Subj: FW: Tom Bearden Website - update - Arrow DC-8 shootdown
Date: 2/8/01 6:29:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Here's more from Bearden. Has the media "blacked out" all  over unity
information? It seems that everyone has given up on status quo media, and
but for a  few precious resources such as Keeley net and a few inspired
souls, it is silent out there. I find the situation inconceivable. I wrote
to Mother Jones asking if they would consider a story,  and so far, no
response. Then, if this moves into the mainstream, what repercussions? Any
thoughts? Kamen said nothing, absolutely nothing, about his invention in the
CBS interview the other night.


New info:
Check the correspondence section of the Tom Bearden Website  for a detailed response from Tom to the
Newfoundland & Labrador Telegram's recent article about the Soviet
shoot-down of the Arrow Airlines DC-8 at Gander in 1985

Also included are the cockpit recorder traces showing evidence of an EMP
pulse, plus a host of other references are hyperlinked to the text.

There is an additional write-up on the incident under the
Books/Gravitobiology Section.