3/24/2005 9:38:37 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Kent,
Found this little tidbit at Urban Survival this morning. Oilman2 about covers the options, I think: Stupid, illiterate, death wish or terrorist? Once again, it disappears from the news.
Thursday, March 24, 2005  06:25 AM PST

Refinery Follow-up

One of our Houston Bureau reporter (oilman2@urbansurvival.com) files this report on the refinery explosion and fire:

"Watched the news last night here locally on the lowest rated local news channel. Maybe they were trying to get scoop, but there was something interesting reported at around 4pm, then removed by the time the standard 5 o'clock news aired.

From the report (as best I can recall):

Most of the workers in the area of the octane unit were contract workers from California. They were interviewed, and it was reported that there was a leak at a flare tower prior to the blast. There was a truck carrying catalyst nearby that was having trouble starting. The BP guys had shut down all sources of possible ignition, including telling this guy not to attempt to start his truck. Apparently the driver then walked to his truck, climbed in and cranked his engine over, then BOOM.....then HUGE BOOM that knocked many down in the immediate area. END

This was reported ONCE, then never again.

Who was the guy? Why would he do something so unbelievably stupid?

There are safety indicators ALL OVER these plants to let people know when and what level of danger they are in. EVERYONE is briefed on these procedures BEFORE they are even allowed on the premises.

Of course I am sorry for those who were killed and injured. Yet it is extremely enlightening that this was reported a single time, then edited out of all future reporting. And that even THAT reporting was not carried nationally.

To me, it means that it could have been: 1) a guy with a death wish, 2) a guy who doesn't speak or read English or Spanish, 3) a guy who is just plain stupid, or 4) something deliberate.

Just a tidbit from here at the site....."