in the sky.
>SPOOOOOOOOOKKKKYYYYYYYYYY! And I'm home alone..........great!