BARDSQUILL:  man I just came out of a matrix-dream
BARDSQUILL:  it was awesome, not even sure I'm here
BARDSQUILL:  just a total rip in the fabric
DREAM TESTER:  wow...i'm in a different reality,, if the radio shows in other cities are reflecting what is happenin in denver, the bushy admin in deep kaka
DREAM TESTER:  what was the dream about???
BARDSQUILL:  just total deterioration of the real world, marionette strings everywhere, incongruous stuff happening, discs descending out of the sky, vortices opening, time turning in on itself.
BARDSQUILL:  my head still running on it
DREAM TESTER:  i think it happening...
DREAM TESTER:  think you just see it better than most...
DREAM TESTER:  everything coming apart these last 2 days...
DREAM TESTER:  i felt the energy change yesterday morning...
DREAM TESTER:  physically
BARDSQUILL:  wasn't unpleasant, a learning experience, but Salvador Dali STEP ASIDE
BARDSQUILL:  but it felt/feels more like a buzz than a dream

DREAM TESTER:  not kiddin...i think it real
BARDSQUILL:  Candy Rice yesterday looked like she was psychically walking a thin line, shaking, verge of tears
DREAM TESTER:  the jig is just about up, i think
BARDSQUILL:  jeeze drinkin a coke to build sugar-level
BARDSQUILL:  tryin to steady out, was a shaker, hard to describe, the dream-imagery was secondary
DREAM TESTER:  wow...tellme more about it...before you forget...
BARDSQUILL:  yea, gonna rant on a bit while it's still in my face...
DREAM TESTER:  go for it...i love this stuff
DREAM TESTER:  wasit lucid???
BARDSQUILL:  setting was in a classroom, and my office all generic
BARDSQUILL:  interrupted a Fed, a spook installing a surveillance camera to watch the classroom
BARDSQUILL:  it boiled down to more than that: mind-control!
BARDSQUILL:  so...I called all the students out to see what he was doing, catch him in the act
BARDSQUILL:  suddenly an awareness hit us all...
BARDSQUILL:  went like: if he wants to see some real tricks watch this...
BARDSQUILL:  the common people, the class, developed, lessee, cosmic strings, like tethers to adjust the unknown
DREAM TESTER:  kindof a sync there...go on...
BARDSQUILL:  we started pulling them and the external world literally freakin came apart, clouds rolling back, buildings warping, entities appearing to do like carnival acts
BARDSQUILL:  became a stage with actors, including changing scenery
BARDSQUILL:  lines of force kicking up and out like strings and by pulling on the strings the world would change, and we were all like kids pulling in the wildest stunts we could think off at first
BARDSQUILL:  basic dream but not totally descriptive of the weird stunts, one after another, some folks were frightened, others were having one helluva great time.
BARDSQUILL:  but overall, which still sticks, the world was totally under the string so to speak, like we were experimenting with new settings
BARDSQUILL:  warp-warp-warp, as these strings were adjusted by individuals, hundreds of people trying different effects.
BARDSQUILL:  we started losing weight, flying around, changing, tossing our core selves into the warp itself, some were in bliss, others freaking, because the matrix was transforming so randomly
BARDSQUILL:  in otherwords the veils came apart, the dam broke and it was chaotic but cool, trying to adjust to agreements.
BARDSQUILL:  but the first agreement was: screw the agreements this is too much fun.
BARDSQUILL:  there was a resistance to it all, controllers trying to readjust things back to what it was, but the people were having so much fun that they overwhelmed the control-effort
BARDSQUILL:  we made even pseudo people to confuse them, other entities that popped in that looked like people so the controller lost their targets
BARDSQUILL:  but the big trick was adjusting the scenery itself.
BARDSQUILL:  stage and props were all being yanked by strings, those strings which seemed to leap out kinda like spiderman and his web strings, they were the important elements, those strings
BARDSQUILL:  string-theory, heh
BARDSQUILL:  okay, coming-to now, glub the pepsi
DREAM TESTER:  holy mackerel
BARDSQUILL:  yea, a super-dream, haven't had one of these for quite awhile
DREAM TESTER:  you tuned into something that is happening ,i think...
BARDSQUILL:  felt like it was relevant somehow
BARDSQUILL:  or like you say...happening
BARDSQUILL:  or soon to happen
DREAM TESTER:  agree...i think significant...
DREAM TESTER:  or not...heh...
DREAM TESTER:  everything changin fast...
BARDSQUILL:  true there were symbols from life, movies things from the wakeup world, spiderman's strings, etc., but it was gut-level, almost felt like a force buttin into the dream to open a glance.
BARDSQUILL:  see I'm starting to wake up and interpret rationally but the dream was what it was so I'll quit now.
BARDSQUILL:  funny how the brain wants to screen it afterwards
DREAM TESTER:  i know...glad you spilled it out... things really have changed...i've never been compelled to goto or any of the mainsztream sites...but now its like i cant wait to see if they're really wakin up...or if this is just the latest part of some plan...