4/2/02 11:01:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent
I have been following your site for quite some time. I do
research into electromagnetic fields around the body and how
they affect our health. This has been a 25 year privately
funded research project. I have on my team some of the best
minds regarding this field. We use specialized microscopes to
study the blood and what happens to the blood (which is
literally THE LIFEFORCE) when we are exposed. Our research over
the last year has produced some astounding findings. People
from all around the world have the SAME PATTERN in the blood.
NOTHING like it has ever been seen before. We have documented
over 10,000 images that can back this all up. Now Kent, here is
something unreal, we did a study where the only food people had
were fast foods (McDonald’s / Burger King) for one month. The
blood was tested before and after. Subjects were between the
ages of 20-25. After this the blood pictures revealed a very
bad blood profile. There were worms, bacteria, yeast, mold,
fungus, all which lead to disease. With our advanced medicines
based on electromagnetics and high spiritual energy created in
a Zero Point Energy Field that we have developed we were able
to correct this in 14 days and return the blood to normal. The
blood pictures of these people who were of young age, looked
like the blood picture of someone 70-80 years old. Feel free to
post this on your site.

The Current State Of THe Sun

May 19th of 2002 is a day of energetic shifts. Three
years past, at this same time of year, similar energy shifts
have taken place. There are at least two more years ahead with
similar shifts. On May 19th you have another energetic release
that will combine with this energy. The Crystal Energy entering
from the Central Sun, through your own solar Sun, is being
stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth. In the week around
May 19th there will be a release of this energy into your
reality. This will provide a truly magical time to send out
your intentions into the grids and plant the seeds of Light on
the planet. This will be a time for effective communication on
the New Planet Earth.

We ask you to take responsibility only for what is held
within your own heart and not for healing the world. Please do
not take responsibility for leaders or events in your world as
they are a reflection of the collective. It is only possible to
heal the world one heart at a time, beginning with your own.
This is now a magical time to hold hands and build the Light
within. As you begin to see the Light shine in people and
events around you, know that it is a reflection of the Light
you hold within. We invite you to come together and hold hands
as you sow the seeds of Light. Find ways of communicating and
educating yourselves about the way others live. Become a proud
citizen of the New Planet Earth.

May 19th is a special day when your inner Light will be
reflected by the energetic shifts of your ascension process.
Take this day to come together in intent and create the next
reality for the new planet. As you come together, use the grids
now in place to distribute the seeds of peace to the rest of
the world. If you are not able to be with others then intend
your energy to connect through the grids that are now in place.
These grids will continue to grow and will connect the hearts
of the planet as one. The energetic and physical grids and even
the grids that you know to be your phone lines and internet can
be used to distribute these seeds of Light. The new energy
entering at this special juncture of time and space will carry
these seeds of love and light to open hearts on the planet. A
time of Peace is now possible on the New Earth. Let it begin
now. . . one heart at a time.


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