Subj: Antarctica
Date: 11/20/01 5:04:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
(Brian Heath)

Hello Kent,
been following the Vostok anomolies for some time now and re-
visited your site tonight.

Noticed your link re: Nazi's escaped to Antarctica.

I am also convinced this is true.

Can I suggest you visit a site hosted by Stewart Swerdlow? If you
are not aware, he was involved with Montauk and had some 25yrs
mind expanding training alomg with Al Bielek and Duncan Cammeron,
re: Philadelphia Experiment.

He offers regular insights into events occuring and 'planned' by
NWO/Illuminati around the World. Better still, he has a
Questions/Answers section, where he will reply on any subject. His
knowledge/experiences and answers, sometimes amaze me!

The Point of all this?

He has offered some intriguing information about Antarctica, Lake
Vostok and the 4th Reicht...!

I strongly recommend you do a little reading of his archived
reports using the search engine he provides, as they may offer you
and your friends a better perspective of ongoing events and likely

I wish you even further succesful exploits and a warm heart in the
process :-)

Best wishes,
Brian Heath

PS - Kent, here are some examples:
Q - "Anyway... what is under the ice that is causing the U.S. Government/Illuminati
or as I like to term it "the powers that be" so much consternation? I do not want to
venture a guess, as I am interested in your reply.

A - Stewart: I wrote about it in the {HYPERLINK "../../current.htm"}Exposé section of the website as well as recently
in the Q&A column (see next entry below). It has to do with the beings from the
inner Earth as well as the 4th Reich who are based there."


Q - "hello stewart..about lake vostok at the south pole..recent discovery of this lake
which is covered with over 2 miles of ice and a temp of 50-65 degrees which
indicates a subterranean heat source etc.. tell me more about this lake and what it
contains, and where it leads.. and why are they evacuating 12 people , who
apparently work for raytheon corporation. a high tech firm deeply involved in black
op project with US govt and others around the world?

Stewart’s Reply: This lake is an area where the 4th Reich is located. They went
there immediately after WWII ended in 1945 and have a large underground base in
the area. They are evacuating a lot of people from Antarctica lately who have made
frightening discoveries and whose health has been compromised by the magnetic
resonances emanating from the lake. The 4th Reich is at the moment heating up
Antarctica and melting the ice. When this is finally accomplished, they will be quite
a force to reckon with."

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