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Camael - interesting read, how reliable? Many points do match up,
although I am not really keen on the 10,000 years ago nuclear war
scenario. As beings of a higher light one would have thought they would
have progressed beyond the holocaust, unless of course they were going
through the same evolutionary process as we are today. That said, they
cannot blame us as it was 'them' if you see what I mean!
Certainly the GP is a source of great power, depends on who has the key
for what agenda - weapon or defense??

EDITOR: Basically can't confirm one way or another; however, I have long known that what I REALLY DEAL WITH is the stream of myth, the mythstream. As a creative I respect myth as much as or even more than science. Myth is more permanent, even go so far as to say that matter is condensed myth.

As a creative I respect myth as much as or even more than science. Myth is more permanent, even go so far as to say that matter is condensed myth.

So when these events-emails come along I pay attention. We could have info, we could have disinfo, we could have an Eloi pretending to be a man, or a man pretending to be an Eloi, not sure it matters either way. Oddly these icons seem to check out when I trace them down, that is, I find myself tapping even deeper into the mythstream.

It is my belief that I have personally confronted one of Enoch's Watchers, a real battle I went through in '88. Now these alleged beings, these Elohim, seem to be zooming in again, two experiences now in a single week, one at my home, one in email.

Raphael and Camael.

Oh, in our SW desert where they tested nukes in the 50s-70s, there is evidence, actual fused desert rocks, of a nuclear event not in our time, but eons ago. You might have some of those evidences over there too [Britain] Seems I once saw a documentary concerning a scree of boulders, an ancient fort...




FRIEND: nice outside, clear and warm
FRIEND: starry starry night
BARDSQUILL: here's what I'm researching, gulp
at the same time I still have to fight Samael because it would be to his advantage to kill everyone and put all of us in hell
FRIEND: no gulp
BARDSQUILL: think I found a pic of the BIG BAD GUY [1916-1977].
FRIEND: there are several, depends on which one
BARDSQUILL: samael.gif
FRIEND: is this the one from Israel?
BARDSQUILL: He's [in reincarnation] in China now.
BARDSQUILL: gulpity gulp
FRIEND: striking looking man
FRIEND: looks mean enough
FRIEND: odd background...see that
BARDSQUILL: At the same time I still have to fight Samael because it would be to his advantage to kill everyone . . . Elohim are shapeshifters. The reptile form is the form we take when we soldier. Although it may be hard for you to believe what David Icke has written is correct. The governments here are ruled by Samael. Samael=New World Order.
Certain politicians are even his sons-daughters. Samael is in China. We have been fighting since before Comet
Lee came from around the sun.
FRIEND: 1/2 face, she looks like me
BARDSQUILL: nuther Elohim named Camael
FRIEND: I still have to fight Samael , who is he to fight
BARDSQUILL: the angels are duking it out
BARDSQUILL: this is disturbing to the max
BARDSQUILL: getting emails from angels
BARDSQUILL: they seem really flaky at first but when I track down the references they all come up!
FRIEND: you are confusing me. I am sitting here and you are telling that angels are e-mailing you and telling you of heavenly wars
FRIEND: and you believe this
BARDSQUILL: not only THAT, one came here
FRIEND: oh yeah, you said something about that
BARDSQUILL: was kinda weird almost pee-ed my pants when he went into angel-routine
FRIEND: then you have been blessed, or are amongst a terrible evil force
BARDSQUILL: poor is Bear
FRIEND: Elf knows such evils can be conjured, why Elf took a long sabbatical.
BARDSQUILL: think I'd prefer blessed over cursed if'n I had me druthers
BARDSQUILL: Bear didn't conjure poop
BARDSQUILL: before I left Fresno I did the rounds with the fallen Watcher, Azazael.
BARDSQUILL: to beat Azazael had to pull off a stunt, wasn't easy, used ancient alchemical formula
BARDSQUILL: "resist not evil"
BARDSQUILL: which means, give em what they want, because what they want, I don't. And hopefully the ol sucker would choke on it
FRIEND: probably why we feel so lost today. We miss the army, the fight, the purpose of being
BARDSQUILL: then I had to go into mountains and straighten up or I woulda kept a-gettin nailed by Azazael.
FRIEND: read Paradise Lost when I was a little kid, now it has a whole new meaning
BARDSQUILL: now 10 years gone by, nice n' peaceful, when BAM, more pesky angels.
BARDSQUILL: there be two kinda angels, some actually beings from the Orion nebula area
BARDSQUILL: some of them bit the dust here eons ago, were trapped on earth
BARDSQUILL: they busted the Prime Directive and started screwin around with DNA
BARDSQUILL: so they got their butts banished
BARDSQUILL: and us poor humans not much better
BARDSQUILL: because essentially we be angel-souls too, in some ways more awesome than the Elohim
FRIEND: Thou hast not miss'd one thought that could be fit,
And all that was improper dost omit:
So that no room is here for Writers left,
But to detect their Ignorance or Theft.

BARDSQUILL: When they jacked around with protoplasm, DNA, they pulled more powerful souls to earth to inhabit this hamburger-land.
BARDSQUILL: Now there is this awesome war going on, in a sense towards liberating everybody from the Fall, humans and Nephilim
FRIEND: somewhere in the Bible I was reading how mans powers were taken to protect us in some way, maybe jealously by the others, cause we had it all
FRIEND: awesome how the angels are structured, by 12 and sevens
FRIEND: as far as their powers go
BARDSQUILL: yea, but I don't understand it totally. Human spirits, untrapped, are powerful and fiery.
FRIEND: me neither, but I do know we have the potential to even raise the dead
BARDSQUILL: the nastier angels are jealous and want to keep us trapped
FRIEND: look how much of our brains are shut off, literally
BARDSQUILL: not all angels, the SPECIES ANGELS, are good guys.
BARDSQUILL: they are a species
FRIEND: we as humans are even supposed to have the power the summon even the evil angels to do our bidding
BARDSQUILL: Cosmonauts saw them on the Soyuz missions
FRIEND: 7 of them
FRIEND: Raphael continues to relate how Michael and Gabriel were sent forth to battle against Satan and his Angels.
BARDSQUILL: Samael=satan myth
BARDSQUILL: although I think the actual Satan was a historical human
BARDSQUILL: and we got it mixed up
FRIEND: Satan and Lucifer 2 different creatures
BARDSQUILL: then to make it more cornfusing there are sub-species, like you said
BARDSQUILL: freakin guardian angels, Devas
BARDSQUILL: I think Jose's 'rods" are these sub-species types
BARDSQUILL: the joint is crawlin with critters, earth and space
BARDSQUILL: mess it all up even more, these cottonpickin angels can shapeshift around and look even like humans, hell, might bump into one at the freakin Mall.
FRIEND: and they use ships
BARDSQUILL: yup, says here:
I have come here with a great armada of ships that you have no defense against. Whatever technology you have here was given to you by my order. I had no idea that they traded the souls of babies. I wanted to just forget about the whole thing and live a normal life. Then I found the evidence.
BARDSQUILL: makes it more complicated, our dumbass politicians and military made a trade to the bad guys
BARDSQUILL: figures, politicians and mil ain't known for any high degree of intelligence, dummer than a cord o' wood.
BARDSQUILL: so they toss in with the bad guys in trade for cool doohickeys.
FRIEND: Moses, open thy ears hear the voice of thy God. Through me Jehovah, Aglari, the God of Heaven and Earth, thy race shall be multiplied and shall shine as the stars of heaven In addition to this I will also give thee might, power, and wisdom, to rule over the spirits of heaven and hell
BARDSQUILL: In THAT case maybe we can make em all kiss off and leave us alone.
FRIEND: Over the ministering angels and spirits of the fourth elements as well as the seven planets
BARDSQUILL: trouble is, that won't work because the bad-flappers screwed up our DNA
BARDSQUILL: Babyloned us and made us dumb too.
BARDSQUILL: 10,000 years ago we had a war and used nuclear weapons we marched under ground for 6 months and came to America. The story about the Supapu is true. At this time because of the fallout human genetics changed and men lost the ability to move interdimensionally.
FRIEND: lost, stolen
BARDSQUILL: Seems the battle kinda touch n' go:
The plasma from the sunspots is also allowing me and my angels to charge the grids and deflect some of the incoming objects but we are short. Out of the 144,000 as of the leonid meteor shower there was only 1688 of us left.
BARDSQUILL: fyne mess
FRIEND: big loss!
BARDSQUILL: Dulce is where I was imprisoned. The Pyramids at Egypt are a weapon. Why do you think they are sneakin around. I am the only one who can fire it. If the Box on that plane was a part of it. the weapon can't be fired unless there is a replacement part. Imagine if you may the movie the 5th element. I left the weapon here on advice of my brother Michael.
BARDSQUILL: Samael is in China we have been fighting since before Comet Lee came from around the sun. This is why Christians are being massacared and you have people with guns shooting up churches and going through schools asking people if they are christian before killing them. You must warn people. You must stop killing your children and abusing and hating and free Dulce prison or you wont have to worry Samael.
BARDSQUILL: The destruction that you are seeing is a warning.
You are being given a chance to live as the higher beings that you are and travel and communicate with higher beings. Or you can continue killing and raping your children and being evil in which case this entire place will be destroyed. Tell your neighbors we are here this is for real. Your site is great it is the one of the only ways I get intelligence.
BARDSQUILL: gadz, angel has to read ORBIT to see what th heck is going on!!
FRIEND: The magician are lawgivers, the prophets are obedient disciples who preach and explain the revelations of God
FRIEND: my my
BARDSQUILL: rather just go fishin


FRIEND2: disconnected from time be ye
Phikent: no, was wrasslin with angels
Phikent: Jesus stayed 3 days in
hell to the LORD a day is 1000 years. So I finally get out and have to come
back to where I can be killed again, but that’s all nonsense-- at this time the
whole is more important than me. So tell all your wise men that the beast
with seven heads has warned you himself and not all thing are as men think.

FRIEND2: been with the angels all weekend??
Phikent: Also I have broken my own ordinance and warned you. They will try to assassinate me Easter week this is when they always did it in the past. If it wasn’t for your site I would have never known they were in my tomb in Egypt. if need be I would die for you all again, in fact I probably will.
Phikent: If it wasn’t for your site I would have never known they were in my tomb in Egypt.
Phikent: SHEESH
FRIEND2: double sheesh
Phikent: guess I messed up on this one, blew the story to the danged angel hisself.
Phikent: now he's kinda pissed
Phikent: knew they moved him
Phikent: Dulce!
Phikent: nuther story about that...talked to Air Force guard once who accompanied the "package: from Germany to America.
Phikent: flown blindfolded into an underground base
Phikent: stood guard over a bundle shaped like the Ark of the Covenant
Phikent: said the sound was unbearable coming from that crate
FRIEND2: energy source...??
Phikent: Broke his orders and went to inspect, his superior officer showed up IMMEDIATELY, camera-monitored.
FRIEND2: transmitter??
FRIEND2: what was it
Phikent: said that in that crate was a force, an Entity, that could change the world if unleashed.
Phikent: theory...
Phikent: think the Arks were angel traps
Phikent: somehow contained them, it is after all a capacitor
FRIEND2: don't know what a capacitor is
Phikent: EM field
FRIEND2: everything has em field
Phikent: dunno made one an Ark
FRIEND2: hmmmm
FRIEND2: sounds like is not an earthy EM field if is that strong
Phikent: lil one based on Bible proportions
Phikent: aetheric field methinks
Phikent: blew out my Sanyo TV no kiddin.
Phikent: Anyway after all this time there is a connection, that guard and his bundle was deposited in a special bunker at Dulce.
Phikent: He never said what state it was in.
Phikent: was underground though.
Phikent: Anyways, CAMAEL insists that there is a prison, where entities are contained at Dulce...
Phikent: sokay
Phikent: lookin for his part about Dulce

Phikent: here
FRIEND2: Where is Dulce?
Phikent: Dulce is where I was imprisioned. The Pyramids at Egypt are a weapon. Why do
you think they are sneaking around. I am the only one who can fire it. If
the Box on that plane was a part of it. the weapon can't be fired unless
there is a replacement part
FRIEND2: Where is Dulce??
FRIEND2: is here in US, but where