Subj: Getting the Word out
Date: 1/16/02 8:56:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Message to the world: you are receiving this message from a very frustrated Anthropologist. What we have here is a potential Kennewick Man Situation the difference is we know about it before hand and no one is listening! I am sending this to you because I highly respect your website and know that you are of the like mind that this should not be happening. My hope is  that you can see the crime against  Humanity in  respect to the Native American and the Anthropologist and Archaeologists who are trying so hard to piece together humanities past. My other hope is that you could present this on your website and perhaps to see fit to have a discussion on this site, and or about how we can put a stop to this kind of a crime forever. While this is not the oldest site in the world it is an important part of a puzzle as to understanding the relationship of the ancient cultures of both North and South America.  Sincerely, AwenDawn  [Alice Elizabeth McAdams]  Getting the word out

             First let me alert everyone here that a 7000 year old site
             near Victoria, Texas is about to be buried by the Army Corp of
             Engineers and Dupont, owner of the site.It was discovered when the Corp was
             dredging a canal for Dupont and discovered a huge burial ground of 90 or
             more individuals from the upper paleolithic and numerous lithics
             which were of a sophisticated type not originating at the site.Just how
             far the objects were imported or how advanced the culture that made
             them was glossed over.Tens of thousands of tax dollars were spent on theinitial excavation before the Corp                        decided to back out of its contract with the Texas Historical Commission and rebury the site.11
             Native Nations were requested to express their views;as yet none have
             responded.As with Kennewick Man the bones and objects cannot be  associated with any living group.It is said to              be the 3rd oldest site in North America containing 1/8 of the world's artifacts from
             that period;I dispute that,but nevertheless it is not just another
             site.Unlike Kennewick Man,nobody is contesting the scientific
             study of the site,though I have deep reservations about disturbing the
             dead unnecessarily,but a great deal of knowledge will be lost if the
             Corp arbitrarily destroys the site.Kay McHaney invites letters of
             protest less than 400 words to be reprinted in the Victoria
    her at kmchaney@v... She is the owner/publisher                                                                                                                   

               Dear Friends and Colleagues:

                         The purpose of this long email is to advise you of an imminent,
                precedent-setting threat to Texas archaeology. You are urged to
                write letters, emails, etc. to the individuals listed at the bottom, to
                making your opinion know - as this is a battle of public opinion.

                         The DuPont Plant at Victoria, Texas, is determined to re-bury,
                without analysis or publication, about 80 ancient burials excavated
                at site 41VT98. Most of these burials date to at least 7000 years
                ago, roughly 5000 B.C. Some of the burials were accompanied by
                ground and polished stone artifacts seldom found, and never before
                dated, on the Texas coast ("bannerstones," "Waco sinkers"), along
                with equally mystifying large chipped flint blades and a number of
                projectile points of an early form, again not previously dated or
                understood in the culture history of the region.

                         The site was excavated by Dr. Robert Ricklis, working for a
                private firm under contract with the Galveston Corps of Engineers.
                Federal money was used to excavate this site, and a programmatic
                agreement was signed with the Texas Historical Commission
                (State Historic Preservation Officer) to analyze and publish what
                was found. However, the COE has reneged on this agreement and
                has told DuPont that since the burials were found on their property,
                they could do with them as they wished (even though there had been
                extensive Federal involvement, permits, and monies).

                         Early on in this project, when Dr. Ricklis found some burials,
                the COE-Galveston consulted with the Caddo, Tonkawa, and
                Alabama-Coushatta - who were not interested in the situation.
                Subsequently, DuPont Corporation's "cultural sensitivity" officer
                from Denver has convinced the DuPont Victoria Plant manager,
                Mr. Bruce Chin, to rebury the entire site (not just the burials and
                grave goods) without analysis and publication. Mr. Chin has
                reportedly said, at a meeting attended by two archaeologists, that
                "science is not important; what needs to be addressed is the spiritual
                needs of the Native Americans."

                         The Texas Historical Commission (THC) has not made a
                sustained effort to make the Galveston COE live up to their legal
                agreement. Indeed, the Galveston COE archaeologists, along with
                DuPont, sent out notices to dozens of American Indian tribes
                (non-Texas), and on February 12 or 13, 2002, at least 10 tribal
                representatives will attend a meeting at DuPont, paid for by
                DuPont, at which l (one) archaeologist (Dr. James Bruseth of THC)
                is invited.

                         DuPont has been convinced by its advisors that the American
                Indian community will create a lot of negative publicity for DuPont
                unless they follow this unprecedented (in Texas, at least) course of
                action. And, of course, the Galveston COE will not have to pay  (as
                they had promised) for analysis, publication, and curation. The
                Galveston COE has been very partial to the American Indian view,
                and indeed expelled Dr. Ricklis from one  "consultation" meeting
                because he dared question this "process." He is also under a "gag
                order" from the Galveston COE. Again, your tax dollars at work!
                This all sounds a bit Taliban to me...

                         Bottom line: unless you write, email or otherwise raise hell,
                DuPont will rebury the 5000 B.C. burials and artifacts, and all
                non-burial artifacts found in the sequence above the burials...without
                benefit of analysis or publication. The COE has avoided folllowing
                the procedures of the Native American Graves Protection and
                Repatriation Act (NAGPRA, 1990), and has invoked Sec. 106 of
                the NEPA Act of 1972 to enable this chicanery.

                         You should provide input to DuPont (and to THC; see below)
                about their true constituency...the people of Texas, the American
                consumers, and Federal taxpayers.

                         Do not let them be swayed by non-Texas American Indian
                groups with political and religious agendas.

                         Unless this is reversed, the DuPont Corporation has taken a
                chapter of the book of Texas prehistory (one provided by Federal tax
                dollars) and destroyed it...all in the name of political correctness.

                         The owner/publisher of the Victoria Advocate, who strongly
                opposes DuPont's actions, urges that you copy her with your letters
                and with permission for them to appear in the Advocate, one of the
                major newspapers of Texas. Send these to Kay McHaney, Victoria
                Advocate, Victoria, TX 77901 (better to use email:

                         Other copies of your letter must go to:

                         F. Lawerence Oaks
                         Executive Director
                         Texas Historical Commission
                         PO Box 12276
                         Austin, TX 78711 (email: )

                         Bruce Chin, Plant Manager
                         Du Pont Victoria Plant
                         PO Box 2626
                         Victoria, Texas 7902 (

                         Col. Leonard D. Waterworth
                         Commander/District Engineer
                         US Army Corps of Engineers
                         PO Box 1229
                         Galveston, TX 77553-1229

                         Amy Hodges
                         Public Relations
                         Du Pont Victoria Plant
                         PO Box 2626
                         Victoria, TX 77902

                         And, of course, any congressman (state or federal), senator,
                governor, or other individual that you feel needs to be aware of this

                         Many of you are aware of Kennewick Man, a human skeleton
                just a bit older than   these, found in Washington State. The COE
                and Federal agencies (especially the National Park   Service)
                intimidated archaeologists, refused cooperation, destroyed the
                find-spot, etc., until   archaeologists and physical anthropologists
                took them to Federal court. A ruling is not yet final, but the Federal
                judge has been harshly critical of the actions of these Federal
                agencies. Go to:

                         If DuPont as a corporate entity can thumb its nose at science,
                and yield to special interest groups at VT98, what is to prevent the
                destruction of Texas archaeology in the future?

                         Thomas R. Hester, Ph.D