Subj: RE: Grateful Deb and Sun Torpedo
Date: 5/2/00 4:43:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Please forward to Gratefull Deb.


Your vision is very much in alignment with reality. There are
experiments being played out as we speak, by "Reptilian Races" disguised
as "humans" in scientific positions building high tech space vechiles.
In 1997 a specific company based in Maryland compiled a program to shoot
a nuclear war heads into the sun. This action was conceived to prevent
the return of the Christ energy (consciousness) which contains the
original blueprint of a perfect DNA/RNA biological state of being. What
better way to assure continuation of a fear based society than to
destroy its source of natural energy. through the solar system an energy
known to early civilizations as the breath of life, manna, pranna, etc.,
The warring beings are already aware that by not cooperating with all
the life forces of the universe they can no longer hold control of
earth. Therefore a last effort to create a new world based on fear is
being played out as we speak. Those who are ingrained in the illusion of
destruction or resistance are finding it more difficult to build a world
built on fear because truth has already exposed the misconception that
the disruption of one life form creates an equal if not greater
determination of that life form to exist. You who are alive at this time
with the eyes and hearts to see and feel what this truly means will
understand in totality the scope of these worlds.


Subj: Re: Grateful Deb and Sun Torpedo

Date: 5/2/00 11:48:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent my source is standing right here and has seen as well as first hand knowledge that Lockheed Martin (Martian!!) in 1997 implimented a special project that is currently being played out. This person is a former employee of LM and has also seen similar documents while working at an airforce base that can not be disclosed at this time for reasons of personal safety. We have been following your site for some time now and must commend you on a job well done. Many of the things said on your site are very profound and we are sure that you are being guided in your quest for the truth. We would be glad to share information as it becomes available.