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7/2/02 7:25:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Dean Clarke,

The information I have came from the Atlantis Research Journal dated in the months of 1966, about predictions that there was a significant existence of a ancient culture in Cuba, and that there would be found monuments but up to that time they only knew about Pine Island iscoveries due south east of the Cuba West Coast underwater find. They found on Pine Island in the 1950's and 1960's a stair step that led from a cave to the ocean on pine Island and specultaed there might be underwater discoveries in that region. Note this is nearly 40's years ahead of its time in light of what was recently discovered underwater in West Cuba and I have the information of a annotated form of that information form that journal. The website is called and I am presently the World Authority on the subject of Atlantis, I think it would do well if the two explorers at the Cuban Institute know about this site and this information and actually may need my expertise in such anthropological and linguistic endeavours for I study Egyptian Hieroglyphs as well. I was the one who wrote to some people that the site they found is not Etruscan but pre-Etruscan or Pre-phoenician based on when the event occurred of the Gulf Stream land Bridges deteriorated around 4,000 B.C. or late 3,000 B.C. so this complex was built before 2,300 B.C. is for sure even if 2,200 feet underwater. The site is not directly Crete like either so I made the point that France Spain and Turkey had such monuments at around the 2,300 to 4,000 or 5,000 period. You may want to check out my site and Mrs. Howe inform them at the Cuban Institute that I have unusual information they might want to be reminded of from their past explorations. The sites are as follows pertaining to the recent finds for historical background of the Archaeology in Haiti and Cuba. Here is the site, and note please give credit to the Atlantis Research Journal and E. Sykes for the foresight, and my re-introduction to the material to the pubic for free for they a rare pieces of information. And by the way mention the website link of I have consulted a Tv production Studio that will have a program on travel channel of the Discovery Channel affiliates, called I think forgotten worlds on July 15th , I helped them with information on the Canary Islands before Thor Heyerdahl passed away and was very sick.

Dean Clarke BLS Degree BGSU or ps. maybe pass the information along to National Geographic who are going to help in investigation in Sept. 2002
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