Be it by a religious leader, by an individual planning their day, by tarot or tea leaves, or by the market forecast, it is merely looking at the known variables and influences at that time, and figuring out the most likely of results, unfortunately, with a few exceptions, most prophecies are influenced by the realized and unrealized desires of whoever is at that moment being a 'prophet  
BARDSQUILL: with you
SEER: Prophecy is not set in stone, but is instead a description of likely events based upon the influences and standards of the exact time and space in which it was thrown.   
SEER: It is fluid, and it is changeable.
SEER: On a spirit level (btw - what I mean by spirit is that which is not seen, but still moves within this place and also within other places) what occurs with prophecy is that while it is a description of what is most likely to occur, at the same time it strengthens its own possibility of manifesting.  All prophecy is self-fulfilling.
SEER: This does not mean that all prophecy comes to be.  
SEER: The verb 'throwing' is highly applicable to prophecy, because you are literally throwing energy out to influence variables that you cannot yet see in order to have a prophecy come into being.  In other words, you are attempting to convince the Universe at large that what you have shown it is the outcome that should be.
SEER: Those who we are fighting against do not know this.
SEER: While it is true that they know the power of creating prophecy, they do not realize that it is a fluid thing capable of being changed.  They believe it to be set in stone.   
SEER: This is why I call it a 'mystical manifest destiny'.  They believe that they must do what they are doing, and that they will 'win'.    
SEER: It is horrible because they are wrong.  They will not realize this until it is too late.   The nasty side effect is that since they believe that the future is predetermined, they believe themselves to be without  blame.    
SEER: Unfortunately many within humanity, who would will that the future be different than what they have been taught, do not realize that they themselves have within themselves the ability to change Everything.
SEER: People have been convinced that they are powerless and limited.  This is not the case.
SEER: More on that later if you like.    
SEER: In regards to how to figure out what comes next according to the 'map' that is in use, and how to diffuse what they will to have occur:
SEER: Hold on a moment, I need to get some more coffee. :-)
SEER: I suppose this is one of those chronicles or some such thing. :-)
SEER: Anyways.....back to the point.
SEER: To figure out what comes next according to their map, we must first figure out what map they are using.
SEER: A little background is in order on the whole 'reality' thing.
SEER: With belief, you are capable of creating, but no amount of belief can negate a thing.  Change yes, but uncreate? no.   
SEER: I use the term 'gods' because it is a handy word.  When a people believe in something, find it important, it takes on a life, a sentience, of its own.   
SEER: Each of these 'gods' belong to a system of belief.  Whether you agree with another's belief system or not, they believe in it and will act according to it.   
SEER: You can create a 'god', but you cannot uncreate one.  This is not to say that humanity has the final deciding vote when it comes to spirit, but it does have an influence on it.   
SEER: Unfortunately, there has been a twisting of belief in every belief system.   For each name, be it Christianity, Paganism, Hinduism etc.., there are now two energies or forces.  One is the true belief system, the other is the twisted one.   
SEER: Likewise with the 'gods' that humanity calls upon, there are now two energy constructs for one name.
SEER: So with that bit of knowledge, we move onto maps.
SEER: But more importantly onto what map our opposition is using.
BARDSQUILL: still with you
SEER: cool :-)
SEER: coffee is done.   
SEER: Hold on a moment.
SEER: I'll be right back.  Phonecall.
SEER: Alright.
SEER: Is there anything I need to clarify before I go on?
BARDSQUILL: keep going
SEER: Alright.  Just let me know if something needs clarification okay? (these words that with myself I too much discuss, too much explain - Elliot)
SEER: The map currently in use (as it has been for quite some time) by the opposition (which I define as being those who are opposed to the development of humanity and who support the destruction of Everything, though they may not realize it) is the twisted version of Christianity combined with the twisted versions of Freemasonry, Templar ideals, Sumerian History, and prophecy from numerous faiths.  
SEER: It is important to realize that no matter your faith, this concerns us all.  We can no longer afford the luxury of fighting along religious lines.  We are all part of spirit, or energy, or Everything, no matter how we choose to interpret it.   
SEER: I use the word spirit, others use the word is all the same thing.   If we are divided, we will fall.   
BARDSQUILL: but in the process of these old ways we have shaped entities that cannot be expelled?
SEER: The map in use by the opposition is twisted, but it has gained much support over time.  Even though a thing may be twisted, it still has power.
SEER: So many of those entities called 'enemy' are not.   
SEER: Each entity serves a purpose in this place.   
SEER: It is like this:  The old way of calling a thing an enemy was to observe that which was a negative to humanity.  For example, if you live in the desert, the rain god is your friend, but if you live on the floodplane, the rain god is not so nice.    
BARDSQUILL: and for protection we have constructed warrior gods
SEER: Likewise, throughout the development of religion, the entities that belonged to the enemies of a people were by neccesity termed to be enemies of the dominant people's gods.   In this way, in this division, our opposition gained power, by dividing the faith of humanity.   
SEER: Religion is the construct of man.  Faith is the construct, the ideal, of the individual.   This is not to say that religion is wrong or inferior, but it is to say that without faith it is merely an empty building.  You cannot teach a person faith, but every person is born with it.
SEER: Faith is based on experience and observation.  You have more eyes than those within your skull.
SEER: The warrior gods are of equal importance and benefit as the gods of love.  Each a different job, each needed.
SEER: To illustrate this point I will go into a monotheistic wording:
SEER: When God created the world, the sky, the Universe, and you.....He did not go to some other place to get the building materials, he reached within himself and in this way created Everything.  All That Is, is the result of the movement of spirit.   All Gods, All Humans, All Entities, have their source, their beginning, in this.   
SEER: We are branches of the same family.
SEER: The opposition is on a quest, whether they realize it or not, to destroy Everything.    
SEER: The enemies that we need to be concerned with now are those who are twisted.   
SEER: Does this make sense?
SEER: It is not Freemasonry that is the problem, it is the twisted version of it that is.
BARDSQUILL: but in this process have been created gods that cannot be undone, so what do we do?
BARDSQUILL: or energy that cannot be undone
SEER: Humanity must awaken.  Within each human being is the ability to create everything.  Each person is a piece of the All.   
BARDSQUILL: can it be changed?
SEER: Yes.  It must be.   We have no choice but to succeed.   
SEER: Humanity is not alone in this.   
BARDSQUILL: then we get to methods
BARDSQUILL: seems the most important method would be to find a way to routinely enter creation
SEER: Yes.  The first has already been shown.  Just as it is worse than foolish to hand a loaded gun to one who does not know the ramifications of a bullet, so it is that humanity must awaken to what and who they are before they can be allowed to change things.
BARDSQUILL: consciously and willfully
SEER: Yes.
SEER: The process of waking up is painful and difficult, but it is the path of humanity's survival.
BARDSQUILL: see my basic frustration is that I have been THERE. But I don't know how to get back consciously.
SEER: You are already there.
SEER: Can I say something from my heart?
BARDSQUILL: I know, but not like I was there on a specific occasion.
BARDSQUILL: that is I was "taken to a big THERENESS."
BARDSQUILL: true it was an overriding state making all other states seem like shadows, but....
SEER: Humanity is not at a distance from spirit.  There is no distance to is already you.  As you walk around, as you are kind or cruel, you act in accordance with Everything.  Likewise, Humanity is not alone in this trouble.  If you cannot hear spirit, it is not because it is not speaking to you, it is because something stills your hearing.  With each of you, spirit walks.  Humanity does not do this alone.  It is not just Humanity's survival at stake.   
BARDSQUILL: hmmm, let me try to explain...
SEER: The first realization is this:  You are not alone.  You are not the bastard outcasts of spirit.  You are part of Everything, and like Everything, you are exceedingly important.  Every pain you feel, every joy you experience, is felt by Everything.
SEER: You know the heart chakra message?
BARDSQUILL: once I went into the causal place, fully and consciously
BARDSQUILL: was a plane of pure light
BARDSQUILL: was there. I was not in my kitchen thinking I was there.
SEER: Yes?
BARDSQUILL: can't revive the totality of that experience by willful exercise
BARDSQUILL: In other words I am back in my kitchen dreaming about there.
BARDSQUILL: was another plane
SEER: I'm sorry for an additional metaphor or analogy, but here it is.  Unless you know a thing is possible, and by that I do not mean probable, only that it is an option, you would never know to do it.   
SEER: Likewise, you were shown this place, to know that it is possible.   You 'went' there.  Now, you must 'bring' it here.  
BARDSQUILL: but I do not know how to ready...get it.
BARDSQUILL: something missing
BARDSQUILL: like a key
SEER: When you were younger you learned of a thing called the alphabet.  Later you learned the power of words.  It is the third thing that you had to do yourself, which is to realize that your words, your letters, could have power.    
SEER: And then you had to set aside fear and use it.
SEER: What has happened is that you have seen yourself being able to change Everything, being in that place of shifting.....Now it is time to learn the alphabet.  Does that make sense?
SEER: This is not about just a revolution here.  It is about the evolution of Humanity, it is about fixing a mistake that was made, and undoing damage that occurred, many years ago.
SEER: The first 'pillar' of creation has been manifesting itself to be seen as of late.  The chakra, the heart.  The first 'pillar' of creation is Love.  In all of its forms, from feeling love for the material items around you, to the feeling of love that you have for your world.  All of this is rooted in the same energy, the same idea.   
SEER: To unbind your hands, you must first unbind your heart.  Without compassion, without love, you cannot move through the world in a solid way.
SEER: This is not theory.   You need your heart to be in this.   
BARDSQUILL: agree but I do see a certain pitfall in trying to interpret what love is and how we do it in this world
BARDSQUILL: the feeling love or the quest for love as an emotional state can in some ways "take us out." Hard to explain.  But the bad guys seem to realize this.
SEER: Understood.  It is not about describing it, or looking at it, it is about feeling it.  There are many in this place who due to pain or fear allow their heart chakra to close or fade.  Perhaps a better way of saying Love, in regards to it being one of the necessary forces of creation/change, is instead the ability to say 'yes', to be able to look around you, and say 'yes, I welcome this'.  An opening of possibility.   
SEER: It is a sad thing to say, but even the ideas of the most basic sort, have become twisted.  Love is not about possession or obsession, it is just what it is.   
BARDSQUILL: that is, twice in recent history...the quest for realization, the love-quest, has in fact been encouraged as an activity, encouraged by the dark side.
SEER: Two quotes.  The first is that the easiest way to get a person to believe a lie is to tell them the truth up to the point wherein you wish the lie to be.  The second is that devil may quote scripture.  If you do not balance the force of love within yourself, you burn out like flame.   
SEER: Just as it is important to say 'Yes', so it too is important to say 'No'.  It is an interaction of opposites.
BARDSQUILL: The Wondervogel in Germany went into the Alps to seek nirvana and lost a certain power to prohibit a takeover in downtown Berlin.  The American Flower Children I feel have been trapped by this too, and along comes the 4th Reich.
SEER: Love is not the end point, nor is it particularly difficult.   It is only a step.
SEER: It is like you are cooking something, and Love is like flour.  If you attempt to only use that ingredient, or you use too little or too much, the food you make will be nasty.   
BARDSQUILL: So certain aspects of self-realization have created a default glitch
SEER: Yes.   
SEER: (big emphatic nod)
SEER: Sitting around and 'being full of love' and not doing anything to change the fate of those around is useless.
SEER: It is like this.....  We can all agree that people should not suffer from hunger or poverty, or be put under the thumb of a cruel regime....but those things do not change by only feeling love for those people.  
BARDSQUILL: So here in the kitchen there are dangers
SEER: Anger comes from Love.  Anger is simply the realization that action is perceived as being needed.

Yes.  There is a great danger here and there.   
SEER: Not everything in spirit is friendly or even kind.   
BARDSQUILL: To say, all we need is love, although basically true, could implement a sort of dropout condition, a kind of spirit gluttony, a trance, that puts the lover on the sidelines in a neutered condition.
BARDSQUILL: like a cul de sac
BARDSQUILL: In other words sometime I think we have to kick ass.
BARDSQUILL: but picking up a blunt thumper and bonking the nearest neanderthal over the head is not it.
BARDSQUILL: need wizardry
SEER: Yes.  The difference between love in common terminology and what I mean when I say it is this:
SEER: There is a type of love wherein you say 'I love chocolate candy', but there is also a type of love that a mother bear shows to those who threaten her children.   
SEER: It is important to feel love, and to know that you are loved, but that is not the end all be all.   
SEER: Had all of those who supported, either directly or indirectly, Hitler's reign felt love for their fellows, he never would have risen to power.   
SEER: Love is not a passive thing.  When it is felt, and combined with other forces, it moves and changes the world around you.
BARDSQUILL: unless a whole raft of young wondervogel were off in the hills chanting to the sky.
SEER: But without Love, there is no concept of what needs to be done, and no will to do what needs to be done.
BARDSQUILL: agree, but definite tools are needed.
SEER: For too long Humanity has been taught that there will be an outside force to save them.   This is not true.  Humanity has to save themselves.  But they have some friends.
BARDSQUILL: love and knowledge need both
SEER: Yes, and that is what these are.   Perspective and understanding are needed to be able to use the tools of shaping and changing.
SEER: My apologies if I'm taking a spiralling route to this, it is difficult to put all of this into words.
BARDSQUILL: I know, the word I think is discrimination
BARDSQUILL: try to perform an experiment sans-discrimination, makes for big heap trouble.
SEER: When your heart is active, and you are aware of it, an important thing has been achieved in order to allow that, which is you have realized you exist.
SEER: Knowing without a doubt that you exist, that you have a right to exist, does more to save your ass on the spiritual/energy level then any amount of 'shielding' or 'protection' ever will.
BARDSQUILL: studied the winged heart for awhile in the 70s
BARDSQUILL: a specific path
SEER: The action of shielding in magical terms is important, but unless you know you that you Are, it is pointless.
SEER: There is an idea within freemasonry that I like alot....which is this:  All religions and beliefs contain truth and falsehood.   
SEER: Which brings us to the second step (not that they are steps in a linear fashion, they are all needed concurrently).
SEER: Truth is the second 'pillar'.   
SEER: This is not to say that you must find some agreed upon truth, or that there is a big system of truth out there to be found, but that you must be able to tell within yourself the difference between things that are true, and things that are false.
SEER: Under this pillar are such things as true sight, true hearing etc...  When combined with the pillar of Love you get things such as 'true heart', 'true intent', and 'true action'.   
SEER: There are many things that are linked to these two pillars.  They are of an equal importance to one another.
SEER: When attempting to be able to detect truth a few things occur by a result.
SEER: First, you recognize that your mind, your judgment, exists.  Secondly, you realize that such things as truth and falsehood exist, and that you have always known this.
SEER: But perhaps most importantly, you become aware of the fact that you are one consciousness among many, and that you are responsible for what resides within your own head.
SEER: Another concept from the more mystical branches of Christianity:  "Truth is good, falsehood is evil.  Doesn't mean one is nicer or better than the other, its just to say that is te way it is."
SEER: Friend of mine mentioned that.
BARDSQUILL: see the definition of the truth-window needs for me to be part of this, for instance I have noticed a vast difference in the aperture for the intellectual, scientist, academic, in relationship with the aperture for the creative, artist-poet  
SEER: There are opinions, there are facts, there are falsehoods, and there are blatant lies.  No one has a monopoly on truth.  This is not meant to be used as a 'my beliefs are truer than yours'....that is the twisting of that pillar....
SEER: An example then....
SEER: In this place, in this time, if I drop a brick off of a building, the truth of it is that I have dropped a brick off of a building.  Science would say that it is gravity, Art would say that it is a performance piece, Government would say it was a crime, and a philosopher would say that it is a metaphor for something........but all I did was drop a brick off of a building.    
SEER: Oooh.   Just figured out a great example of this concept.
BARDSQUILL: for myself the aperture that includes imagination must be well developed, even if it blows the gates on empirical thinking.
SEER: Do you know the one about the Elephant in a dark tent?
BARDSQUILL: the imagination see can perceive classical truth and falsehood as wriggling within truth
SEER: K.  Check it out.   Each of those people walk in and feel a different part of the elephant and come to a conclusion that they feel to be true.  And the catch of it is that within each of their minds they have found the truth of their senses.  The difference is that the pillar of truth would simply state that a couple of people were feeling parts of a creature that is called an elephant in a dark tent.   They may interpret it differently, based upon their own needs and desires (the urge to be right is a heavy desire), but the fact, the truth, is that they did an action, and now it has a reaction.
SEER: Imagination is the true sight of that which could be.
SEER: Without imagination/dream the world cannot be changed.
BARDSQUILL: I have to break for a store run, wife's orders, speaking of truth, heh
SEER: K.   
SEER: :-)  I'll be on all night.