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HAD to put this together for you to consider !
This picture is AMAZING and there are puzzle pieces that seem to fit looking at it.  Clearly the sun is in a current much larger than the field of the sun.  There is an impact of a wave as the incoming waves hit the opposing direction of the suns normal waves.
 There is a line of thought that the mind made world is horizontal, and the Waves of Heaven are vertical.  That the spiritual waves "come into" the horizontal waves.  That the counterfeit reality cannot give spirituality to man.  This picture is like a graphic illustration of this image.  The huge waves come in and hit the other waves and dominate the field.
 Another piece is some years ago I read  that in the Galactic Center, in Sagitarrius, is a quasar emitting radio waves that are 40 light years "wide".  Radio waves are photons, so carry light sound, or image and information, like TV transmissions.  Thinking of waves 40 light years wide, we envision a wave coming in that hits "flat" to our solar system all at the same time......  like the solar system is a flat horizontal line, and the wave coming in is wider that the whole thing so hits it flat to the whole thing.   Like rain on the ground but keeps going through.
 Particles and Waves, we are told Light is both, one in motion and one stops if it is watched.  The latter Day Rain, the waves coming in, as in the picture, both particles and waves.
 The following articles are from a website called Hidden Meanings, and I have taken a couple of excerpts  that are relevant to this picture.  "The Father is about to touch the earth" says the author, and describes that the light from Supernova is to be arriving 2002-2005.
 Please continue and think about the enormous implications that this is the beginning of a wave of a supernova that is going to increase from here on.  What kind of impact does that imply? 
 There is also a school of thought about a "council of the masters" in the Galactic Center in the Constellation of Sagitarius.  The photons arriving are photons, particles and waves, intelligent light, encoded from ancestors or guides?  Future selves?  We can't conceive of any type of wave fourty light years across.
 This author suggests that the light is going to intensify until we can see it in the visible spectrums by 2005.  Heaven on Earth manifested?  Are we looking at the Kingdom Coming In?  It says it is golden light, transparent, that it comes in 'over' the world of men.  That theme again, of the vertical waves coming into the horizontal.  These currents clearly override the "structure" or pattern that was going on before.
 The last piece is that the Hopi prophecies say we are "floating into the fifth world called LOVE".  Are these POSITIVE WAVES OF LOVE/LIGHT/LIFE/TRUTH/WHAT IS REAL WE ARE LOOKING AT FACE TO FACE  ????    
                  Pamela Gaston








For a more spectacular view, to look directly into the eye of God

click here for a stunning close up of the eye in the Hour Glass Nebula.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Eye of an Hourglass Nebula
Credit: R. Sahai and J. Trauger (JPL), WFPC2 Science Team, NASA

Explanation: What's happening in the eye-like center of this planetary nebula? The geometry revealed in this Hubble Space Telescope view of the central part of an "etched hourglass nebula" known as MyCn 18 presents a puzzle. First, the axis of this central region does not line up well with the outer hourglass structure. Next, the hot star (the white spot to the left of center) which ejected this gaseous nebula as it evolved towards its white dwarf phase, is not exactly at the center of the "eye". These unexpected results leave astronomers looking for the missing pieces of the ejection process that created this unusual and beautiful structure.




Jason Pun of Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt Maryland, says "This is the first time we can see the geometry of the explosion and relate to the geometry of the large glowing ring around the Supernova. The debris should collide with the inner ring as early as the year 2002.

This will light up all the dark nebulosity surrounding the Supernova.



George Sonneborn of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland said, " The wave of energy from the exploded star is now invisible, but it is beginning to shine brightly in ultraviolet emissions". Sonneborn speaking to a meeting of the American Astronomical Society said " The immense energy of the collision probably will begin to glow in visible light upon the earth by 2005.




The Eye In The Sky, the Cosmic Pineal Gland is on fire. In the same way that the Pineal Gland of the brain lights from inner energy , Supernova 1987a the Eye In The Sky is lighting from cosmic energy.

We wait now . Between now and 2002-2005 the light will come down to the earth. Will this be the great passover , will this send fire to the Fornax to light the cosmic furnace and bring to the earth, the fourth man.?