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Experiencer Biography

My "experiencer" memories consist of happenings both in the physical wake-up world as well as in the vague, dreamlike realm where memories seem to shapeshift.

Dreamlike experiences:

I remember as though in a repeating dream an incident in the Fifties in Utah. My brothers and myself were playing out in the front yard on a summer night when from over the Rockies to the east came a flotilla of UFOs. As the dozens of saucers approached and hovered overhead we got scared and ran into the house to hide inside a storage closet.

The ETs found us and took us outside in the backyard where a saucer had landed. We were taken inside the craft.

Not until the 1990s did I confess my recollection to my brothers. To my shock three of them remembered the same dream and in fact gave greater detail. One brother recalls looking around the neighborhood and seeing people everywhere being filed aboard the ships.

In other serial dreams I have seen glimpses of what followed after being taken onboard.

Wake up experiences:

At age 19 feeling depressed and confused I hiked up into the mountains east of Salt Lake City into a ravine, Hughes Canyon, to retreat and meditate alone. On the third night I was sitting by the campfire when I felt a tingling energy which began to build to a crescendo, blinded me and paralyzed me. I reacted with a mixture of curiosity and panic as these incredible waves pulsed through me. Soon the energy became so powerful I thought I was going to die--even worse than death actually--to be annihilated. I mentally and spiritually resisted, silently crying out to God to help me. The force field went away.

I confessed this experience to my Bishop. He became frightened, told me that I might be possessed. I reacted in anger, and from that moment on I gradually made my departure from my church.

From then on I felt different, changed. This pulsating energy would return, but in more tolerable dosages, or at least I seemed more able to handle the force. I developed what my Great Aunt called the Second Sight. When Aunt Mary died at the age of 100 she appeared to me in her passage between worlds and transferred her essence into me--like a token from an angel.

The pulsating energy eventually led to two OBE experiences: the first in the mid-Seventies, more astral, a journey through an earthlike world of recognizable but more luminous forms; the second, a propulsion into a realm of indescribable light.

Prior to the first OBE a circle of ethereal beings announced, "now is the time." Out from my body I went, unafraid, not looking back, trusting.

As an art instructor at Fresno City College I would attempt creative exercises with my students, guided visualizations where all would through the power of imagination travel to distant worlds. Sometimes lecture classes of two hundred would experience these "expeditions."

I went through a dark period of my life, divorce, broken heart. I turned to alcohol. I struggled with frightening entities in the "Dark Night of the Soul."

One of my students, a middle-aged Native American came to my rescue. He built a sweat lodge on by the river on my farm and began to conduct weekly sweats, mostly with other Native Americans. On one weekend a powerful elder came down from Sacramento. I was invited into the sweat. Something happened to me in this ceremony. I was told that I would leave my current world of perks, my possessions, my job. I would, "get in the wind," to rediscover myself. This idea I strongly resisted, but amazingly within a few weeks events stacked up. I walked away from my world and went home back up into the mountains of Utah where I found others like myself. In this environment I was finally able to find release from the darkness and addiction.

During this healing process I experienced again the "white light," somewhat different than my earlier experiences with energy--much more sublime--perhaps what some refer to as the Kundalini, but what I know think to be a force that is available upon spiritual surrender.

The instructions of Bill the medicine-man still resound, "as the world speeds up, we must slow down."

The last ten years of my life have been in physical hermitage; however, in solitude I have reached out through the internet as though something whispers inside to do so.


I have had many UFO sightings, some in the presence of others. For some reason such experiences have always seen incidental, maybe expected. I have never thought such sightings to be that profound or unique, but only secondary to what continues to unfold inside.

Kent Steadman



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Amen , Brother.......... The call was put ..some listened, if you get it right........ it wrecks you than rebuilds you ; as that is exactly what we need right now if we are to make it. You are not alone in your experience. In fact I find mine suprisingly similar to yours.

God Bless




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Good Morning Kent! Listen, I´m not even half done with your post, but I gotta ask about the "propulsian into and indescribable light" At age 18 I had a very short "dream" of me (not that I could see me, it was like I was looking thru my own eyes) ´flying´ through a glittering golden silver SPACE (as in OUTER) at a million miles an hour forward. There were no sides tops or bottems to this space, just glittery sparkle. I became very frightend (VERY) and then the strangest thing happened, especially since I was not a religious person then or any time before that. I was overcome with the need to think, repeatedly; "I love you God, I love you God, I love you God"

Was yours like that? I gotta go finish your post.

Kent Steadman


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Okay, lemmee see.

During my first OBE floating around in my backyard I had a thought that from this place I could "leap further." I looked at the sun and it seemed eclipsed. The message came that now was not the moment to take the jump. I wasn´t ready.

During the second OBE very similar to the first I found myself again floating around in my backyard. I asked [who I´m not sure] to jump further. This time it worked.

It was like going through a membrane or a surface.

I found myself in pure light. Not sure how long. Next thing I knew I was back in my body, about an hour had passed in earth time.

My earthly brain has a hard time interpreting or remembering the details other than ot was an everywhere-inside-and-out field of light.



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Ok, so not really similar to mine at all. Your statement of "a propulsion into a realm of indescribable light" struck me as familiar though.

On a different note, I have wondered why you have not had any references on CySpOrb about Shadow People. It seems to be a widely experienced phenom. I too, saw/felt a shadow of a man that was described exactly by someone else. Both in experience and appearance. This happened to me years before it became well known.

Kent Steadman


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Shadow people, good point.

There are I think Shadow Entities, not people.

As compared to ghosts, etc.

I´ve gone up against them in lucid dreams. A real battle, but humans can beat them. Think I´ve talked about these matters in forum.

Next week I think I´ll open the Abductee-Experiencer issue and debate in ORBIT.

I first want to make some illustrations in hopes to portray what it has been like for me.



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Kent, you and others like you have had a very real experience. However it yet remains that there are no aliens, just fallen angels disguised as aliens. They want to prevent God´s creation on earth from having eternal life. They will soon show up publicly for all to see. There will be much deception. Many will believe that they are truly aliens and not recognize them for what and who they are. These fallen angels have been preparing mankind of earth for quite a while to receive this lie. We have a accept Jesus Christ as God in the flesh or become victims of the fallen angels (disguised as aliens). Planet earth is at the end of time allocated for mankind to come to the understanding of their position as Sons of God. None of mankind is forced to accept this position, however to reject it by trusting the fallen angels (aliens) will prove to be the demise of mankind on this planet very soon. Everything is in line with events from the shifting of poles, to chemtrails, destruction of Babylon (related to homeland Security, one world government, computer chip implants, cybergenetics, clones,the most powerful Clone with Computer Chips as included accessories (known as the Antichrist), and much more. It is all related. The initiation of this deception will be an official announcement about aliens by public officials. They want to do what they have done to other planets that have also fallen victims to the infection called SIN. I will tell you that this information is not made up but actually given out in accordance to John 16:13 as recorded in the Holy Bible. I speak as a messenger. I pray this message does not fall on deaf ears.

And now we have this TAKEN series. Nothing ever just happens. There is always something leading up to any major event. Remember before an announcement can be made about so called "Alien" existence the world has to be prepared. It is not just this series but all the others, whether done through comedy ("My Favorite Martian") or in a serious maner (Star Trek, ET,Signs, etc.), or even in cartoons and other children shows (Teletubbies). The one goal is "ACCLIMATION". The acclimation process went full speed ahead in 1947 at a place called Roswell, New Mexico at a so called "CRASH SITE" (actually was PURPOSELY crashed to get mankind of Earth better acclimated in preparation for a major announcement). The public announcement is sooner than you think. However my parents taught me well about receiving stangers bearing gifts. My parents told me not to accept the "CANDY" but to run far, far away from the stranger and his vehicle. We will all soon be publicly offered this candy. You might call it "Disguised as an Angel of Light". One again the announcement is SOON... AND FOR THIS GENERATION!! Mankind does have a choice..

read here for further explanation.



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...Time for bed, but I was wondering.... I have followed ORBIT now for over 3 years and this forum for less then 1. From my very limited position I would dare to say that there is something happening to you. I´m not trying to presume anything but from where I sit you seem to be opening yourself to all. Ya know, kinda like you´re reaching out for someone to understand you and your experiences. Don´t get me wrong, I think that is just fine (if not wonderful) But what gives? I get the feeling you know something that I don´t....

And now, after that nosy, prying inquisition-- I´ll take my anwer in the morning. (ha, there I go presuming again)


Kent Steadman


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In my personal quest concerning my experiences, existing institutions have really, really failed.

This includes institutions of government, science, academics, psychiatry as well as religion.

Frankly I think that government no matter how governmental they get, science no matter how scientific they get or religion no matter how religious they get can effectively superimpose their pre-existing screens over the abductee-experiencer phenomenon. We go to them and they give us back a formula-dogma-chit and then... the flush.

It´s high-time that experiencers begin to figure this out themselves and avoid crawling off to self-declared authorities.

We´ve been to the hill; they have not.

Mind you, my own experiences have included both spiritual and scary. It isn´t like I have repeatedly been snatched up by bug-eyed goblins.

Hang onto your hat here as I am going to toss out a troubling question:

"Is it possible to be abducted by Jesus?"


Kent Steadman


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"I have followed ORBIT now for over 3 years and this forum for less then 1. From my very limited position I would dare to say that there is something happening to you. I´m not trying to presume anything but from where I sit you seem to be opening yourself to all. Ya know, kinda like you´re reaching out for someone to understand you and your experiences. Don´t get me wrong, I think that is just fine (if not wonderful) But what gives? I get the feeling you know something that I don´t...."

ORBIT is my own personal workshop in attempt to seek questions concerning my life experiences. Over the years others have jumped on board, added experiences and research, in FACT HELPED IMMENSELY.

But don´t confuse ORBIT as a news thingy. It is not, rather a laboratory.



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Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

good post.


Happy Sunday morn. But I can´t stay an´ chat


Kent Steadman


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I did an illustrated biography at:

I was quite "taken" aback to find a photo of the Canyon in fact the exact place where I had my experience at age 19.



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Interesting topic. My story is like yours Kent, with a few exceptions.

1)I was never ´taken´. I actually asked for contact and got it.

When they came, they actually asked to come in first. It was friendly, and communicative, so I wasn´t ´taken´... I ´went´ of my own accord.

2)Like you, I encountered ´light beings´ of several forms, never saw or felt any danger at all, a lot of God´s love came from them, in fact it was in amounts not generally seen in humans.

3)Interdimensional travel as a child was easier, more relaxed. These days it takes conscious effort, but we are heading in the interdimensional direction worldwide.

4) These experiences, as diverse and mystifyingly vague as they sometimes appear, are like the first vision of a newborn baby. They are our first steps on the journey of self-realiization, sometimes a little awkward, but enduring to one day reach the ´higher ground´.

I for one hope we all can help each other to make it.



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I guess this means that it´s "time" to talk about this stuff?

I,ve been yabbing alot since November 11th, 1998...but still holding back the whole story.

breifly; I have been abducted at least twice and have seen the same craft that was involved on three occasions and still held back allowing full awarness until the hour and a half encounter at DOBBINS AIR FARCE BASE IN ATLANTA-11-11-98.

The being that took me by the hand and led me onto the hovering ball of brilliant white plasma looked , by all accounts, like a man...but a KING of a man...he had a long beard and huge blue eyes and longish hair....pretty much looked like what is depicted in ancient Sumerian stuff as the Annunaki. I was six and that was 1970. My second abduction but first related to a plasma craft. My first abduction was two years prior at the age of four. They ...THEY....looked like nights of templar and they were MAD AT MOI.....They showed me the back side of the dollar bill and explained the significance of all that crap and they tore a bible apart while salpping me with it and yelling strong religious language at me and calling me a FAGGOT(I was four)...I tried to cut off my wanky with a paint scraper in the garage after thier abuse of me..thank goodness I did not.

And this is just the first page.

You have no idea how bad it gets.

1970 illustration:

11-11-98 at DOBBINS:

"Alteration of "venusian pic to show similarity to my guy:

and my veiw of the guy that took my hand in 1970 and led me onto that thing hovering over the cars.:

Anonymous Coward


10:27 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

sorry..needed to "htmlize"..

my veiw of him:



venusian simlarity:



10:32 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I AM NOT "ANONOMOUS COWARD"...why did my last post default to that?

"haarpman" made the correction "htmlize".

Zeus w/his Saiyan Ape Darkside


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Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

In my most recent alien dream, I was hovering outside of a space ship orbiting the earth.

There was a green reptoid standing outside the ship in front of a two or three foot soft, fluffy, white egg.

He was adding different colors to the egg causing the egg to move and vibrate in different ways!!!

I then noticed two greys inside the ship staring out at the reptoid, watching his or her every move!!!



I then woke up!! Dazed and Confused!!

For a while in bed, I sat and pondered what it meant!!

I think that the egg was that assembledge point thingy that castenada´s Don Juan explains about!!

I think that the reptoid was teaching the two zetas how to manipulate a human assembledge point!!!

The genius behind their trickery made me want to puke!!!

Maybe you could interpret it differently!!!



Sal Michaels


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I had the same kind of experience as Candyman with the golden silvery glittering light shaft as I recall about two years ago. Do you recall any entities around like I did? Three hooded faceless and only one spoke to me in the mind and said to place my hands into the light and was absorbed into it and then went black, woke up.Waiting for a reply,I´m glad to know now someone else had this experience also,this means to me there is more to this than I antisapated. Kent thank you for opening this forum months ago been reading all the posts and your site for years.



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Hi all,

You know those channel id snips they show:

Does anyone here know what the woman kissing the smoky figure signifies?



12:18 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Yeah, Sal...after discovering Kent´s website and learning about Planet-X, etc., I had one of those realistic dreams of being near a hooded monk. When I went to touch him, he raised his head and I saw his face. He was of fair complexion and had blonde hair. He was not threatening, until I suddenly noticed that he had a large syringe and was ready to shoot it into the area of my heart. I became fearful and woke up instantly.

Trying to figure out the significance of this...whether it is a warning or not.



12:21 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Oh, yeah...almost forgot. A couple of days later I was watching "Alias" and noted where she found her friend in a lab being experimented on but was in a comatose condition. She got a huge syringe and some adrenalin and jabbed it into his heart to resusitate him.

Maybe I was just watching a preview of Alias (LOL)



12:33 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Welcome to the forum Sal, glad to have you on board. FYI this is Elaine´s board. The members of Kent´s board used all the self-control of pre-kindergarteners with theirs. Busy requiring constant nose blowing and diaper changing, poor Kent was having to warm a bottle every 5 min. Quite wisely he said screw it and shut it down. A couple of us not in need of the bull shit and the drama (re: aside from the drama of a certain very hot online affair ongoing at the time) started posting here as it was Kent´s backup board. Which for the most part was un-posted. After Kent shut down his board they followed us over here. Scallywags mostly, but a few good apples in the bunch. ;~}

river rat


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Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

My serial dream has been going on since I was a young child. We are playing in the park at a playground for kids. It´s dark and there are thousands of bright stars out. Slowly the stars begin to form huge shapes in the sky...rocking horses, ferris wheels, beach balls, and other toys. Suddenly I am in the car with my mother and we are speeding away from the park through a familiar neighborhood. There is an object to our left keeping up with the car at about treetop height. I realize that we are not going to outrun it so I decide that if I don´t look at it, it will not see me either. That´s where the dream always ends.

reptilianimal farm


1:51 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

well, susan, a few of us have questioned Kent´s posting of "reptilian annunaki" enthusiasts/apologists´ material...for example, The Commander and two unidentified posters (one about Anu and another more recently about Nibiru and the Annunaki)

Kent either denies any involvement with these people, even though he posts their material on his site, and in the case of The Commander, started his original forum that The Commander abandoned like the true pogue officer material he is, or says that he represents all viewpoints, and asks for disinformation agents, etc. to have their material posted...and some of his posters do in fact seem to be disinformation agents...

Kent Steadman


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Edit Your Post Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I do sometimes wish the spooks would come out and post what is really going down.

I think certain agencies, the NSA, the National Recon Office have handled the UFO matter most ineptly, couching it in secrecy, probably not to protect the sheeple, but to cover their own mistakes.

I always hope for whistleblowers.

But I think it boils down to the Experiencers taking the helm, rather than to go to govt. for answers which will probably never be forthcoming. Even the highest classified agent cannot really know what is happening, unless it happens--to himself.

So the question is, what have we experienced? Then, how do we add it up?



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Hi Sal--

I´m pretty positive that there were no entities or forms around me during this dream.... but I do have a nagging sense that ´something´ compelled me to recite the "I love you God". My rush forward was an exilirating, terriful, breathless, speeding force.

One question tho; Did you actually "see" your hands being placed into the light? Because in my experience I did not see/feel ANY physical part of myself. After repeating the "I love you God" (I don´t know how many times) I woke up instantly. I remember feeling relieved that I was home in my bed.

Kent Steadman


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In my case it was like going through a membrane, how can I explain this?

Like floating on water and then immersing.

After I was there, I had no sensations of a body with limits. In fact what I usually designated as mind didn´t go there either. There were no perceived Beings there nor forms, but lots of continuous and boundless life.

Agreed, the return trip was not gradual, but suddenly being back after a loss of tick-tock time.

It took awhile to readjust, like I´d move my fingers, my hands, my arms....



2:43 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Thanks, Kent, for sharing your life with us. My life has been similar, especially the part where I too have been reduced to way below poverty level for 8 years. I´ve always been a loner but, since 1985, I´ve been very reclusive while recovering from burnout incurred the previous 10 years dealing with many facets of control thrust upon me. I´m also still recovering from a lifetime of trauma since marriage in ´48. You can read more about the trauma on Pg. 8 of 10 sub pages linked at the bottom of the first page at my index.

I relate very few of my astounding and profound experiences for many reasons. I know more now what they mean, who I am, why I came, etc., which leaves me even more silent because people tend to attach to others with these sensational things more than they do to go within for their own answers. All of us will be known as we truly are when the time for that arrives soon now.

I find it very important to point to the how-to´s I have learned for finding the truth for one´s own Knowing, exposing the imposter false Christ and his 20K religions, and revealing what I have learned about the difference between them and the universal equality of the Conscience within as the true Christ. All of us are created equal in this way only

- the Conscience remains free, private and equal to each and every person.

The one big theme I gained from your experiences that seems much the same as mine is the serious need we all have to learn from the ground up about discernment, i.e., where phenomena springs from... within OR ? without. This is a knowing gained slowly and, most of the time painfully.

For me, It comes down to one reason for all of these trials for MANY of us that came to be here now. There is a line drawn in the ethers between Light and Dark ever since the local Elohim divided into two camps. The Dark think the only way to survive is to CONTROL and they began with the attempt to control Earth first at GIZA, on the way to controlling this galaxy and then this universe. More excellent info on this in Wes Bateman´s book linked at my website.

Because of this, many of us decided before we came in to learn the ways of the Dark by personal experience, wearing blinders, and how to discern their displays of Light from the True Light within. One of their chief tools is to come across AS Light and religious visions. This is important to learn for one main reason... the only way to stay free is to know how to BE and come from the LIGHT we already ARE in order to stare down those that would control with their clever USE of Light. They, in other words, have bypassed BEING their own Light.

They that have chosen to control by Dark, i.e., secret methods, have not learned that they are the Light of Love within also. This Love is everywhere present and cannot be avoided as what we already ARE. It waits forever for us to choose to come from the Heart - Conscience. They don´t learn this because they choose to bypass the Universally EQUAL PI Christ Heart Conscience matrix of Love within, in order to go for control from the psychic head center.

Terrorists and religions are tools for the Dark to control. Many of us came to learn the hard way how to take the stand from Conscience within in order to first stare down the evil of control where they operate in secret on the ethers. I speak from experience in often doing just that with very strong etheric and physical evil powers.

This is what and why I write my pages. These are my actual experiences. I am happy to answer questions through your forum if they do not already find the many answers already provided in my pages and search index.

there are none so blind as those who will not pharisee


6:17 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Steadman: I confessed this experience to my Bishop. He became frightened, told me that I might be possessed. I reacted in anger, and I gradually experienced a rift from my childhood indoctrinations, a sad departure actually.

I struggled with frightening entities in the "Dark Night of the Soul."

Dark Night of the Soul

St. John of the Cross

"He soars on the wings of Divine love . . ."

Stanza the First, Chapter Two:

They condemn others in their heart when they see that they have not the kind of devotion which they themselves desire; and sometimes they even say this in words, herein resembling the Pharisee, who boasted of himself, praising God for his own good works and despising the publican.[21]


a sad departure from the childhood indoctrinations...whatever

considering what the Re-publicans under Bush are doing to us, I think I will go join up with the Pharisees and despise them.


Zeus w/his Saiyan Ape Darkside


6:56 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Never had any abductions in reality or dreams! At least none that I can remember!!

Whenever spaceships come down to earth in my dreams, 75% of the time they are not there to abduct me. They are there to evacuate me!

I, OF COURSE, always wake up before the ship gets to far!!

Dammit I dont want to wake up!! Take me AWAY!!!



7:30 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

hello all. and blessings.

i agree with kent that it´s time to share from the perspective of experiencers. the only problem i see with that is that the experiences are often so unique to the individual that it still leaves us with a shotgun pattern to try to decipher. still, i understand there are many similarities as well.

and, kent, i don´t think the spooks are going to come up with any meaningful answers even if they should decide to come out of the ufo closet, because i don´t think the spooks know what they are dealing with.

a few years ago i stumbled into a psychic relationship with a man who was trained by the spooks to do some remote viewing, and beyond. he ran afoul of their project, and is now a borderline problem for them. my participation was peripheral - a matter of helping to feed him ´information´ and keep him safe - i don´t know many details, and i´ve had to piece together much of what i think i know about it - he won´t talk - or can´t. i have a feeling that while drugging and hypnotizing and whatever else they do to ´train´ people, they probably manage some type of mind control over them - perhaps a trigger from the hypnosis. at any rate, when i get too close to certain subjects, he gets seriously sick. one thing he did say not too long ago, however, was that the spooks are scared. real scared. and i believe he was talking about the need to be able to communicate with whatever is making its way here. in my view, it´s already here and communicating with who it wants to.

what´s it? good question. as crownstar has asked: without or within? probably both. and maybe there´s no difference.

my own experiences are coming as a surprise to me. outside of a couple strange incidents in my life and nightmares on a nightly basis as a child, i literally can´t remember much of anything. particularly anything that occurred in my life prior to my teen years. i just turned 51, and the dreams and visions that may be recall of experiences have started in earnest in just the past few months. river rat´s dream of the stars taking on shapes in the sky reminds me of one of the dreams - large white picture drawings in the sky. the latest ´ufo´ dream i had scared the bejeezus out of me - that´s never happened before. none of the visions, on the other hand, have been scary, although some of them have been downright unpleasant.

it seems like time to share. i have been ´hearing´ things for the past few years when i go into that space that the psych people call hypnogogic. sometimes i don´t even have to be in that state, just quiet. curious about their meaning, i´ve been recording them, hoping that some day they´d form a picture. and the last part of last month, it seemed like the thing to do to put them down on a web page - sharing, i guess. some of the things i know are related to my remote viewing friend and whatever connection he has to government operations. but many of them lately have the feeling of being communications with something not quite so earthly. if anyone would like to read them and perhaps see if they make any connection with them, please feel free. they are rather cryptic for the most part. they´re at

i don´t have the answers. just many, many questions. i´ve formed a philosophy over the past few years that fits well enough, but i´m not certain about the alien issue. i believe there are more than one type of alien, and i believe they are in contact with us. for what purpose and with what intent, i don´t know. i actually believe at least some of them are our future selves. beyond that, i believe it really is a spiritual matter. something i wouldn´t have thought a few years ago.

sorry for the length of the post.

blessings to all, and gratitude for your willingness to share and search together.

michele quinn



7:35 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

When I was 16 or 17 (1975-1976) something very strange happened. I lived in a small town in southern Indiana, pop. about 5,500. We started to have a rash of ufo siteings. One was by a school teacher that was looking out of her kitchen window and saw a ufo land in her back yard. She and her husband freaked out and called the police, the ufo left before they got there. The next sighting was by a high school teacher who was diving at night down a long stretch of lonely road, she said that she looked into her rear view mirror and saw a car pull up behind her, she looked again and it was gone. Then as she was driving her car a big bright light shine down upon it. The ufo then started to mess with her, flying beside her and swirving in front of her and such. She floored it all the way to town and went to the police. She told this story to our class two days after it happened.

Then one night the police were called to an area out side of town where about 200 people lived when they got there they saw everyone outside looking up at a huge disk with lights all around about 200ft. in the air. The cops got out of the car and shined a spot light at the disk but nothing happened. Then one of the cops took his .38 and shot at the disk. When he did this the ufo hit him with a spot light, he tryed to move out of the light but everywhere he moved to, the light stayed on him, so he got scared and got in the car and took off. The disk hung around for a while longer and then just left.

The strange thing is nobody ever talked about any of was like it never happened.

I have seen 5 or 6 ufos that I remember and have had some very strange things happen to me my wife and kids at night.

Unusual Dream last nite


7:55 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I have never dreamed of ´ufo´s´ before...

Last night i saw a formation of round craft flying over my city , from a distance.

They were unlike any aircraft I have seen from our military or commercial aircraft.

They were round, but had a shape like a flat beetle, as though it had wings of some type folded to it´s body to make a round ship.

These ships went over my city and started dropping ´bombs´ on the downtown. I was pretty surprised about that and thought it was some kind of new ´terrorist´.

Then I woke up.

I saw at least 20 of these craft, all the same shape and size.

Out of Level


7:57 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?] I think your Heughs Canyon, as well as my Incident, have a common basis in Physics. lou



8:12 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

"Last night i saw a formation of round craft flying over my city , from a distance.

They were unlike any aircraft I have seen from our military or commercial aircraft.

They were round, but had a shape like a flat beetle, as though it had wings of some type folded to it´s body to make a round ship.

These ships went over my city and started dropping ´bombs´ on the downtown. I was pretty surprised about that and thought it was some kind of new ´terrorist´."

to whomever wrote that - one of the visions i got on the morning of december 2 is like that. this is how i recorded it, and at the time i ´saw´ it, i did seem to think that the craft were round and flattened:

visual: it´s dark. two people are picking up a third from the ground - one at his feet, one at his shoulders - moving him, taking him away. there are some craft flying low and so very fast overhead - can´t tell if they´re piloted craft or missiles. they are lighted and make a high-pitched whining sound. may be flattened shapes, but they´re going by too fast to be sure.

and, haarpman, when i saw the above, i had actually come back to the forum to add a p.s. saying that i looked at that picture you created titled annunaki because reading your description of the kinglike guy reminds me of one of the dreams i had (at least i think it was a dream - it seemed real) - in it i stole a box from a man that was robed like that (when i recorded it, i described him as a king) - and the next thing i knew, i was in some sort of wasteland, without the box.

bad incubush nightmare


8:29 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

bush´s head swelled up and black oil like from the x-files came pouring out of his eyes and started to flow after me and chased me around and around the ellipse reflecting pool, and then steadman arose from the reflecting pool but his head was shaved and he started to bush twins jenna n babs to stop drinking and be mounted by the navy mascot black billygoat baphomet gruff...what does it all mean....

wee steadmannie frightful experience


9:13 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

i was sousing it up in Ye Olde Elephant Cock and Bush, whisky and guinesshadow chasers, when this wee steadmannie starts to crawl up me leg...i keep shaking him off and he just bounces of the bar mirror and then starts crawling up again...the parish priest comes in with his baby charges and the barkeep says, we don´t serve babies here, and the wee steadmannie turns to the priest, and says, tell him you just want a drink

arlene aquarius


9:33 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

i was very young when i had my first experience at looking beyond the veil that limits what one can perceive in the physical realm of dual reality.

at age 12 i had a "vision" that still haunts me 50 years later. during the contact i was giving a message that has influenced my quest since the day i received it.

it is only the last few years that i have shared this message with only a few people.

like many others i sense that the "time" has finally arrived where the few can share openly without fear of ridicule or misunderstanding of their unique experience that "boldly goes" where the physical body cannot.

the message that i was entrusted with has hung heavily upon my essence. it speaks of a time that is approaching where each individual must make their peace with themself and others that enter their space.

...also a seeker of truth...

cbertok // a quick note


9:52 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I´m a bit like Crownstar. I think talking about it has to be used very sparingly and very wisely......because I think "knowledge" is a bit more complicated than just just stored thoughts. I think it involves the whole body, personally, nuts as that sounds.

But "knowledge" is definately a "experience" thing too.

Also, I think these times are different. I think the world the way it´s running now can be felt by many more..than even a decade ago. I think as the electromagnetic energy changes in the solar-system-- so do we.

As far as getting help from the ´clergy´ goes to show how people are the same everywhere, more or less......and you can´t always rely on "outside" help.

Myself, age has tempered. But my brother recently , at nearly 50 had an experience with looking for help.

He started having "visions from god" about life in general He was bothered by a sight he´d seen decades ago while out in the wilds,,, and it came back to get in his thoughts--where he couldn´t stop the images. It was all tied into WTC.

The point is, he went first to a rabbi to seek help with his ´visions´.

The rabbi laughed at him. Then he went to 2 different christian ministers.

One didn´t believe him...became nervous and suspicious, and told him more or less to get lost. The second told him he was getting a mental illness and to get a psychiatrist.

Which he did. But it´s funny the labels that are put on my brother, it was all very real. He thought he was being ´given knowledge´ that was just too much for his mind & soul I think is a good description.

Myself, my brothers wife and last "kid" still at home all went through it partially too.

So I asked my brother to tell me the rabbi´s name,...that I´d go down and punch him in the nose. But my brother was wiser than to be ruled by impulse.


I think these are different times. More important times for people here in paradise, who are waking up to the way it is/compared to how we long ago thought it would be.

I think good people are more important to other good people here...especially now. ( of course it may be that nothing changes, and "it´s just me". I´ve been wrong before.)


It´s strange how inadequate our language is to describe our human side here in this "civilised paradise". We don´t have a word for the "Walkabout" type of learning excursions into hell some people seem to go through. We have "nervous breakdowns". As if my brothers problem, or ANY of mine were mental hiccups,and not real. As if it was a medical condition.

Squeegee kids are the "homeless"-=- we don´t call them the "independant-ones" or something more respectful.


The Ribald Rabbi


10:04 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

oy, with the 9/11 visions, meshugas, goyim these days, muahahaha you saw Bush reading a goat story to some children while the planes hit the World Trade Center, and all he said was "What a terrible pilot?"



10:29 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Thanks for sharing you all. :)

I have a weird one to tell that I have only told to one person since it has happened. Thought I would share it here with you all being that I see that you all have had similar experiences.

When I was about 7 years old, I went to bed & some how knew that I was suppose to lay sideways in the bed. Not from head to foot of the bed but instead from side to side with my feet hanging over the edge. Don´t know how I knew. It was just a knowing without question. I remember thinking that it was weird that I thought that I had to go to sleep like that but I did not question it at all.

That night, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning & knew that the little men had just left. I don´t remember anything they did or what they were doing there but I do remember things like this happened alot.

Then when I became older & started having periods, my mother made me get on birth control pills. This required a trip to the Dr. which she went with me to, being that I was not old enough to get on them alone.

After the Dr. finished my pelvic & breast exam, he looked at me & asked me how many children I have had.

I had none.

He laughed & said, Oh come on now, I know this is probably a bit imbarrasing for you but you really have nothing to be embarrased about. This visit is confidential. You know what that means? That means that legally I can not tell anyone anything about you. So, now, how many children have you had?

I was a bit taken back & said, no Dr. really, I have not had any children.

The Dr. looked at my mother & said, How many children has she had?

My mother said she doesn´t have any children.

He said, Sally, I´ve known you for a long time & I´ve never known you to tell me anything that was not true. I can not for the life of me figure out why you would tell me a lie now.

My mother was taken by surprised at his words & said, Dr. ______ this is my daughter! Don´t you think that I would know if she had children?!?!??? She has never given birth to a child!!!

He said, Oh Sally, the stretch marks on her breast suggest otherwise & so does her pelvic exam.

She said, well I don´t care what it suggests! I KNOW she has NO CHILDREN!

We got the birth control pills & left.

This is the absolute truth.

I have told only my husband about that weird visit to the Dr. But now that all this stuff is coming out about UFOs, I am wondering if I have another child out there somewhere.

I now have two children that I love more than anything in the world & I know that if I were to come across the realization that I had another out there somewhere (even if it was 1/2 alien) I would love it just the same.

And if I do have another child or children out there somewhere....

I wish them love & many blessings. It would be my hope that one day I get to see them.

But who knows. I sometimes wonder if it is true or not. But if it´s not them why did that Dr. make such a fuss over saying that he believed that I did have???

I´ve wondered about this often after that visit some 23 years ago. Maybe one day we will know the truth of it all.

Once again, Thanks for sharing.

Many blessings to you all~~~*

Much love,


Kent Steadman


10:36 PM

Edit Your Post Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Reporter: hey kent I have a sighting to report


Reporter: I was riding with two friends just outside of atlanta on I-20 east and we saw a quickly moving green flare head downward starting at about 15 degrees up and ending at 10

Reporter: it left an orange trail

Reporter: all of this happened within 1 second

Reporter: the object was moving very fast

Reporter: and everything lit up green for a large area

Reporter: I don´t know how high up it was because I couldn´t tell how far away it was

Reporter: I couldn´t see it contact the ground

Reporter: I was thinking that it may have been a plasma burst?

Reporter: I couldn´t figure any reason for a green light but an orange trail

BARDSQUILL: When? Time/date?

Reporter: friday night 12/6/02 at 10:58 pm

Reporter: it was just outside the eastern perimeter of atl

BARDSQUILL: which direction was it moving?

Reporter: it appeared to be moving either down with a slight tilt southward, or it was moving southeast

Reporter: the perspective was pretty hard to get

Reporter: it was a clear night

Reporter: no clouds

Reporter: my friend whom we were going to see reported seeing a flash, he said he thought it was lightning

Reporter: but he saw that there were no clouds around

BARDSQUILL: size? Say compared to a quarter held at arm´s length

Reporter: a nickel

BARDSQUILL: any details about the shape of the core and the length of the tail?

Reporter: circular or barely oblong

Reporter: not to the point of cigar shape or anything

Reporter: the tail stayed for about 3/4 of a second covering the entire distance that it was visible

BARDSQUILL: have you heard of any power failure or electrical disturbance around below?

Reporter: no

Reporter: nothing around where I was

Reporter: but it appeared to be far east of my location

BARDSQUILL: cool, well I think I ought to report this anonymously, find out if anybody else saw it or what it might have been.

Anonymous Coward


10:37 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Back in my party days, this happened to me and about 30% of my friends!!

Smoke a joint to unlock your door.

Inhale a "Whippit" canister (nitrous oxide) to open the door.

Hold breath! Causes blackout for about 15 seconds!!

(My guess) This fools the soul into thinking the body´s dead! So some get to go home for about 15 seconds (the other 70% just say they black out and nothing happens - guess they weren´t ready).

Back home everybody is telepathic.

If you don´t see someone who´s dear to you in this place, just ask in your mind and instantainiously your having a conversation with them.

After the 15 seconds you feel yourself and your home fade away (the energy level starts to fade too). And the next thing you know you are back in your body on earth.

Use this recipe at your own risk!!!

I guess the sober spiritualists would call this cheating ascension! Oh well!!






Anonymous Coward


10:47 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I can verify the above. The same can happen with a party favor we did as teenagers. You cross your arms across your chest, and some one picks you up from behind off the floor. This in effect cuts off your breath and you momentairly pass out. Same effect as the whippet - some go places, some do not.



10:53 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I did that once, all that happen was I kicked the shit out of the guy sitting next to me. Some kind of seizure I guess. It turned out later that the guy needed kicking.

Lushifer, Prince of Drinkness


10:55 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

brain cell death by oxygen deprivation

oh well, in most cases here, probably can´t do too much damage

Anonymous Coward


10:56 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Or as Robert Anton Wilson would say, pruning to make room for better cells.



10:56 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Booner at Dead concert handing out balloons from the nitrus tank. Watching kids falling around. " Lightweights"



Anonymous Coward


11:01 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

There are lots of things that kill brain cells (like thinking about the government).

I´m not saying go inhale some BOEING airplane glue. And I´m not saying go do this 100 times either.

I´m just explaining some (out of this world) experiences that did take place!!




11:10 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I´ve never been taken, but I did "see" something about a year ago.

Ovens and lines of people.

I was wide awake. It took me a long time to get over it. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before.

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Have my "experiences somehow tweaked me to obsessively watch the sun?

Looky here:

Something strange with this recent radio image of the sun.


See: Movie


Looks like intersecting waves, Check the sound files and graphics at: MILK HILL SPINNER, PHI-delta SOUND. Golden Ratio displayed here?




11:21 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Kent -- I appreciate you talking about your OBE experiences. I had one that sounds like your description of the second one.

Middle of a Sunday afternoon, thinking about what the word "God" meant, and realized all at once that my intellect was standing in the way. You´re right, surrender is definitely involved in this. I did something that had never occurred to me to do before -- after years of studying, I gave up my need to "understand" and at that moment was just overcome with a rush of a kind of combination of awe and humility.

And suddenly I had the feeling "something" was rushing towards me, from in front of me and also from somewhere I can only describe as "inside my head" but it was more distant somehow than that.

The sense of some great onrushing energy was so strong that I threw my arm up in front of my face. My eyes were open the whole time, but at the moment of "impact" when the "outside" and the "inside" came together, I was instantly "somewhere else", surrounded by this incredible, loving Light. I realized that I was an infinitely small part of this Light, (I had no sense of having a body), and that this Light also included everything I had ever experienced, everyone I had ever known, and somehow answered all the questions that I had ever had about life and more.

It was like everything -- the "good" and the "evil" of the world fit together like an incredibly complex puzzle to make a "whole" that was perfect. It was like getting an instantaneous "download" of information and understanding and seeing it all in one incredible flash of insight.

And then my old habit of having to process everything through my intellect kicked in, and the moment I could feel my mind reaching up to try to engage this new reality, WHAM! I was back in my body.

Tears were running down my face, my ears were ringing, and I felt like I was conscious of a sense of "more space" somewhere toward the front of the inside of my head, but mostly I was just completely blissful for the first time in my life.

I don´t know how long I was "out", but I think it was a very short time.

This was in 1979, and since then, after I learned about UFO experiences, I sometimes wondered whether this kind of "light experience" had some correlation to what some UFO experiencers encounter. When I tried to explain it to my mother, I found myself saying "It was as if a flyling saucer had landed in my bedroom." I guess it´s the same sense of disorientation of reality.

Thinking of it in terms of kundalini and the opening of the Ajna chakra (maybe) makes sense to me. My energy was moving in all kinds of different ways for months afterwards, but most noticeably between my heart and somewhere in the center of my head.

My best understanding so far is that it was some kind of "sneak preview" of a level of reality that exists on another nondual level of reality, and that there is a part of our consciousness that is always in touch with that, and now and then, the smaller, more personal part of us that is focused for a time in this world, makes a connection with what I now think of as "Home".

Since then, I´ve felt blessed, no matter what was going on in my life, and for the last few years I´ve been able to do what I always wanted and be a happy hermit in the woods.

Thanks for the opportunity to share. It doesn´t come along all that often. I bet there are a lot more people with experiences like this out there than we may think. Probably the only thing that differs is the intellectual interpretation that we give to them.

Thanks for your website


Bon Voyage


Annabelle Fubsy


11:47 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

To Allia,

I really identify with your doctor experience. Had several docs ask me the same question when I was younger.

Now in forties and have never been pregnant.

Really, I never like to talk about those docs questions. Just seems too weird and like they think I am lying.

Also, my current doc says my stretched out ligaments are just as if I had had kids.

Um, never been abducted but dream of UFOs a lot and read a lot of UFO books.

Just glad I am not alone in this weird experience. Sal Michaels


12:58 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Yes Candyman,I did see my hands infront of me and when my hands touched that light I was sucked into it so quickly couldn´t tell which direction I was going.The best word to descibe it is absorbed.It was also fluid like in manner and constant flowing looked like the particles were moving maybe cause of the shimmering looking matter it was.I had OBE´s experiences before seen light tunnel but was nothing like this.By the way had anyone experienced seeing something unidentified and heard internal noise like your ears picked up a funny sound and it blocks out the external sounds around you.Yes as you can tell I have had somethings happen that makes one go hmmmm.The best medicine for this I learned is to keep a sense of humor. Russ RussAnomalyDude


1:54 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I am more than my physical body. Because 1 am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.

Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than my own.

I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.

Dream Warrior


2:18 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I admire your courage for sharing that with us, Allia. I´ve had some experiences that began at the age of 3 that I´ve longed to share with others, but I´ve never been able to bring myself to talk about them for fear of being ridiculed. I don´t know whether they were abduction experiences or not, but I do know that I´ve experienced some highly strange incidences, (one of them along the line of what you were talking about) and I´ve been struggling with this for years, trying to figure out what has happened to me.

There was one incident that happened a couple of years ago that I´m still trying to make sense of. I dreamed that I was being abducted, although it felt so real. I won´t go into all the details, but in one part of the dream I was lying on a table and screaming at them not to take my baby. When I awoke, I just told myself that it was only a dream and that I needn´t worry. The only thing is, there were 3 pieces of evidence that I didn´t know what to make of. I don´t want to talk about one of them, but one was that the next day I found 3 red pin pricks on my youngest son´s arm in the shape of a triangle. The other was that after that dream, I kept seeing bright lights in my peripheral vision that lasted for several months. Okay, now I´m embarrassed for opening myself up like this, but I´m desperate to know what happened. I don´t have any memories of bright lights shining in my room, or being paralyzed, seeing a UFO, (although I saw the inside of it in my dream)or any of the things that people usually describe when they´ve had an abduction experience. If this happened to any of you, would you question it? IAM


10:22 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Scary, horrifying dreams during childhood. Wake up scared, can´t breathe, can´t scream. Dark things after me, wanting to *absorb* me, get me. Very lucid dream....Jesus there, sitting with a flock of wooden lambs at feet, too busy for me. Somewhat surprised to see me, no time for me, too busy with flock, as I am not one of the sheep. Glances at me, touches me lightly and quickly on the arm with one finger, conveys to me that I *SHOULD* remember, (ahh, scared huh?, forgot, nothing to worry about) Am filled with all-encompassing feeling of love, compeleteness. Am told (?) remember (?) that.....IT JUST IS WHAT IT IS. Dream over, wake up...feel *sent* back. Kinda like...What are you doing here? I´m busy, There´s work to be done and here you are forgetting and thinking you´re one of the flock or something. It just IS what it IS, now get back to your cubicle.

Still comprehending the full meaning of that. Life journey to understand something so simple. No more nightmares ever. It and all just IS what it IS.

Waking up frequently as and blue dots of bright light...speeding up...SO fast..vibration..speed...lights...speed. *This* AGAIN! I don´t like it. It´s *taking* me. I fight. Learn to slow it down when it comes. Make it stop. Get good at it. Quits happening.

Asleep on couch as child, wake up and see 7 (?) Dwarves, made of individual miniscule lights, red and blue dots. Can see through them. Can see tv and wall through them. They are busy around something (don´t know what). ONe notices I´m awake and tells the others. They are VERY surprised. Contemptuous however. This one is awake says the one. They are so surprised and contemptuous about, not so much *me* being awake as just *humans* in general. But they´re also SCARED. I KNOW they´re scared of me. They´re scared I could destroy them. They´re *lesser*. Fine to be contemptuous, as long as nobody´s awake. I´ve messed things up by seeing them. They have to finish whatever they´re doing over there VERY quickly and they fade out.

What´s up with the red and blue dots of light when the acceleration feeling comes? Husband shocked when I tell him about the red and blue. Remembers them well himself. He went the other way with it and somehow *took control* of the acceleration and blasted *through* even FASTER than the acceleration feeling. Doesn´t remember what happens then though. Flying is all. Mostly just remembers the red and blue dots of light combined with the acceleration.

Zeus w/his Saiyan Ape Darkside


3:58 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

IAM, I kinda had a similar dream (the intro part of it at least)when I was about 5 years old.

I woke up from sleepy-time on my back in my bed (it must have been about 7:00 a.m. so there was light out), but I couldn´t move. I couldn´t hear! I screamed, but nothing came out but air!! I was calling for my parents but they never came!! I couldn´t turn my head to see if my twin brother (in the bed next to me) could help me. I finally blacked out!!

Then I woke up and tried to convince myself that it was a dream. But to this day I really don´t know who or what was behind it!!

On a different note:

I do want to say that in light of the fact that some people have had scary ghost/shadow dreams, I have actually had a pleasant one.

It happened after I lost my job at a Trane A/C factory (I got ina verbal fight with a piece of trash skinhead).

Three days after the fight I fell asleep in bed on my back (this is how I always get my vivid dreams). I then awoke around 3:00 a.m. (but I knew that I wasn´t really awake - I was still dreaming)!

I can´t always tell I´m still asleep because my breathing is deep and I feel all vulnerable!!

The next thing I know I feel (I can´t see the presence) the weight of a body come across my bed and staddles itself ontop of my body! The ghost then grabs my arms and folds them on my chest. All the while, my numb mouth is trying to say ´Please don´t hurt me´. My muscles are 95% numb so I can only mumble the phrase over and over again. The next thing I know I feel the entity start to kiss me on my lips. I try to kiss back but my lips are like silly puddy.

I then have the stupid thought of ´I hope my morning breath isn´t too bad.´



That´s when the dream stops and I wake up.

God I want the entity to come back, but it never has.

Now I keep a tooth brush by my bed incase it comes back again. Maybe we can go farther than kissing next time!!










5:36 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I feel compelled to add a dream I had as a child, that only my mother and sister know about yet has affected me for life. I fell asleep on my stomach one night at about 9 yrs. old. Something touched me in the dead center of my back and that ´touch´ put me into a dream I could not wake from. To this day I can´t sleep on my stomach and I suffer from sleep apnea. Anyway, the dream was one of those that I thought I woke up from but was still in. Felt like I was trapped for weeks in the dream and kept screaming at everyone to get up but no one could hear me. Still recall it vividly. Candyman


2:20 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Hey IAM and Zeus--

I also have woken up in the middle of the night without able to move, scream, talk, etc. I specifically remember not being able to turn my head also. There was this shadow of a man. Kind of like an outline (black) but in 3D. He wasn´t moving, just standing against the door jam between two rooms. If you want to see a picture of him it might still be on Art Bells shadow people drawings page. I didn´t draw the picture. I don´t know who did, but without a doubt, that is the exact same thing I saw. *there are alot of drawings of them but my guy is the one with the antique looking mafia hat and the trench/cape* It is exactly the same as I saw only in life he seemed even darker. I can only remember seeing him, like the picture, from just below the waist and then up. I felt like a rabbit in a trap cuz I couldnt move at all. Then I just forced myself to overcome a little of the fear to think him away and it worked! Nightmare


11:14 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Almost Taken...(By Demons)

My True Story

Dead on a Table:

Demons roam the Earth.Beware the sceptics out there.I´ve had my own experience with them.I´m one of those unfortunate people who woke up in a Morgue with a tag on my toe,freezing in a sheet,on a Table.

The Demons were around my Table,ready to take me down....Some intern noticed my eyes were open and got me out of there.The" STENCH "of "SULPHUR" during that experience,was" OVERWHELMING."True Story. They say I am a walking "Miracle "at ST.Lukes.I had clinically died 3Times,then the "last time" for "real".Hence,me in the "Morgue" with the tag on my toe."Notice" this was "Not" an out of body experience for me.This was "Eyeopen Reality."

Evidently",GOD ALMIGHTY" was telling me to get my "ACT "together.(I´m trying...)

Hence:this is "One" of the reasons I chose the user name on forums-of "Nightmare."


Yes this is a true story-and my Family can certainly vouch for it.

The Surgeon insisted that my Father be present in His office for all the brain scans-pictures, to be shown to me and Him and the explanations,that were in order-as for when I "came back."(And why they had me in the Morgue).

The Surgeon himself could not believe the whole thing,and called me on the phone at my home,two times,two years in a row,to ask me how I was doing and feeling.(He couldn´t get over the fact of the Miracle that it was).

During the session in the Surgeon´s office-He showed me and my Father how I had clinically died three times in a row-and then the last time for "REAL."

This is shown through the brain scans -pictures,they had taken,etc...

When the Surgeon came to the last set of scans-pictures,He said-And here ,you are dead."Really Dead."Then He showed us a new set,saying,"AND THEN YOU CAME BACK!!!!!(He was all excited in his showing us and reliving the experience himself,-as the Surgeon involved-evidently.)

You should have seen the" Face" of that Intern who came into the "Morgue "and saw" my eyes open"(I could not move or speak-as I was" STIFF,and COLD...")I´ll never forget the look of shock and disbelief that was on his Face!!!He looked like He was ready to die from shock or fright.

Before I opened my eyes in the Morgue,I remember nothing except being in my Mind and situation,in a "grey area."(Like purgatory as i´ve heard it described).I could tell that a "Decision" was being made about me-by "God Almighty;" as to what "He "was going to do with" me."It hung in the air,so to speak.I knew that it was a" Grave "moment.

Next thing I know,I opened my eyes-and Then it was as if they were frozen open.I could not Blink,or move or speak-and that´s when the Demons appeared.The stench was horrible,just like you would think a hell would smell like-And yes there was the overwhelming smell of Sulphur,everywhere.

The Demons were very agitated and I was knowing in my soul why they were there.The" presence of evil "is hard to expain.It is far worse than I can possibly describe.

These Demons were getting more agitated by the minute.This is when I and them realized a big "Decision "was being made.(Again...)I could tell that the Demons usually were not made to wait to claim the person they were there for.As the "LONG" moments ticked by-the Demons became mad frenzied and I could see that they were beginning to realize that they were maybe not going to be allowed to drag me down to hell, After all.

God´s decision over me hung in the air-and I cannot describe to you what that felt like.....I then out of fear of this decision,passed out.

The next thing that took place was that I opened my eyes again,and they froze open again.I was there on the Table completely helpless. I could see my chest and Knew that I was" NOT BREATHING."Nor had I been during any of this-and I was eyes frozen open,in the "Morgue."I knew that I was in a serious position,and only" God "could do something about it.

This is when the Intern came in and saw me there,with my eyes open.He whipped himself into action,and started to get me out of there.This is when I passed out again.

There is more to this very complicated story-but I will leave it here.

And yes I am a christian-but at the time this happened to me-I was not being a good one or even yet-one at all in reality.

This experience did not change me overnight,as I was in denial for aprox.2 years,over it(and I disliked that dang Surgeon calling me at home to remind me of it)....

But one day I squared off to myself and admitted to myself that yes,I really had deserved hell at that time the Demons were going to take me down there.(And by the way- the "direction´ expressed in this experience was that "hell "really is" Down...")

Well-I´ve typed enough about this now,and "You Get The Picture."

I do not have nightmares.

This whole experience was a lesson to me from God Almighty.

To use the" name" nightmare is to humbly remember what God did for me by giving me -a second chance.

As for what did the Demon forms look like? Just as you would expect them to look like-Deformed ,ugly,big,beast like ,evil infested ,agitated ,frenzied ,humanish forms-actually Hollywood does a great job of it in imitation in -their movies.And a person does wonder where they get their ideas from. I´ll give ya one Guess....

Dream Warrior


11:45 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Candyman, your post reminded me of something that happened to me several years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this transparent figure staring at me from the doorway of my bedroom. I´m not sure what it was, but it didn´t look like any of the shadow people I´ve seen in pictures. The figure was a white transparent light and it was wearing a hooded robe. It looked to be about 8 or 9 feet tall, and it´s face was void of any features except it´s pitch-black almond shaped eyes. I sat up in bed and stared at it for few moments, but the eyes looked so evil that I got scared and laid back down and pulled the covers over my head. When I worked up the courage to take another peek the thing was gone.

Around the same time that I saw that "thing", my mom also had something like that happen to her, but hers was kind of comical. She was taking a nap on the couch and awoke to find this 3 foot figure leaning over her end table, and he was going through her mail that was lying on the table. She said when he realized she was looking at him, he got a suprised look on his face, as if he had been caught. She described him as looking like a Native American, and said he was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. After a minute or two, she said he just gradually faded away until he was gone. Anonymous Coward


11:48 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Kent Steadman


11:48 AM

Edit Your Post Re: TAKEN [any takers?]



More evidence of stellar engineering-- and I think we might now know where they are "parked."

Seems crazy but look at the visuals.










Recent solar radio wave, the Golden Mean


After-effects of the wave







12:16 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

A Journey Through Life

All who wonder about life after death,

all who yearn to know ,

all who seek the true meaning of life,

will be moved and changed by

A Return From Tomorrow.

Anonymous Coward


12:33 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Important truths of NDEs

Kevin Williams´ research conclusions


The following research conclusions are the most profound insights I have found from the 60 plus near-death experiences I profile. If the near-death experience is a real afterlife experience, and I believe it is, these insights may be the most important truths ever documented.

The near-death experience reveals the true meaning of life and it is this: we are here to learn to love. This world is part of a divine "university" of higher learning where learning to love is what life is all about. The near-death experience suggests that life and love itself is what many people identify as "God." Love is the power that holds all things in the universe together. Love is where we came from and love is where we will return. Love is the law of the universe.

The near-death experience reveals the importance of learning the many lessons of love. One of the most important lessons learned by near-death experiencers is that practicing unconditional love is the method by which we can return to our divine origins: heaven. It does not matter what religious affiliation you belong to. Merely to love someone is to receive a glimpse of heaven. Heaven begins within you here on earth through love. The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you through the love that you have given and received in life. Hell is a spiritual condition of being separated from love which begins here on earth and is continued after death.



3:55 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Western civilization´s oldest NDE

Plato´s account of a near-death experience

The oldest surviving explicit report of a near-death experience in Western literature is Plato´s legend of Er, a soldier who awoke on his funeral pyre. But this story is not just a random anecdote for Plato. He integrated at least three elements of the near-death experience into his philosophy: the departure of the soul from the cave of shadows to see the light of truth, the flight of the soul to a vision of pure celestial being and its subsequent recollection of the vision of light, which is the very purpose of philosophy.

In the Tenth Book of the "Republic", Plato concludes his discussion of immortal soul and ultimate justice with the legend of Er. Traditional Greek culture had no strong faith in ultimate justice, as monotheistic faiths do. Ancestral spirits lingered in the dark, miserable underworld, Hades, regardless of their behavior in this life, with no reward or punishment, as Odysseus learned in his "Odyssey." But Plato, perhaps importing some Orphic, Egyptian or Zoroastrian themes, drew on the idea of an otherworldly reward or punishment to motivate virtuous behavior in this life. The first point of Er´s story is to report on this cosmic justice; it is:

."..the tale of a warrior bold, Er, the son of Armenious, by race a Pamphylian. He once upon a time was slain in battle, and when the corpses were taken up on the tenth day already decayed, he was found intact, and having been brought home, at the moment of his funeral, on the twelfth day as he lay upon the pyre, revived, and after coming to life related what, he said, he had seen in the world beyond. He said that when his soul went forth from his body he journeyed with a great company and that they came to a mysterious region where there were two openings side by side in the earth, and above and over against them in the heaven two others, and that judges were sitting between these, and that after every judgment they bade the righteous journey to the right and upward through the heaven with tokens attached to them in front of the judgment passed upon them, and the unjust to take the road to the left and downward, they too wearing behind signs of all that had befallen them, and that when he himself drew near they told him that he must be the messenger to humanity to tell them of that other world, and they charged him to give ear and to observe everything in the place." (Rep. X,614 b,c,d)

From the other tunnels came souls preparing for reincarnation on earth. From above came souls happily reporting "delights and visions of a beauty beyond words." From below came souls lamenting and wailing over a thousand years of dreadful sufferings, where people were repaid manifold for any earthly suffering they had caused. Journeying on, the newcomers saw:

."..extended from above throughout the heaven and the earth, a straight light like a pillar, most nearly resembling the rainbow, but brighter and purer ... and they saw there at the middle of the light the extremities of its fastenings stretched from heaven, for this light was the girdle of the heavens like the undergirders of triremes, holding together in like manner the entire revolving vault." (Rep. X, 616 b,c)

The cosmic axis is a rainbow light holding together the eight spheres revolving around the earth, each guided by its Fate, a daughter of Necessity. One of these Fates casts before the crowd to be reincarnated a number of earthly destinies from which they may choose to be, for example, a tyrant, an animal, an artist, or, as Odysseus carefully chose, an ordinary citizen who minds his own business. Then, just before returning to earth as a shooting star, each soul is required to drink from the River of Forgetfulness, so that all these cosmic events will fade from memory. Only Er was not allowed to drink and forget.

Thus Plato´s cosmology is framed in the story of a near-death experience, although it obviously has been elaborated beyond an individual account into a collective cosmology. This amazing vision of the universal light, immortal soul, reward and punishment, reincarnation and even tunnels, is echoed 2500 years later in our contemporary near-death experiences.

Plato´s allegory of the cave in the "Republic" similarly reflects the centrality of the cosmic light of wisdom. Chained inside a cave, looking at a wall dancing with shadowy figures, residents take there figments to be reality: "such prisoners would deem reality to be nothing else than the shadows of the artificial objects." But then one prisoner is freed and, climbing out of the cave with dazzled eyes, discovers the blazing sun and the true world that it floods with light.

"When one was freed from his fetters and compelled to stand up suddenly and turn his head around and walk and to lift up his eyes to the light, and in doing all this felt pain and, because of the dazzle and glitter of the light, was unable to discern the objects whose shadows he formerly saw, what do you suppose would be his answer if someone told him that what he had seen before was all a cheat and an illusion, but that now, being nearer to reality and turned toward more real things, he saw more truly?" (Rep. VII,515 c,d)

Plato uses the image to convey the soul´s philosophical awakening to the realm of archetypal forms. Several parallels with near-death experiences stand out. The shock of the discovery through the light, reversing all previous convictions, echoes loudly the near-death experiencer´s radical shift in consciousness. When the wanderer returns to the cave and attempts to awaken his mates to the true light, he provokes laughter and even death threats: "And if it were possible to lay hands on and to kill the man who tried to release them and lead them up, would they not kill him?" (Rep. VII, 517a) This reference to Socrates´ death reflects the pain of misunderstanding and rejection felt by survivors of near-death experiences, and the subsequent difficulty adjusting to the ordinary world of shadows. The returning bearer of visionary discoveries is despised for upsetting the cave´s established order.

The flight of the immortal soul toward an incredible vision of pure celestial Being, Plato describes in the "Phaedrus." Drawn out by love and beauty, the soul is carried as on a chariot pulled by two eager steeds, upward to join a magnificent circular parade of souls (the Milky Way), each following the Greek god it most favors (Ares for warriors, Zeus for wise leaders, Hera for royalty, etc.) All parade around the cosmic cycle, straining for a view of pure Being in the center. Those who see more of it are reincarnated with more memory of the universal forms of pure truth, justice, beauty, temperance and love:

."..every human soul has, by reason of her nature, had contemplation of true being; else would she never have entered into this human creature ... Some, when they had the vision, had it but for a moment ... Few indeed are left that can still remember much." (Phaedrus, 249e-250a)

Like an initiation into a mystery religion, our eternal souls are enlightened by "the spectacles on which we gaze in the moment of final revelation; pure was the light that shone around us, and pure were we." (Phadrus, 250c) The purpose of philosophy for Plato is to remember that primal vision of pure, powerful Light. The very purpose of life is to remember that journey between lives, that pilgrimage between death and birth, to uncover that transcendent vision of Light revealed in the near-death experience.


"We understand why children are afraid of darkness ... but why are men afraid of light?" - Plato

Anonymous Coward


11:43 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

bump marvi.scar


12:04 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Sometimes it seems as if time has stopped. Perhaps the time is so dire and the desire of the aliens to help us is so great that they stop apparent time, using physics, or gas or some other means. They might then take time to figure out in which ways they can help when they press "continue". Might seem strange but if you consider the level of science it took to get here it is no big DEAL! KitKat


2:09 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I have a couple of experiences I can relate regarding possibly being taken. I´ll just put the most recent one here.

On Monday night of this week, (12/9), after I had been asleep about an hour, I felt and saw this brilliant white light fill up my house, and it was like I was being taken somewhere, but I don´t know where. It was like maybe even more that something was occurring at my house, and I didn´t go anywhere. I really cannot find words to describe it. It´s like I was taken somewhere, but don´t have any memory of me actually going anywhere. I know something happened, but I don´t have a clue what it was. I´ve never had an experience like this before. I´ve had a couple of other experiences that may fall into the abduction category, but they were very different. I didn´t have this white light everywhere thing happening. I mostly felt permeated by white light, and people or beings were around me, and they were talking to me and teaching me things. It was a very active night dream-wise. I woke up after this experience, and only an hour had passed. Then, as I went back to sleep, I had many dreams and it was like I woke up with a feeling of well-being. I have also had problems with my right knee ... I don´t know if it´s a pulled ligament, but it´s been very painful and I have been dealing with it for at least a couple of months now. The pain was almost totally gone yesterday when I got up. This was something to be pretty overjoyed about. I thought I would share this in the Taken thread. FWIW. I have other experiences, but I thought I would post them separately, since I tend to get prolific word-wise, and I won´t want to make my posts too long. :) KitKat


2:34 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Here´s another experience that happened to me in Telluride, Colorado in June of 1996. This is a little lengthy, since it takes some explanation.

I used to live in Phoenix, and I loved taking road trips up to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico when I could, in addition to spending a lot of time in Sedona, Arizona. I decided to drive up to Telluride to escape the summer heat in Phoenix, and I rented a car and took off. I did not make any plans for hotel or motel rentals, since I wasn´t sure how long it would take me to get up there, and I wasn´t even sure I would make it. I got there around 1:00 in the morning and there was not a place to be found. So, I decided to pull off one of the side roads and I parked next to a trout lake up there. I was sure a cop or someone would probably stop there and tell me to get the hell out, but that never happened.

That night, it was a full moon. I have always loved the full moon. According to my birth chart, I was born during a full moon. Anyway, I remember this full moon being so bright, and reflecting off of the lake. I was so tired, and I figured I would try to get maybe three or four hours of sleep if I could. Being at least at 9,000 feet of elevation, Telluride was pretty cool overnight, and I covered up with my favorite Navajo blanket that I would take on long trips if I stopped at rest stops to sleep. I remember falling asleep quite quickly in spite of the bright moon. I may have only been asleep about an hour, when it was like I was talking in my sleep, and I woke myself up. Then, feeling disoriented, I went back to sleep. After being asleep a while, this is what happened:

I woke up, or dreamed that I did, and I was lying on this metal table. All around me were orange beings with more humanoid shaped eyes, more rounded, but they were still very large, like the greys´ eyes, but rounded. They were orange, though! I had never heard of an orange being. I remember feeling love and warmth coming from them, and the one on my left was leaning over me and smiling at me. I felt totally loved and safe with these beings and did not feel any fear at all. Then, all of a sudden, it felt like my spirit was accelerating forward very quickly through some space-time or dimensional warp or something. Hard to describe, since I hadn´t experienced this before. Then, I am standing in front of a short, grey alien female, dressed in a black and white nun´s habit, and she had her hand on the head of a little blonde girl, sitting in a chair dressed in a Catholic uniform. The grey creepy woman was saying something in Latin to me, and I got scared, because it didn´t feel right. Something was wrong. I also connected this to a psychic attack that had happened a few years prior to this that would take too long to go into here. Suffice it to say that a psychic attack was directed at me by an evil woman and she appeared to me in a dream and said something in Latin to me, and I knew she was doing something evil and/or very negative. So, my initial reaction when facing this grey speaking in Latin was to say the Lord´s Prayer very loudly and forcefully ... I said it like it was a weapon against her or a shield to protect me. I was really saying it loud and forcefully and said it all the way through. When I got to the end of the prayer, I sped back through wherever I was, and ended up in my car, sort of jumping, and waking myself up. I still can´t figure out what that was all about. I had not had any conscious memory of any abduction at all during my childhood, although watching some of the Taken episodes makes me wonder if I didn´t have screen memories. At any rate, this experience in Telluride really shook me up, since it was the only thing I had had happen to me that may even be closely related to any sort of abduction like experience for me. To people that have said to me that it could have been just a dream, all I can say is, it felt as real as me sitting here and typing this message.

Another bit of history. I am blonde, and I went to Catholic school as a child. I don´t know if the grey was showing me when I was little, or if she was showing me one of my offspring. The next day, even though I had little sleep, I had an enormous amount of energy. I almost felt like I could fly. I seemed to get to Flagstaff in record time to spend the night before stopping in Sedona on my way home to Phoenix. Whatever happened to me, it seemed to be somewhat healing and it infused me with energy. Also, another thing ... in the morning after the experience, when I went to a little cafe in town to get breakfast, there was a group of men sitting near a window, and when I came in they quieted down and hardly said anything. I thought it was a little odd, but I didn´t pay much attention to them. At the time all this happened, I hadn´t had as much alternative education as I´ve had in the last four years, so I was still pretty clueless to who they might be. It may have been nothing, but I did think it was odd. Well, there´s another experience for you. Other ones that I have had may not have been abduction experiences, but they have been unusual. This is the only experience where I actually saw what some of the beings looked like. Or, how they were portrayed to me through various filters, maybe. I don´t know. :)

Dream Warrior


2:10 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Interesting posts, Kitkat. Thanks for sharing them with us. I´d like to see more posts about any strange experiences people have had. They don´t necessarily have to be ET related. I think some abductions and encounters are possibly by interdimensional beings anyway. KitKat


10:45 AM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Thank you, Dream Warrior, for your kind words.

I do think, as well, that many of these experiences may be interdimensional ... and perhaps many alien experiences may be interdimensional as well. As I read your post, I thought of a cross-country driving trip I took by myself in the summer of 1994. I had some strange things happen then, and still can´t figure them out. When I get some time, I´ll post this experience. As I think of it, I´ve certainly had some unusual things happen throughout my life, as I´m sure a lot of others on the board have as well. :) groverkitty


2:20 AM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Have you noticed that for the last two nights they have not used dates, but tonight they show new late model cars. Anonymous Coward


12:46 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

I forgot to type something!



12:57 PM Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

groverkitty, they did announce on Monday it was ´present day´, and has been since Monday.



1:00 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

Wow, John and Groverkitty ... wondering if there giving us a message that all is now or time is an illusion? Sort of neat.



1:02 PM

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

The ninth episode of Taken last night:

When the door of the spaceship opened, and the soldiers were standing there, and this lady walks out of the spaceship in an apron (one of the soldier´s moms) carrying a plate of cookies, and asked them if any of them wanted a cookie, I laughed out loud and almost fell off the couch. It was the last thing I expected, that´s for sure! :)

Re: TAKEN [any takers?]

kent, i have been communicating with you in the background for a while now. you know what i have shared with you. there is much more personal stuff that i have kept to myself and will continue to do so for a while at least. i do want to let you know the following through the forum so others can read it also.

you know that i belong to no organized religion and yet believe in a supreme being or at least supreme beings. lately the significant other and i have had several odd experiences and i have also had an internal "push" (caused by something not within me) to study certain religious texts and religious phenomena. i was "pushed" into re-reading the "melchizedek scroll" contained in the dead sea scrolls. also, the "nag hammadi" and "the book of enoch". i was also "pushed" into studying the "fatima" prophecies. after i seemed to have taken all additional information i could from that prophecy, i was again "pushed". this last time was to study "garabandal" and get more from it than i had before. when looking at these two prophecies, one must remember to look past the church "spin" that has been applied to them. also, with the "garabandal" prophecy, it´s important to remember where garabandal is located and that the girls were strong catholics in the early 1960´s and would never have been able, in my humble opinion, to have said the things they said about the church without some "external force" being operative. then i heard the rense program with the guest "erin johnson" (spelling?) within the past week where he details his experiences in utah. the ending experience really hit me. now i read your postings here along with the responses from the others. all i can say is look very deeply into the clues i have just mentioned and look about you. it´s time to get back to basics and look within ourselves and try to be the best persons we can be. soon enough we will have to look at our inner selves in a sort of judgement and i feel it´s better to have less to worry about when that time comes. the golden rule really is the golden rule.

may you live in peace and love.