3/28/00 1:46:46 PM Pacific Standard Time


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As a preface to this particular letter, I want people to have this information because it belongs to all of us.  It is our divine birthright to know the truth.  I was shown that on a vast level, the universe is like a "tree of life" whereby our entire galaxy is like a small part of a body, and ourselves would be no larger than a single cell.  Or a better analogy is like saying that our Star from God's perspective, is similar to how we tiny humans would view an electron.  I was shown that there are not only galaxies, but super-galaxies and super-super-galaxies existing in the Many Heavens.  Most of this is invisible to us and beyond our electromagnetic spectrum.  Here is a picture to illustrate below:
See how this picture shows just one small portion of a super-galaxy (that is a single object from the Higher Intelligence point of view composed of myriads of galaxies, but from far away looks like the typical spiraling galaxy that we are familiar with.) and if you look closely enough, you can easily make out that many of the galaxies are following the same direction or path.  This has to be because they exist on the same "arm" of the super-galaxy in which they reside.  Also of note is the fact that in the picture every single object, even the smallest point of light is a galaxy, composed of billions of stars and star systems!  Absolutely incredible!
Astronomers today do not refer to super-galaxies, but instead call these distant objects galatic clusters.  This I think is because they prefer to view the universe as random, instead of highly organized.  The latter implying Divine intelligence.