Subj: FW: DOE offers $600K for Anti-Gravity work of Brazilian Physics Professor?
Date: 9/2/00 1:24:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time
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Did you already run across this one?
Seems like it might be interesting to link. JIC I missed it on my fave site,
here ya go.


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Subject: DOE offers $600K for Anti-Gravity work of Brazilian Physics

from: [first page of papers reproduced below with link]

Brazilian Physics Professor releases Anti-gravity Secrets

Content peer reviewed by 36 scientists around the world and a Nobel Prize

Also included -- 2 more papers from which can be built a 214 HP motor
powered solely by gravity, plus provides the grand unification of
gravitation and electromagnetism.

All papers displayed on Los Alamos National Laboratory Website, plus
Department of Energy awards a $600,000 Grant.

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Subject: Anti-Gravity secrets revealed by Brazilian Physics Professor

> In an amazing series of theoretical papers released this year, physics
> professor Fran De Aquino of Maranhao State University in Brazil has
> theoretically shown how to produce anti-gravity, and has successfully
> demonstrated the results on the lab bench with a device that he has built.
> And in two more papers released in the last month, he shows how to build a
> 215 HP motor powered solely by gravity using the principles he has already
> demonstrated, plus he provides a theoretical basis for unification of the
> gravitational and electromagnetic forces.
> In private email, Prof. De Aquino advises that his first paper was
> peer-reviewed by 36 scientists around the world, and that everything is
> rigorously correct. A Nobel prize-winner also adds his endorsement.
> The papers, we are advised, are also carried on the Los Alamos National
> Laboratory Website, and Prof. De Aquino further indicates that he has just
> been awarded a $600,000 grant from the US Department of Energy to validate
> his, and parallel, Soviet work.
> All these papers, which include the plans for the Gravity Motor and the
> Anti-Gravity Disc, can be downloaded from the CSETI Website (follow the
> Link from the Front Page).
> The implications of all this for transportation and the biosphere are
> Regards
> Tony Craddock
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Physics Professor releases Anti-gravity Secrets

In a stunning development, Brazilian Physics Professor Fran de Aquino has
released the results of a comparatively simple experiment successfully
conducted in the laboratory at Maranhao State University earlier this year
that conclusively demonstrates anti-gravity principles.

And this is no minor league player, as Professor de Aquino has published
papers that are archived on the Los Alamos National Laboratory Website. In
addition, Brazil is one of only three Nations that possesses the
creme-de-la-creme of covert scalar EM weaponry, the fearsome quantum
potential weapons, so their science has been world class for decades.

Indeed, this is where one of the world's greatest physicists, David Bohm,
found residence after he was kicked out of the United States.

To quote from the Conclusion of Professor de Aquino's paper

"......So, we can easily conclude that the gravitational forces can be
reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation."

Click to Download Paper (Acrobat Format)

This concept has also been further developed to its logical conclusion, a
Gravitational Spacecraft, on a well-illustrated Website co-authored by
Professor de Aquino.

Don't let your eyes glaze over at the formulae, just read the narrative, and
you will get the gist of what is going on - especially when you look at the
incredible blip on the graph where the interior of the apparatus at a
specific current, to quote from the Paper,

"..... doesn't interact gravitationally with the Universe, and consequently,
there can be no gravitational interaction between the matter inside the
toroid (a doughnut shape) and the rest of the Universe."

So in the civilian sector we now pick up in the year 2000 where the
Philadelphia Experiment started in 1944 (with direct assistance from Nicola
Tesla and Albert Einstein)!

And, by the way, the results of THAT, according to a good source, will
probably be declassified in 2002.

Note: there were actually three USS "Eldridge"s -- however the vessel that
was involved in the experiment is still in storage in the US with the cable
marks still on the sides, and one of the "Eldridge"s was indeed sold to the
Greek Government as the myth has it.

Tony Craddock


The following is excerpted from an email from Professor Fran De Aquino
replying to a query about his recent anti-gravity revelations.

>From "Fran De Aquino"
Subject En An error in your paper
Date Fri, 4 Aug 2000 165948 -0300

Dear (Name Removed)

There is no error in the paper. The trouble is that you did not understand
the experiment . Only the gravitational mass of the toroid of annealed pure
iron varies in the experiment. Thus , when I(0)=0 the total gravitational
mass of the system-G is Mg=Mi=34.85kg and the gravitational mass of the
toroid of annealed pure iron is mg=mi=1.7kg. When I(0)=100A, mg=0.6mi

(Thus, (delta)mg=0.4mi) and the total gravitational mass of the system-G is
Mg=34.85 - 0.4mi=34.85 - 0.4x1.7=34.17 kg. Did you understand now where is
your error?

My papers were reviewed by 36 scientists from all over the world. All the
equations, deductions and results were analyzed minutely. Everything is
rigorously correct .

By the way, below a transcription of an e-mail which I have received from a
Nobel Prize

"I have just read your interesting paper on the screen of my computer. It is
indeed v. interesting what you write concerning the relation between
inertial and gravitational masses. I hold this opinion for a long time now
that the last word on the m_i and m_g relation is not spoken yet. My point
was that the equality of masses is just a large N limit (a limit of an
infinte number of constituents). or what is called in condensed matter
physics `mean field' regime. So, there should be fluctuations from the mean
and the effect should be observable in principle, if not directly. Right now
one might agree with Feynman point of view from some 40 years ago, that one
can simply `derive' GRT from another set of assumptions and let the
universality of free fall be derived and valid only in some limit..."

I would like to thank you for your e-mail and comments about my paper.

Best regards

Fran De Aquino
Physics Department
Maranhao State University/Brazil


Prof. De Aquino writes further:

I am also sending in attachment a copy of my new paper gr-qc/00077069, which
I have posted last week in LANL . The US Department of Energy is very
interested in the calculations and experimental results presented in my
trilogy above mentioned. Some days ago, I have received a proposal for an
exploratory R&D program for DOE transportation and basic science that would
include both theory development and experiment working in concert to
determine the benefit of this for transportation systems. (about $600K to
validate the work in Brazil and validate the work in Russia.)

How to Extract Energy Directly from a Gravitational Field (Acrobat Format)

In a direct extension of his production of elctro-gravitation on the lab
bench, Prof. Aquino shows how to manufacture what he calls a gravity motor,
that produces 215 HP powered solely by gravitation.

Gravitation and Electromagnetism: Correlation and Unification (Acrobat


In response to an additional query, Prof. Aquino writes:

Q: Have you actually built a working model? Or is the design based solely
on theory?

A: The design is based on theory and on the results obtained with my
experimental setup (system-G) presented in my paper gr-qc/0005107. The
Gravitational Motor is based on System-G. The only difficulty to build the
gravitational motor is to manufacture the ceramic ferromagnetic material
(ferrite) mentioned in the paper. However this is simple experimental work,
which needs only time and money. Recently a friend sent me a data sheet from
PHILIPS components with two appropriates ferrites ( see 3E6 and 3E7 , p3 of
archive in attachment ).

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