Subj: Gantenbrink-Door already known in 1907
Date: 2/19/00 10:24:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Holger Isenberg)
To: (Kent Steadman)
CC: (Howard Middleton-Jones)

from Peter Tompkins: Cheops, translated from German edition, 1979, p.267:

Louis P.McCarthy mentioned in his article "The Great Pyramid of Jeezeh"
(privat print, San Francisco, 1907) that from his point of view at least
three other chambers are located in the Pyramid, between the King's
Chamber and the top. One of them might be the double size of the King's
Chamber. He supposed them in the *** 75., 100. and 120. brick layer. ***

You know, the Gantenbrink-Door or blockade of the lower southern
"air-shaft" is in the *** 74. layer ***, and the chamber hehind it, could
be at exact 75. layer!
(Location of Door taken from Torsten Sasse, Michael Haase:
"Im Schatten der Pyramiden", 1997, S.131).

I find it very curious that nobody published this connection since the
discovery! Did you, Rudolf Gantenbrink, knew this prediction from 1907? Or
do you suppose that some Egyptologists knew it?

I have heard, that in the book "Giza: The Truth" this should be covered,
but do not know yet, if this prediction is also published in detail there.

The only source on the Net where I found "Louis P.McCarthy" is
where a reference to his writing is made in connection with the
"Council/Group of Nine"! The book "The Stargate Conspiracy" almost covers
no other topic than this secret group:

Holger Isenberg