Subj: The Current State of The Sun
Date: 5/27/01 12:17:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time



The information I am about to share with you will answer many questions that you may have about the Sun and its current "state". I operate on many frequencies of Light and I am one of the many higher density souls who have chosen to take human form at this time of the "Grand Cycle".

First thing humans have to take into consideration is the fact that this is NOT their planet. You were "imported" here from many places and yes, you were "engineered" to be able to survive this planet in its early stages. We are the TRUE inhabitants of this world. We have been here for eons of what you call time, which is really part of a larger cycle. One cycle is 26556 years which is broken up into 6 4426 year cycles. That is the cycle of the earth. Your galaxy rotates on a 206 million year cycle.

Humans have been "programmed" to consume, consume, consume with little or no regard as to what is truly happening to the environment they share with all other life forms on the planet. Pollution and natural environmental abuse makes it very hard for many life forms to sustain hi-frequency on this planet.

At two points in this 26556 year cycle the grid surrounding the earth reaches a vibration high enough to allow 5D (density)frequency infussion. At this point you must know the difference between dimension and density.

A dimension is a vector quantity. It measures the distance from one point to another along a line. When you speak of a package, you say it has dimensions of so many inches--length, height, and depth. Those are the 3 dimensions of space. But you experience yourselves as moving through time, so you are inclined to say there are 4 dimensions to your third density experience. Time actually has 3 dimensions, also, but that is the stuff of those who deal with such mathematical and physics problems as the curvature of time. It takes the 3 dimensions of time to express a point on a curved surface. Your experience of linear time is of moving along a single line from the past, through the present, into the future. Therefore it is naturally reflected in your common language as a single dimension, which represents or refers to your position long
that single line.

Therefore, if (in common parlance) one speaks of having 4 dimensions in third density, one can view going to fourth density as having 5 dimensions, the added dimension being the eternal "now," the holographic "capsule" that contains your focused awareness of your unfolding experience. You could look upon the fifth dimension as a sphere, in which you can slide back and forth along that single line of "past, present, and future" like a bead on an infinitely long string.

Density is a measure of material reality. It is a measure of
how closely packed the particles are that make up a given
substance. For example, if one considers water in its solid
state (ice), the molecules of water are tightly packed and
locked into a lattice. They vibrate relatively slowly. When
enough energy is supplied to the system, the bonds between the
molecules break and the molecules are free to move past each
other. They vibrate faster now. This is the liquid state you
call water. If more energy is put into the system, the
molecules separate even further apart and move freely through
the containing medium ("air"). They move very quickly now. In
this state you call the water "steam" or "water vapor." You
can see and feel the ice and the water, but not the water
vapor, except as a subtle sensation of "humidity." This is a
good analogy for what is happening to you now. You can see and
feel your material reality, but not the less dense reality
that is the next step up from your present environment, except
as a subtly-sensed feeling of "presence."

When density (the degree of packing) is combined with
gravitation, you get "weight." If you can nullify gravitation,
you are "weightless." The total mass is the same, but the
weight changes with the strength of the gravitation. People
who can nullify the gravitation can levitate or act on
material objects with their minds so that the objects can
float or move through space. When we are on board a ship of
ours, we link our consciousness with that of the ship (all
matter is conscious) and simply "project" ourselves AND the
ship to our intended location. You call this psychokinesis. It
comes with the package of powers that one has in full mastery
over the material plane. The level of consciousness is the
key. When one is in eternal Union with the Creator, one has a
direct link to full control over material reality. One also
has the WISDOM for the "right use" of such abilities.

As your frequency rises, more energy is contained in your
system. In our water example, when there is enough energy in
your system, the water becomes "invisible" to those molecules
(and the tissues and organs that are made of them) which are
operating at the "solid" and "liquid" states. Just so with
your becoming invisible to those who are operating at the more
dense levels of material reality. When we say your frequency
has risen, your molecules have absorbed more energy and are
moving more quickly. They eventually move so quickly that they
are invisible to the sensory tissues of those who are
vibrating (moving) more slowly. That is why you will become
invisible to those who are not at the higher frequencies. That
is why you cannot see us now, but you will be able to see us
when you have absorbed enough energy to vibrate in the same
frequency range as we do.

We use the system of densities, which to us is a more accurate
way of describing the particular band of material reality that
we are referring to. There is the whole separate issue of the
different "planes" of reality. There is space/time and
time/space. They are analogs of each other. Each density has
this pairing, but the difference is most pronounced at third
density. In third density, there is the space/time plane that
you experience in your normal waking consciousness, and there
is the time/space analog that is called the "astral plane."
When one is operating in the normal pattern of third density,
there is interchange between these two, only they are
separated by a "veil" or barrier such that one can only access
the astral plane under certain conditions, one of which is the
phenomenon you refer to as physical death. People commonly
refer to the astral plane as the "fourth-dimension," but this
is not accurate. Calling time the fourth dimension is not
really accurate, either, but it at least expresses an aspect
of third-density reality that approaches the actual situation
of the experience of third density.

There is much confusion about these terms, especially in the
metaphysical field and the so-called "New Age" parlance. We
prefer clarity to confusion, so we use the term density rather
than dimension. We are referring to a particular frequency
band in the spectrum of the Creation, along with its attendant
forms and available functions. We have noted before that "form
follows function." Each frequency band has its appropriate
forms that outpicture the available functions. In third
density, the level of consciousness (frequency) is such that
the available functions are more limited. When one moves up
the spectrum, more functions become available and the forms
change to reflect that. You will appear as "gods" and
"goddesses" because your range of available functions (powers)
will appear truly "godlike" when compared with those of third

Now lets discuss what your scientists have been observing with your sun, for it is this that all of you can see what is "coming" towards you. Your sun has gone thru massive changes in the last few years. Upon the event of computers and objects being flown into space, you now have a "window" on the reality of what is truly happening around your world. Remember that this frequency change is taking place thoughout all of Creation.

As we stated before, pollution and natural environment abuse makes it hard for a soul essence to sustain hi-frequency on this planet. At certain points (twice) with in the 26556 year cycle the grid reaches a vibration high enough to allow 5-D frequency infussion. At these points, the earth can accommodate hi-freq souls. As explained before the 26556 yr cycle is broken up into 6x 4426 yr cycles. The two points where the earth reaches high enough rate is at the half-way points of the 1st-4426 yr cycle and the last-4426yr cycle. At these points there is a 5-yr transition period where Earth and Terra morph fields merge. During this period certain anomolies occur such as double-moon, prolonged periods of darkness and light. Also electric/magnetic devices may have difficulty functioning.

At the halfway-point of this cycle all harmonic time cycles sychronise thru all 5-HU opening up a time-warp-portal all the way from Metagalactic core D-8 down to HU-1 where a holographic Beam of energy that feeds and sustains all dimensional systems. This beam enters our solar system thru the core (blackhole) of our sun. (you have captured this on your SOHO C3 pictures.) Alcyone, central sun of Pleiadian system is the primary sun of our Solar System making our system a Binary Star/Sun system. Our sun is the 8th star of the Pleidain System.

5yrs prior and after the half-way point, the 5th DNA imprint is made available to all giving everyone the opportunity to ascend to Terra. Those who can assemble the 5th DNA strand can take their physical bodies with them to Terra. Those who can only assemble 4th DNA strand may choose to die (not suicide) eg disasters they do not have to incarnate again and can go to next level as a soul essence. Those who can not assemble will remain stuck in a re-incarnation pattern until the next opportunity 2213 years later. Ascension cycle began 2194YA (196 BC). Half-way point is 2017AD. In 1906 an asteroid was heading towards earth, the Azurite Council, Elohim and Ra allowed permission for non-direct intervention. The asteroid was broken up by the guardians, only some fragments entered earth atmosphere in

The 2nd time this occured was in 1982, again it was broken up.
In 1926 Zeta/Zephilium from planet Apaxein-Lau began interacting with certain factions of several earth govts. Several projects by Zeta/Draco were intent on destroying earths grid vibration rate to stop us from evolving ascending. The Zeta were involved with Atlantis and for a time with colonization of Mars. Zeta setup a frequency fence in 1748. This fence blocks dream/astral/OOB recall. In 1986, 8% of earth population re-aligned their 4th DNA strand thus further breaking up the Zeta frequency fence which is meant to keep us at 3rd DNA strand level. Since then the Zeta/Draco are getting desparate to stop us/earth from
evolving. In 1943 the Zeta offered the US. Navy a technology to make objects appear invisible known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

The Zeta had an alterior motive. They knew that a manufactured merkaba field would distrupt earth's natural merkaba fields causing a rip in space-time. Thru this tear/hole the Zeta brought in undetected their ships from which they fired EM pulses at the sun, distrupting the merkaba field of the sun causing them to reverse becoming electrical rather than magnetic.

This caused the sun to behave abnormally (massive solar winds) between the years 1949-1972 and if we had not intervened there would have been a major polar shift in the 70's/80's. The goal of the Zeta was to mis-align the grids to enforce a frequency fence to stop earth/humans from ascending.

In the early 70's we placed a 11:11/12:12 frequency fence to
stabilise the damage caused by the Zeta. This freq-fence began to lift on 11th Jan 1992. By 1982-1984 most Zeta/Draco gave up and made treaties/agreements with us, except for a few resistance factions who still desired to control/own earth. The agreement included re-loaction of all Zeta/Draco hybrids to a D-4 planetary system and dismantling of their freq-fence. The Primary Zeta that refused to give up were Zeta Greys from the star Rigel (Orion system), known as the Rigelians or Futchzi. This group caused another major disruption via the Montauk project. Abductions continued to happen (symptoms = babies born prior 7 months gestation period), in which we would locate, re-abduct to disable the Zeta/Draco genetic codes. We have setup a bridge-zone project (which the Zeta/Draco resistance are aware of) to further protect earth from any more disruptions.

Because more and more humans have become aware of what is truly happenihg both on an inner and outer level, the "time table" has been changed. Things are going to happen very fast now. Why you ask? Simple. The frequencies are such that more and more high density energy can anchor itself to the planet and all life upon it. This is now going to be accelerated due to you humans changing your frequency and RNA/DNA structures as a result of the changes in the sun and solar system.

We have entered a time in which increasing energy is
being absorbed by the molecules that make up our physical reality.
They are moving faster and faster, which means that their rate of
vibration (frequency) is also increasing. The basic vibratory rate
of the planet is increasing. All of the forms that we are familiar
with are undergoing a phase shift. Indeed, if one is sufficiently
sensitive to the energies, it does feel like everything is melting.
Our reality is in the process of "melting down" into a more freely
flowing reality.

The planetary frequency is shifting upward, and the frequency of every material object is also shifting upward. If things feel like they are going faster, it"s because they really are! We are all going through a profound phase shift that will take us to the next level in the reality spectrum.

Just so with this transition, as we shift from third density to fourth density. We are breaking loose from the confines of our limited ideas of who and what we are, and moving out of time-bound thinking into a more fluid reality. We have to experience the purging of our anger, fear, rage,and other "lower" emotions, and it is affecting the entire
population of the planet. As the amount of energy being absorbed by
the planetary system increases, there will be more apparent
agitation and movement, some of which will not be harmonious. It
will feel like things are melting down, but it may also take on the
form of explosive reactions, just as bubbles of steam rise from the
bottom of the pot to burst through the boiling surface of the liquid
in the pot. People may have a "short fuse" and trigger easily as the
breaking apart of the structures and systems proceeds.

Resistance will be overcome wherever it occurs, simply because the
momentum of this change is too great to be stopped. Anything and
anyone that cannot ride this wave of change, this shift from third
density to fourth density, will not survive the shift. It is
important to remember that nothing ever really perishes. It just
changes form and goes on.

In closing, I would like to say to you that there are great
challenges occurring, but also great opportunities. All of our
"stuff" is being shaken loose so that we can become truly free. This
is the time for which we have been waiting, and we have created
ourselves to have all the inner strength and resources that we need
to finish this round of existence in keeping with the choices of our
soul/Oversoul/Higher Self. Each time we find ourselves in resistance
to the rapidly increasing changes confronting us, if we can just
remember to surrender up our personal control over our lives, we
will have a much more comfortable and peaceful transition.
Resistance is the source of all pain. It is always based in fear, so
fear is always at the root of our pain. If we can move into
surrender, there will still be sensation, but it will no longer be
pain. We can train ourselves to do this surrender as automatically
as we used to go into "reaction" and resistance mode.

Not everyone will go to Terra, and there will be the temptation to
try to "save" some or "convince" others. Remember that these are
choices that are being made by the soul/Oversoul/Higher Self of each individual, whether we can see it that way or not. If someone asks you for help, by all means give it to the extent that it can be
received. But there is much that you will see occurring that is not
supposed to be "helped," and it is part of your surrender to a
higher wisdom to allow that process to take its course, also. We
must all grow to be able to hold the entire unfolding process in the
chalice of our hearts, and to open ourselves to be instruments of
Spirit in the events that will unfold. In this way, we help the
planet and everything upon her to move upward and there truly will
come a day when it IS "heaven" to be on "earth." Terra is the
manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Let us rejoice then, that the day
has finally come, and though there may be some discomfort during the "birthing" of the new world, let us also remember the joy that comes when the birth is complete and the struggle and pain are over.